Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new arrival

Gotta let the world know....my Grand Daughter had her baby yesterday...or rather last night.... a very healthy little girl weighing in at 7lb 9ozs. God sure does provide us with miracles...be it if they are small or big. And this beautiful little baby sure is that...a miracle, as is every new-born. We must strive to make this world a safe place for the following generations...I for one do not want to leave such a horrible legacy such as the islamist way of life. We all need to stand up and be counted and insist on our Governments to think of the people they just happen to work for. Stop trying to appease other countries and stop thinking of the almighty dollar and the oil situation. There are other means of renewable energy and if we have to learn to change a few of our habits and waste to accommodate other sources instead of oil...then so be it. Australia has its own source of oil and natural gas so instead of selling it off to other countries I would like to see it be used for people here.
I do not understand why people in the USA are going on about oil being taken from Alaska. Isn't it better for that oil to be used rather than be stuck with arab oil and all that comes with it?

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