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Father Zakararias on the pervert Mo.

Thanks to JIHAD WATCH for this..
This is a collection of bits and pieces as well as a few comments from posters at JW, along with a few of my own opinions.
I urge you all to go to JW and read all 4 parts, and I presume part 1V will be out very shortly if not already. Father Zakararias makes me feel more proud to be a Christian. Now this is truly a brave thing to do. I would like to see some Aussie priests, media people brave enough to do what the good Father has done. May God bless you Father and keep you safe.
I have spent a fair bit of time at Father Zakararias website, the link is at the end of all this or you can access it in the side bar here.
The list of articles and books are amazing reading...not that I read many, but the ones I did read...well... they spoke nothing but the truth to me, and even cleared up a few points that I was confused about, as far as hadiths, koran, siras etc are concerned.
Please go and read his blog and support him if you are able to.

"This is all from your own books, O Muslims!"
Reading through this made me feel sick, but as I know I need to learn as much as possible I forced myself to continue reading all 4 parts, albeit not in its entirety, I will get around to that very shortly.. As a survivor of many years of childhood sexual exploitation it made it all the more difficult for me, but I figured that if I could go through a 3 year court trial as an adult and many years of intense therapy by an excellent Psychologist, and many more years struggling to get a grip on reality and a new way of life then I could read this. I have also been on committees dealing with childhood sexual abuse and taken part in forums…me as the survivor.
I cannot understand why a certain sexual act is so under-reported on. This is the sexual act of ‘thighing’. The reports say that these muslims and especially the pervert self made prophet wait until the child starts her menses before intercourse takes place. Well I think we are all adult enough to realise that intercourse is not the only act of sex. When many people say they did not have sex with “that” person/child, they are implying they did not have intercourse…never mind about anything oral, anal, hands, thighing or foreign objects. So when we talk about mohammad consummating his marriage to a child, even if he married her when she was 4, 5, or 6 years old, and he waits till she is 9 years old to consummate, then he is neglecting to mention that he has been performing one sex act or another on this child all the while.
she was 6 when Muhammad married her. She was 9 when Muhammad first consummated the marriage, at least according to Islamic tradition. I was using consummation as synonymous with real marriage. But come to think of it, I shouldn't do that. It's better to be quite precise and say, with Islamic tradition, that they were married when Aisha was 6. After all, even if Muhammad didn't consummate until she was 9, it seems likely, based on other Islamic traditions about Muhammad, that he did things with her short of consummation, when Aisha was between 6 and 9. ProudCopt • 2p
Caliphs were religious leaders, also known as Commanders of the Faithful. So were sultans. Most had vast numbers of sex slaves. These unfortunate women and children, including boys if the caliph or sultan was so inclined, were, at least initially, infidels who were captured and sold as war booty, a fifth of which, according to Shari'a, went to the caliph or sultan.
I'm anticipating that the next installment in this series will allude to the numerous passages in the Koran which describe one's paradisical rewards for being killed in holy war, including the frequently repeated assertions that mujahedeen will be waited on not only by lovely houris but also by boys as beautiful as pearls. Posted by: commonsense
Islam is a supremacist death-cult and yet what they believe in is as low as it gets. This is ammo for use whenever anyone defends Islam. Islam needs to be exposed for the sickness that it is and Muslims should be shamed for the sickos they are.
Islam needs constant provocations, day-in, day-out. It is our job as decent, moral, ethical, outbred people to make sure that Muslims know what scum we think the followers of this disgusting ideology are, what a perverted death-cult this is. No, we shouldn't hush up like dhimmis and cower in corners. We should fly Israel flags, wear Piglet decals, and let them know that we disapprove of their racism, misogyny, terror-financing, child sex abuse, and fascism (i.e. the 5 Pillars) every way we can.
Posted by: jdamn
I just love this guy! It is so refreshing to see a Christian cleric tell the truth about islam in uncensored, politically incorrect terms! Muslims live in another dimension where good is evil and evil is good. Their values, morals, and sense of right and wrong are antithetical to ours; we have no commonalities whatsoever and never will.
We have polluted our societies by allowing muslims to invade our countries and we will suffer greatly for this hideous mistake. Muslims cannot peacefully coexist with normal, decent people so every Western country is facing an eventual civil war. What have the stupid, multicultural elites done to us and WHY?!
Posted by: Susanp it is against islam for non-Muslims to rape Muslim women. Per Koran 2:223, rape is perfectly fine between Muslims. Muslim men can rape their "wives," daughters, sisters, and sex slaves -- whoever they are muhrim to. Nikah is sanctioned rape. Muslims make no distincion between sex, rape, sex slavery, and "marriage." It's all the same thing: nikah. When non-Muslims rape Muslim women I believe - and I could be wrong about this - that it falls under the heading of zina, so if I'm correct about this then non-Muslim on Muslim rape is actually adultery, so Muslims actually have no concept of rape, which shouldn't be surprising. I've never seen any inkling of anything would indicate that Muslims actually have any concept of consent, either. Posted by: jdamn
For all 4 parts to this brave expose of sorts by Father Zakaria Botros go to… and you can get part V1 with links to parts 111 and 11.
Father Zakaria Botros on "The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet"
In the first 3 parts you will read about.. (Next he recapped the past three episodes) dealing with Muhammad’s sexual habits—including (but not limited to) his sucking the tongues of boys and girls, kissing the breasts of his daughter Fatima, "lusting" after 2-3 year-old girls, laying with a dead woman, homosexual inclinations, receiving revelations while dressed in women’s clothing, copulating with nine women in a row without washing in between (and then bragging about it), greeting people while in the nude, and proclaiming that he will copulate with Mary the mother of Jesus in heaven.
she was 6 when Muhammad married her. She was 9 when Muhammad first consummated the marriage, at least according to Islamic tradition. I was using consummation as synonymous with real marriage. But come to think of it, I shouldn't do that. It's better to be quite precise and say, with Islamic tradition, that they were married when Aisha was 6. After all, even if Muhammad didn't consummate until she was 9, it seems likely, based on other Islamic traditions about Muhammad, that he did things with her short of consummation, when Aisha was between 6 and 9. ProudCopt • 2p
Keep in mind the fact that these writings are sourced from excepted Islamic texts.
A bold stab of truth against islam, using it's own teachings to bring light to the masses.
I certainly admire them for their forthrightness. Too many of us in America know the truth but are willing to do very little to fight for it. (Or perhaps just don't know what to do.)Posted by: kc8ukw
I say this could apply to all people in places besides America, like right here in Oz or the UK etc.
to what Fr. Botros is revealing. This man is really one of the boldest walking on the planet. I wish him a safe future. Posted by: pagan
Islam sanctions the sexual abuse of one's children. It's in the Koran too: 2:223.
As for the dead woman thing, I'm not familiar with the more obscure Hadiths, but I have long suspected that there had to have been something like that in Islamic texts since the phenomenon of raping women's corpses was so pervasive in India that the Hindu widows would throw themselves on their husbands' funeral pyre. They committed suicide in order to avoid becoming a sex slave to jihadis (which is the loftiest goal of Muslim women, since that's their ideal afterlife), but they couldn't just poison themselves because the jihadis would have their way with their corpses. (I have heard this as well. Apparently the custom of suttee, which does not seem to spring from Hindu mythology, began due to preserve the dignity of Hindu women after their husband's death. Muslims viewed them as "uncovered meat" at that point and would violate their bodies EVEN after death. It's not a religion, it's an institutionalized mental illness. Posted by: tanstaafl).
Mohammed disallowed His followers to masturbate.
This didn't effect Him personally though due to the fact that the revelations He made up cleared the way for Him to satisfy His own sexual urges in nearly every way possible under the sun. He Himself didn't have to jerk off occasionally like the average human being does when they can't get laid. Makes ya wonder how many of His loyal followers instead eagerly turned to rape, child molestation, Etc., Etc., Etc. Posted by: Nick.C
*** Not permitted to masturbate…but permitted, even commanded, to rape and pillage???? Sure is upside down – back to front – inside out sick perversion.****
Quran 65:4 says Muslims can have sex with babies….***This always makes my gut churn****
This report also speaks volumes about islamic/arab values. Not too long ago, in a discussion that took place here about whether or not mohammed-the-pedophile existed, someone pointed out that if he was indeed just a myth, put together to lend ideological support for arab territorial conquests, who on Earth would have concocted such a monster as the supposed epitome of human perfection?
Well, that can only again lead me to conclude that necrophilia, pedophilia, incest, rape and the rest of the mohammedan package (just to mention stuff related to sexual issues) certainly reflect values that arabs deem perfect.
Posted by: Proud_Kafir7908
** I truly believe old Mo was really suffering from some mental illness caused by syphillus, or he was just mentally deranged in a psychopathic, schizophrenic way. Surely he would have had the equivalent to today’s STD’s, from having anal sex with boys and men, sex with animals etc. and think of all the women and innocent children he would have passed his diseases onto.
We wonder why there is so much mental illness among the muslims…maybe because the majority of them are inbred, and to top it off have inherited the familial mental illness.****

This is real Christianity at work; spreading the TRUTH about Islam, regardless of idiotic PC considerations and all the modern, progressive, why-can't-we-all-just-get-along, kumbaya, humanist, feel-good nonsense. Posted by: Mike_W

** Yes Mike, gotta agree with you. God said through Jesus, to expose those who speak falsely. To teach the truth, the way to righteousness. We are all born with ‘fee choice’. This is the legacy of Jesus dying on the cross for us… Yet muslims get no choices in anything, …oopps, silly me, yes they do…. Do as the pervert has said or die.**

As Abdullah the Quasi Apostate might say:::
Father Botros is a hypocrite, let me give you the real story....................................
The good father and the posters here have Mahound all wrong...It is common knowledge that Mahound would spit on the wounds of his soldiers...This is because as a perfect and Holy man, his spit was a powerful antibiotic. So when he was going about sucking tongues, he was doing it for medicinal purposes only...
And laying with the dead woman?...He was raising her from the dead...conducting a miracle...
Once he had reinvigorated her, she walked away...The hadith does not tell you that part...
Nor do they tell us that Mahounds body fluids were Holy, all of them, so when he had sex, or raped or spit, or sucked tongues, he was sharing his Holiness...a great blessing, and a supreme gift from the Prophet...
Truth…. Peace…. Taqiyya….. Posted by: duh_swami
** If the mussos could read the Koran for themselves, they might be able to understand it…but no, they just learn to recite it like good little parrots while doing all that rocking to and fro. So it is then up to the sicko imams to continue on brainwashing these fools until they actually believe wholeheartedly all the dribbling tripe they are being fed. Then when they are confronted with the truth they still will not accept any of this as fact, such as is proof of the deep and constant brainwashing they have had.***

hadith, from Sahih Bukhari (2/911), which records Muhammad saying, “Revelations [i.e., the Koran] never come to me when I’m dressed in women’s clothing—except when I’m dressed in Aisha’s,” ..*** shees, talk about a cross-dresser**

Zakaria Botros went on to read from more sources, such as Sunan al-Nisa’i, wherein Muhammad used to in a single night "visit" all his women, without washing in between. **Thus my assertion of STD,s***

He began this episode 4 by saying that no less than 34 books, including the Tafsir of al-Qurtubi and Sahih Muslim, record that Muhammad used to “fondle”—Botros scowled at the screen—“kiss and have sex while fasting, though he forbade others from doing so.”
Said the host: “Interesting. But we know that prophets have special dispensations: Do you have anything more explicit?”
Fr Botros: “Fine. How’s this: the prophet used to visit [copulate with] his women when they were menstruating -- so sorry for this disgusting topic! Forgive me, people!”
He then pointed out that the main problem with this is that the Koran (2:222)—“Muhammad’s own words,” as he put it—forbade Muslims from going near menstruating women.
He went on to quote from a number of hadiths affirming that Muhammad freely had sex with menstruating women, including from Sahih Bukhari (v.5, p. 350), which said that if Muhammad desired a menstruating woman, he placed a sheet around her and proceeded with his business

a hadith, narrated by Aisha, and contained in the canonical six, wherein the prophet’s young wife recounted how, whenever she was menstruating, if the prophet “wanted her,” he used to “command” her to have sex with him. He read from a number of other hadiths, all demonstrative of Muhammad’s sexual proclivities toward menstruating women—which the Koran forbids.

the prophet was always generous to his followers, giving them ways out. According to eight hadith compilations, Ibn Abbas relayed that Muhammad said if a man cannot help himself and copulates with his menstruating wife, all he has to do is pay one dinar in atonement; if he sleeps with her towards the end of her cycle, when she isn’t bleeding as much, he need only pay half a dinar—a discount!"

Muhammad used to like smelling”—here he went sniff, sniff—“menstruation blood.” He then quoted from al-Siyuti, where Aisha relayed that Muhammad said to her “Come here,” to which she replied, “But I am menstruating, O prophet of God.” So he said “Expose your thighs”; she did so and “he proceeded to lay his cheek and chest on her thighs.”
a Sahih Bukhari hadith (v.6, p.2744) relayed by Aisha where she said that, while menstruating, the prophet used to lay his head on her thighs and recite the Koran.
***I can’t even stand the smell of my own blood after a visit to the dentist or a nose-bleed**** eewww!!
[Stay tuned for part V of "The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet"]
Oh gees, I can’t wait to read the next installment…most likely will concern sex with animals.

A big THANKYOU to Jihad Watch for these excellent articles by the good Father. I pray he has some good men protecting him…apart from God that is. This man is truly a brave man. or use the link in the side bar here.


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