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Why Are So Many Non-Muslims Ignorant About Islam?

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Why Are So Many Non-Muslims Ignorant About Islam?

Posted: 17 Oct 2008 03:32 PM CDT

THE FOLLOWING article by Bill Warner should be studied by all citizen warriors trying to cross the divide between those who know about basic Islamic teachings and those who don't. The article lists what is in your way.

If you have ever tried to tell friends and family about the dangers of Islam (and I certainly HOPE you have!) you've probably run into what seems to be a brick wall, at least occasionally. People seem to deliberately refuse to understand what you mean. Why? It's more than ignorance. It is willful and deliberate ignorance. Why would anyone do that?

In his article at Political Islam, Warner says, "Once you understand the doctrine of political Islam, there is a question that naturally arises. Why doesn't everyone know about this?" He has compiled a list of seven things that get in the way of people listening — seven things that form the brick wall.

Those of us who want to reach people who don't yet know what we know (and I should think that includes all of us) should clearly understand what the brick wall is made of, so we can fashion ways over or around it. We could probably add a few more items on the list, but I think it's a good start. Here is his list:

1. Inertia
2. What will we have to do?
3. I know this Muslim and he is nice.
4. Afraid of being called a bigot.
5. Islam cannot be worse than Christianity, so why learn?
6. It's too hard; non-Muslims cannot learn Islam.
7. Fear.
I would add that you sometimes see a look in someone's eyes that says, "I think you're one of those nutballs who gets obsessed with some obscure paranoid threat, and I don't know if I should encourage this by listening." I guess we could call that "concern for your sanity."

The above list is just a summary. Here is Bill Warner's whole article:

The Doctrine of Ignorance

Once you understand the doctrine of political Islam, there is a question that naturally arises. Why doesn't everyone know about this? It's simple. But, first let's take a look at the actual state of ignorance.

The media never refers to the actual doctrine of political Islam.
No university teaches the doctrine and history of Islamic slavery or about the dhimmi.
No divinity or rabbinical school teaches the doctrine and history of Islam to the Christians and Jews.
Since schools don't teach about Islam, is it any wonder that kafirs are ignorant?

So there is a doctrine of ignorance about Islam. It is not only that we don't know, we have also developed a systemic social theory of why we will not learn. This guarantees the stability of ignorance. We are ignorant and we will remain ignorant.
The doctrine of ignorance is based upon fear, but it manifests many different ways.


The biggest part of any doctrine of ignorance is inertia. Most people never do anything to buck any system, no matter what the system is. These are the sheep, the sheeple. But this does not explain why leaders and intellectuals do not want learn about Islam. Leaders are supposed to be able to go against the tide.


This is a big worry by kafirs. There is a sneaky suspicion that Islam is the equivalent of cancer, and if we have cancer, we have to do something. And that something may be drastic. Besides, Islam is so huge that we can't afford to do anything, so it is better to do nothing.

What is tragic about this concern for "what to do" is that it ignores the true nature of planning, strategy and execution. Don't worry about what to do until you know what the problem is.

Not learning because you don't want to think about what to do is like not getting the biopsy test because you might not like the results and have to deal with the possible cancer results. The smart thing, of course, is to get the data taken.


The defense here is that I don't need to know about the doctrine or the history since Ahmed at work is so nice. Since Ahmed is nice, Islam is nice. That is all I need to know. *** I know plenty of muslims too, or rather I had to endure their false?? smiles in a place of voluntary work, where I was the volunteer and they were the paid staff, I was never rude to any of them, and if they gave me a greeting of 'hello' then I would respond, but in my mind I could not help but wonder what they were really thinking, and where their loyalties would lay when push comes to shove.*** CNanna

Of course, this means that you have to avoid ever wondering why so much violence around the world involves Islam and some Muslims are jihadists. Because if you thought that, you might have doubts about Islam is not so nice.


If the doctrine is bad, then Muslims are bad. If I learn bad things about Islam, I will be called a bigot. ***I have quite a reputation as a bigot, and a few other choice names resulting from me trying to spread the dangers of islam...ya know what?? I don't give a rats arse what people think of me anymore, I am gathering knowledge preparing myself for what seems like the inevitable.*** CNanna


This belief is that nothing is worse than Christian religious violence. So no matter how bad Islam is it can't be as bad as the Christians. Conclusion — there is no need to know about Islam, I can go back to sleep.

The only thing worse than religious violence in the 20th century was the violence of atheism. Mao of China was an atheist and caused the deaths of 77 million. Stalin of Russia was a fervent atheist and killed 62 million people. Hitler killed about 21 million and was not an atheist, but he despised Christianity and admired Islam. He said that Christians are wimps and Muslims are killers.

Hitler was right. Islam has killed about 270 million over 1400 years. Maybe, it would be a good thing to know how and why it happened.


This is one of the most common reasons to stay ignorant. One manifestation of this "too hard" idea is that only Muslims can understand the Koran.

This is a natural response because our educational systems have taught us nothing about Islam except its glorious triumphs (where no one suffered) and a vague Golden Age.

What is ironic here is that to understand political Islam, you only need to study Mohammed. How hard can that be? And now the Koran has been made easy to understand — A Simple Koran.


When you examine these ideas, they can all be summarized by one word — fear. Those who can function in the presence of fear are heroes. So you must be a little bit of a hero to learn about political Islam.

The next time you are speaking with someone about Islam and they have no facts about the doctrine or history, ask them: What is your reason for not learning about political Islam? Why are you afraid of this knowledge?

- Bill Warner

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  1. You got it completely right, this nation, Christian Nation of the United States should be perpusfully teaching it's citizens and especially it's elected officials the true meaning and teachings of islam and the threat it presents to a freedom loving democratic society and it's peoples. If this country goes down, if in fact we aren't already gone what with the economic criminal activities of CEOs, financial officers, senators and representatives, we will surely if uninformed of the true intent of islam for the world, be ruled by sharia law and in submission to a hate filled, human rights violating, ideology of supremism.