Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swiss BAN on minarets.

Well isn't this good to see????? Now just a few more Countries with the guts to stand up and be counted as a human race against the evil that is islam. I was totally disgusted that the new mosque was allowed to be built up in Queensland even tho the majority of townsfolk voted against it... so who was pulling the strings there... Gee, I thought Australia was still a DEMOCRACY but alas, apparently in name only. We certainly need more RIGHT WINGERS and less lefties and do-gooders running this country, but alas, we have Left Federal Govt and Left State govt, and most of the Councils are lefties as well.
Did anyone see the news report that the refugee advocates have gotten their way with refugees allowed to live amongst the community, and only boat people will be processed on Christmas Island, but then released into the community and NO children will be in detention centers whatsoever. Yeah like kids carry no diseases huh!
Read on. From the ACC newsletter.

Swiss move to ban minarets.
Members of the right-wing Swiss People's Party, currently the largest party in the Swiss parliament, have launched a campaign to have the building of minarets (the tower on top of a mosque) banned, according to BBC News. The Party claims the minaret is not necessary for worship, but is rather a symbol of Islamic law, and as such incompatible with Switzerland's legal system. Signatures are now being collected to force a nationwide referendum on the issue which, under Switzerland's system of direct democracy, would be binding. more


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aussie enemies

This is an article I came across when I was trawling thru some archives. I think it's important we read it again and start doing something about our own protection. Would anyone there be able to come up with a good template for those who want to ... fill in and send off to our Aussie pollies. If we all started voting for Liberals then that would get our lefties running for cover. If we sit back and leave it up to others then we are in for big trouble.

- - - - Australians Help Identify the Enemy and their Agents!
Sunday, December 31st, 2006
A new link has been added to this blog: Enemy Agents…
In order to raise awareness to the jihad activists and to keep the Australian public informed, it might be a good idea to collect a list and a database of subversives. Not just a list of the takiyya-masters, hate-preachers and potential terrorists, but also collected evidence that links them to subversive activities past and present. This should include a database on the notorious Sheik Hilali, the slick Melbourne lawyer Waleed Ali, Sheik Omran and his soldiers, the ex-Gitmo-Jihadi Mamduh Habib as well as ‘Jihad-Jack’ etc.
But not only:
Those who aid and abet the enemy, like lefty-looney lawyers & judges who openly demonstrate for the release of David Hicks and seek to pervert justice and freedom of speech in order to bring us the sharia, should not be spared any embarrassment in having to explain themselves for their treason and face the consequences.It is now 5 years after 9/11 and we still treat the enemy like a friend! 5 years after 9/11 Mohammedan infiltration continues and NOT ONE politician is willing to stand up in order to stop the invasion!
Lets STOP fooling around:
Islam is not a ‘race’- being against Islam does not make us or anyone else ‘racists’, xenophobic’ or bigoted: Islam is a totalitarian ideology in the guise of religion. Islam is reverse racism! Muslims did not come to Australia to become Australians: Islam has come to Australia in order to make US Islamic!
Is not every mosque a bunker, is not every madrassah a center of indoctrination? Can you prove that not every Imam is an enemy agent? Obviously not. On the contrary it might be quite easy to prove that most of the Imam’s in Australia are enemy agents and agent-provocateurs.
It is time to organize against subversion and the perversion of our legal system! Australians: Stand up for your rights! - - - - - -

And just where is dawoud hicks living now???? Well I believe he is now living in a heavily muslim area of NSW. And who is one of his friends now??? None other than a leftie Natasha Stott De -spoiler. Surely the Feds have got him under surveillence, and if not...bloody well why not??? What about the other known traitors in Australia, we have them here, in Werribee, Sth Aust. even Perth, and goodness knows where else. All living life to the fullest - mainly bludging on welfare, spreading their evil spawn amongst their brood mares... Are these people deliberately living openly muslim lives for the authorities to keep a watchful eye on while the business counterparts do their thing quietly but most assuredly? I have no doubt that there are plants inside mosques, but how long are they gonna be there undercover? Even if info is passed on it is still leaving us all wide open for them to build up their plans of destruction... it is only a matter of time before Australia has some awful tragedy like New York, or Bali. I know there have been many plots discovered and the public does not get to hear about them. I also know when we had the Commonwealth games that there were incidents that were nipped in the bud and just not reported to the wider public. I am tired of being treated like the proverbial mushroom. If these things were publicised then surely that would help take the blinkers off of so many people who think it won't happen here. Coz it will.
Where are the Templars when needed?????


Paki Polio & diseases

As reported in WINDS OF JIHAD... Militant threats and fighting between insurgents and security forces have prevented anti-polio vaccination campaigns in much of Swat since 2007. Militants have beaten up health workers and issued warnings against vaccinations. Polio has resurfaced in Swat, where the last case of the disease was reported in 2003. Khan said an 8-month-old girl was recently diagnosed with polio. Her cousin, also 8 months old, was reported to have polio about 10 days ago.The two girls are from Ali Gram village, which is located in the militant stronghold of Kabal, Khan said. The province’s new government has struck a peace deal with Fazlullah supporters in return for a promise that army troops will be withdrawn from Swat. Troops regained control of vast areas of Swat from militants last year. Polio is endemic in Pakistan, according to the World Health Organization. Pakistani officials hope the disease will be eliminated by the end of this year. Polio mostly strikes children under age 5 and is spread when people come into contact with the feces of those with the virus. It usually attacks the nervous system, causing paralysis, muscular atrophy, deformation and sometimes death.

So now we have this polio back in Australia as well (amongst other diseases).... gee I wonder how it became a worry here again when the Aust. govt has stopped vaccines for that and for tuberculosis because these diseases were eradicated.

In my humble opinion, I now believe that before anyone enters this country that they must present absolute proof that all vaccines are up to date...much like we have to do before our children are allowed to start school. If anyone does not have this proof, along with 'lost' nationality papers, then they should be transported directly to Nauru until the relevant medical tests are done and cleared of any diseases. Why should anyone coming here legally and with up to date papers, or people already living here and indeed us people who were born here have to be worrying about diseases that were got rid of years ago.
When I was 4 years old, I contracted tuberculosis, as it was rife back then. I believe I got it from an uncle who returned from war. Anyway, as I was already a sickly type of kid, it was thought that I just had a cold that just wouldn't go away. In the poor areas there was so much of this anyway, that nothing was done. I also had a lot of bloodnoses, so it was thought that I was just an easy bleeder. During the nights I would often vomit blood...this was thought to be because I had a blood nose during my sleep and must have swallowed some blood. This went on for months until one night I all but covered the bedroom walls with bloodclots. So an ambulance was called and I was taken to a sanitorium and was in isolation for quite some time. When my older sisters came to visit me, they had to wave to me from outside the hospital ward through the windows. Apparently another few weeks and it would have been too late for me. As young as I was I still remember most of the daily treatment. There were so many injections and tablets, then the boiler room where I would have tubes put up my nostrils and down my throat to drain my lungs. I was in this hospital for more than a year. I do not remember how long it was before I was out of isolation. I remember having my 5th birthday in there. Then my niece was diagnosed with TB and she ended up in the same ward as me. Over the years it was mandatory that I have regular x-rays and check ups, at first every 6 months, then every year then every 2 years. This was phased out in the late 60's early 70's. There were compulsory vaccinations in schools, and I think this was also phased out during the 70's. Why is there no more mandatory vaccinations????? Well because there were not many cases being presented. There have been a few media scares over the years when some un-screened refugee was detected with TB and my heart would skip a few beats from panic and I would get myself to the TB clinic for an x-ray just to be safe. The very thought of the treatment was enough to scare the living daylights out of me. Now the treatment is very different, but the point remains the same. We should be screening people for various diseases and conditions before they are allowed to be in the general population.
Now we have cases of polio again... I remember kids from my childhood who had polio and remember mum and dad saying how sorry they felt for the family. There was a time that there were no new cases of polio here for a long time.

Now we have the do-gooders saying that any refugees, either legal or illegal should be allowed to live in the public areas. In Government housing, on welfare with medicare cards etc. NO WAY.... not until they have been processed and medically checked and varified that they are bona fide refugees, and if not why are they allowed to tie up our court systems with appeal after appeal fighting and kicking and screaming to get all the publicity so the govt is more or less shamed into giving in. They should not even get out of the airport - just put on the next plane to wherever they came from. If here illegally, then deported to their country of origin. And if they have young children and babies with them with no proof of any vaccinations then they should be isolated until all vaccines have been given, I don't give a rats as to how long the process takes or the cost. The cost of taking them into the public is gonna be great anyhow, and if they start spreading diseases and STD's etc then just stop and think of the overall long term cost in lives and money. I am just so sick of these civil righters telling me how I should compromise myself to accommodate the rights of people who are here illegally or here on false passports telling lie after lie as to where they are from or saying they are widows or will be persecuted if they return to their country. If they say they will be persecuted, why do they retain their muslim beliefs? If they are not allowed to practice their particular denomination... for example... sunni safely then does that not tell them that there is something inherently wrong with islam altogether?

Maybe all these cases of polio over there in paki land will do us all a favour in the long run...just keep them over in their own diseased land and they will succeed in killing each other. They can also keep their HIV, AIDS and any other diseases they have. This also goes for refugees and migrants who have HIV and AIDS.... these mongrels deliberately go about having sex knowing full well what they are doing. And don't even get me started on all the rapes that are happening (of course not being openly reported) by refugees that have been here for only a few weeks, or in some case months. They seem to think that Aussie women and young girls are fair game.

Ya know, it was only a couple of years ago that I would not say anything against refugees or migrants. Now I firmly believe that all migration should cease until we....Australia.... can get our own house in order. We have major problems with water and housing, now we have gang wars happening amongst a host of other things. And if I hear one more person say we need to expand the population for economical reasons I think I am gonna blow a bloody fuse. Housing is a major problem here for so many people that it has come to people throwing in bid offers just for a rental property, and of course the greedy owners are cashing in on this and raising the monthly rent to a price that only the rich can afford to rent. There are homeless people who are that way because they just cannot afford to pay the ridiculous prices and of course there is a waiting list of something like 5-8 years for govt housing. Most of the 3 and 4 bedroom places have gone for the refugees who have large families and then they move more of their relatives in and so often there is 2-3 families living in these houses and if inspectors get wind of this the householder just says they are visitors. And yet, a few years ago, my daughter and 3 children had to move in here for a short while, and I had to pay extra rent according to her income, and yet the people who have other families move in get away with this. They generally also get interest free loans, and almost double in welfare. They have their fingers in every welfare pie and still want more. Am I whingeing???? You bet your sweet bippy I am. Whatever happened to equal rights for every person? Why should one person be entitled to more than another because they have a different colour skin? I am so over it all. Now do not laugh at my next statement!!!!

I am a Christian - of NO denomination. I put my hand out to anyone in need - provided they are willing to help themselves. I treat people as they deserve to be treated and as to how I myself like to be treated. Why should I be sucked into one stream of belief when so many beliefs can't agree on certain areas within Christianity. So many denominations change certain things to suit themselves and that don't rub with me. Buy hey, at least I am not hunted down and murdered in cold blood because of my beliefs. I have the freedom to worship as I want to and the only person I ever have to answer to is the Man Himself. And this is how it should be if it has to be this way at all.

I would love to see a new crusade happening, and I don't care if it is a resistance type of movement or whatever, something has to be done as we are gonna need it before too long my friends. I am getting together what I call my welfare emergency kit. 1st aid supplies, tin food, powdered milk, bottled water, batteries, packet foods etc. In clothing, I have scarves, beanies, coats, waterproof coats, extra blankets. I also have a push bike of which I was going to sell, but I am now keeping it as it might just prove to be a good form of transport for when petrol is overpriced or none at all. My family think I am over reacting, but they just like to play ostrich.

I believe we need to set up a network of like minded people and have as a front a bookreading club or something like it. There needs to be the people who have brains and brawn and every kind of person in between to survive. I envisage myself as one to help with first aid and education of young kids.... if these islamists ever get their way, and I believe they will for a short time, then there is not going to be an education system for kids and above all else, we must keep the kids educated and protected.
I have often wondered, what would become of the welfare system???? Like I am on a disability support pension, so what would happen to welfare recipients and mums on child support pensions? HHHMMM food for thought. Gees where are the Crusades when we need them??????

Well, that's my rant and rave for another day.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Bravo Italy.

Just the sort of news I like to read about. The following article was posted in : Islam In Action...

Islam In Action Italy Declares State of Emergency over Illegal Immigration Invasion
Posted: 27 Jul 2008 01:21 PM CDT

One part of the story is: Britain is not the only country which is being subjected to a Third World immigration invasion - almost every other Western European country is struggling under the same burden. Italy is however, unusual in one respect - it now actually has a government with enough guts to tackle the issue head-on.
Bravo Italy!!! I wish we had the same sort of courageous pollies here in OZ. Now that Mr Howard is no longer at the helm and we have Mr Rudd with his kowtowing and mirror image of himself, I can only see us going down a road of a dead end. Our Labor camp is one to tread softly-softly in case they step on the toes of the PC tribe. Oh gee, can't upset them or the minorities they represent. I am really disgusted with the so called leaders we have now. The only hope we have is the 2 senators of the Independent type that actually hold the balance of power against Labour and the greens. I am so sick of being treated like a 2nd class citizen because of people who come here and want everything their own way and bugga everyone else. And these gutless pollies give into them so as not to upset them. Now here in Victoria, we have laws that say I cannot say certain things or call people certain matter how much truth is there, but those very same people can offend me in the way they look at me or what they call me. I can see an influx of migrants claiming persecution and so will be given whatever they desire...instead of going to Nauru where the detention camps are. The refugees that were housed there complained.... EXCUSE ME!!! they were better off there than where they came from. At least they had roofs over their heads, beds to sleep on, food to eat, medical treatment, free legal counsel, mobile phones given to them and other free goodies. And what were the conditions from whence they came???? Me thinks nothing more than a tent if they were lucky. But now, all the do-gooders have them living amongst the general population spreading their diseases they came with...diseases I might add that Australia got rid of many years ago. And then some that scare the living crap outta me.We also have migrants here with no real status running around having sex with whatever moves knowing full well they have HIV or some form of STD or STI. The courts are backed up with all the appeals of migrants fighting to stay here. We have had and still do have gangs causing mayhem in certain areas and setting traps for the police to fall into and then setting themselves upon these officers. A lot of the crimes are being kept quiet so as not to start any mass hysteria or panic. When crimes are being reported there is no mention of the perps' race so as not to be called a racist.

I am so over all this politically correct bullshit let me tell ya. But ya know what else - I am also sick and tired of not being able to voice my opinion without being called a racist and a xenophobe and a few other choice names. I have always brought my children and grandchildren up with showing respect and they will receive respect - to treat people as they themselves want to be treated - to never call people unkind names or cast aspersions - to give people the benefit of the doubt. Now they are having a hard time reconciling themselves to my new mindset in trying to educate them about the looming dangers of islamists. My 12 year old grandson thinks I am obsessed with Jihad Watch, Dhimmi Watch, Islam In Action and a few other sites along the same lines. The books I have bought and read, the DVDs I have purchased and watched, my new self-education about Islam. Mind you I have some very good teachers in people like Mr Robert Spencer and people like him. I believe that man deserves all the accolades we can all heap upon him. Kudos must go to all the people who comment on the sites as well. I particularly enjoy reading comments from ... Dumbledoors Army, Sheik Yer'mami etc.
I often have little fantasising moments of certain people getting together to start some sort of group to prepare for the future...... Much like the Christians in many places have to have secret meetings for prayer. Gees, I think I have been watching too much of Jericho. I read a book ages ago called ...UNDERGROUND... I must dig it out and write about it. Sometimes I think all these types of books and shows come my way for me to start preparations for the future we are headed for. I just never thought it would happen in my lifetime. But is.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Curse or Coincidence?

Parvana is gonna have to wait. I came across an interesting site today, and if you are at all interested in Prophecy then you might be interested in having a look at these docos.

Welcome to Hatikvah.
Hatikvah Film Trust is a Christian ministry which aims to promote the advancement and understanding of the Christian faith and of Biblical prophecy through the production of documentary films, television and audio-visual programmes.
We have produced some of our own films, and have assisted other organisations in producing their videos.We hope you enjoy browsing our site.
Filmmaker Hugh Kitson discusses his latest documentary and the implications for the nations of the earth, in particular, the United States.

I must apologise for not including links to the site, as I am still learning but I am sure if you look up HATIKVAH Oor Film Maker Hugh Kitson you are sure to get there.

Curse or Coincidence?
July 1, 2008
Does it matter how nations deal with the tiny nation of Israel? What does Genesis 12:2-3 mean, and is it valid for today?
Genesis 12:2-3 (New International Version).
2 "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

From Exile to Restoration.
“From Exile to Restoration” tells the same story as its sister film “The Destiny of Britain” but with a greater emphasis on the history and geopolitics that led to the Balfour Declaration of 1917. This documentary is suitable for a more general audience.

“From Exile to Restoration” tells the same story as its sister film “The Destiny of Britain” but with a greater emphasis on the history and geopolitics that led to the Balfour Declaration of 1917. This documentary is suitable for a more general audience.
From the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE when the Roman Empire exiled the Jewish people, they longed for a future restoration to the land of Israel. The 16th century Protestant Reformation saw Christians reading of the Bible promises of a latter day restoration of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland. This awareness not only spread widely through the Church, but among political leadership in Britain, at the same time as her Empire was expanding in the East. The 19th century saw Britain, concerned for her links to India, Australia and New Zealand, being drawn into the affairs of the eastern Mediterranean and the land of Israel, coinciding with an awakening among the Jewish people for a restoration to their ancient homeland.
The First World War, beginning with the Gallipoli campaign and political concern for the future of the Ottoman Empire, presented an opportunity for the restoration of Israel. On 31st October 1917, the same day as the British-ANZAC victory at Beersheba – including the charge of the Australian Light Horse – came the British War Cabinet’s decision to favour the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine. General Allenby’s subsequent entrance into Jerusalem was the fulfilment of some three hundred years of geo-political activity and British Christian vision.
In From Exile to Restoration, Australian author Kelvin Crombie, together with Israeli academics, the grandson of a hero of the Beersheba ‘Charge’, and British and American churchmen, presents the story of these Jewish, Christian and geo-political factors which intertwined to lead to the modern restoration of Israel. As Cyrus, the King of the ancient Persian Empire first restored Israel after the exile to Babylon, so the British Empire became the modern day ‘Cyrus’ to restore Israel after the second exile across the world.
From Exile to Restoration is the sister film to The Destiny of Britain and prequel to The Forsaken Promise. Running time 1 hour 14 minutes.

Jerusalem, The Covenant City

Jerusalem, the Covenant City explores the past, present and future destiny of Jerusalem in the light of recorded history, the prophetic Scriptures and current events.
This is the word of the Lord concerning Israel. "I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling." (Zechariah 12:1,2)
Jerusalem is the only city in the world to have its history written in advance. It is the only city in the world that the Creator of the Universe has declared to be His dwelling place forever. And it is the only city in the world with an eternal destiny. Today the world is obsessed with the status of Jerusalem, just as Zechariah prophesied it would be. This is one of many signs that the end of the age and that the return of the Messiah - the Alpha and the Omega - is at hand. Through His ancient prophets and the current mounting conflict in the Middle East - particularly over Jerusalem - the God of Israel is speaking to the Jewish people, to the nations of the world, and to the Church. But who is listening?
The feature-length documentary Jerusalem, the Covenant City, presented by Lance Lambert and written, produced and directed by Hugh Kitson, will impact its audience with a message of challenge and hope that they will not easily forget. A 335-page book, with a wealth of additional background information, complements the documentary film.
The film is divided into two parts for viewer convenience. Part 1 contains a broad sweep of Jerusalem's history, while Part 2 examines the present and future destiny of the Holy City. Each DVD and VHS cassette contains both parts.

The Destiny of Britain
The Destiny of Britain reveals how the Biblical vision for the restoration of Israel was an integral part of the great missionary expansion of the 18th and 19th centuries which was intertwined with the expansion of the British Empire across the world.
The Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the beginning of British rule over the historic Land of Israel was the culmination of a vision for the restoration of the Jewish people to their Biblical homeland which had developed in the Church in Great Britain over the previous three hundred years. This vision, supported by the great Christian Revivalists and Bible Teachers such as the Wesley brothers, Charles Simeon, Robert Murray McCheyne, C H Spurgeon and Bishop J C Ryle, was based on the Covenants of Promise as well as other prophetic Scriptures found in the Bible. Many Christians were inspired to pray for the fulfilment of this vision and prominent leaders in England and Scotland, including William Wilberforce, Lord Palmerston and Lord Shaftesbury, encouraged the British government to actively support the restoration of Israel.
In THE DESTINY OF BRITAIN, Australian author Kelvin Crombie, together with Israeli academics and British churchmen, presents the story of how this outworking of Britain's Christian heritage was intertwined with her geo-political objective in the Middle East of maintaining access to her Eastern Empire. Just as Cyrus, the King of the ancient Persian Empire, was the Divinely appointed facilitator for the return of the Jewish people to Jerusalem after the first exile, the British Empire was entrusted by the God of History after the second exile to restore His ancient covenant people to the Land that He had promised to them as an everlasting inheritance.
Documentary running time:
Part 1: 52 minutes
Part 2: 55 minutes
Total: 1 hour 47 Minutes

In November 1917 the British government made a pledge with the Jewish people through the Balfour Declaration to help establish a Jewish National Home in the territory known as Palestine. Find out what happened next ...
"For the day of the Lord is near on all the nations; as you have done, it shall be done to you. Your reward shall return upon your head." (Obadiah 1:15)
In November 1917 the British government made a pledge with the Jewish people through the Balfour Declaration to help establish a Jewish National Home in the territory known as Palestine. During the 200 years leading up to the Balfour Declaration there was a broad vision in the Church in Great Britain for the restoration of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland. This vision, supported by the great revivalists such as George Whitefield and the Wesley brothers, was based on the Covenants of Promise as well as other prophetic Scriptures found in the Bible, and many Christians were inspired to pray into it. The Balfour Declaration was the fruit of this vision. At that time, Great Britain was the nearest example of a truly Christian nation that has existed since the time of Christ two thousand years ago, and her empire - the largest ever in human history - stretched across one third of the world's land mass. It was said that the sun never set on the British Empire.
Sadly, because of political expedience in appeasing a militant Arab nationalist movement, duplicity in her dealings with both Arabs and Jews, and even treachery towards the Jewish people, Britain became instead the major obstacle in the fulfilment of the purposes of God. In addition to causing the wholesale misery of many thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s, the British reneging of the Balfour Declaration was also responsible for the deaths of an untold number of Jews who could have escaped Hitler's Final Solution, had they been able to find refuge in their ancient homeland. Even after the War was over Britain continued to turn away traumatised survivors of the Holocaust from the shores of the Land of their forefathers. Today, very few British people - Christians included - know anything about this dark chapter in our history. Is it mere co-incidence that since the end of the Mandate in Palestine in 1948 that the sun finally set on the Great British Empire and her status as the world's superpower disappeared?
The Forsaken Promise, a 3-part documentary series, highlights a number of tragic events that took place during the Mandate period, mainly through the testimonies of those who were either victims of those events, participants in them, or eye-witnesses to them, including the Late Derek Prince. Its purpose is to stir up repentance in Britain for the nation's reneging of the Balfour Declaration - the forsaken promise - and obstructing the purposes of God in the restoration of Israel. There are many church leaders in Britain who are crying out for the restoration of God's favour and blessing upon this country, and there are some who believe that the Lord has not forgotten our spiritual heritage as a Christian nation. Because the Church's calling is to be the 'prophetic voice' in the nation, this documentary's prime target audience is the Church.
The documentary film The Forsaken Promise, is written, produced and directed by Hugh Kitson
The trailer for this film is available in two formats.
Small format for slow internet connection.
Large format for fast internet connection.

Like I have said previously, I firmly believe we are in 'THE END TIMES'. Whether it has been happening for years or has years to work itself through, we are in them. Have a look at all the disasters that are happening world wide, and more severe with many more people dying.
I don't believe 100% in this global warming thing, I have thoughts that agree with some scientists that we are on a cycle of being in the early stages of another ice age of sorts. Or we could always say something like.... man can not go on digging up the earth and taking from the earth without suffering somewhere along the way. The tectonic plates can not stay stable while man is constantly playing around underground. Ah the theories abound! Another way-out-there thought of mine is that the islamists know they can no longer keep surviving in their own desolate lands and have their sites set on all the infrastructures the West has built. Oh yeah they hate us but they want to live in our countries and wipe us out bit by bit. What is it that Robert Spencer says.... jihad by stealth.

Man's greediness will certainly be the downfall.... gee is this history repeating itself I wonder???

For anyone wondering if I may be some sort of fundamental Christian. OR NUTTER ..fear not!! I am just a normal person and I do not belong to any particular denomination.

Oh and thanks to Christopher Logan for 'THE SHOUT' in Islam in Action.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

No nonsense guide to islam

The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam.
by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies.
A new Internationalist Publication.

Wow I bought this book just to further my education on islam and to try to learn more about the way the islamists think. Well at first I thought what a complete waste of my money. It is nothing but another piece of propaganda. what a wank of a book this is...I kid you not. I think I read about the first 20 pages and just could not keep on reading... it truly made the hairs on my neck stand stiff.
***The back cover reads: how can islam reconcile itself with the 21st century? this NNG explains the islamis worldview, examining the quran and islamic law (sharia), islams in history and islams relationship with the west.
The authors analyze the struggle within the faith for a more humane and holistic interpretation of their religion, and examines issues surrounding womens rights, economic development and democracy.
This balanced portrayal of 'real islam', looking beyond common perceptions and polemic debates.
It shows what islam has achieved and shows why a better understanding of muslims is needed throughout the world. But it also explains why islam needs to make itself more relevant by showing it can create a just, tolerant and peaceful society.***
if you think the back cover is a bloody joke, you ought to read the inside.... if it wasnt so darn scary in what they are trying to get the reader to believe it would be downright hilarious. I thumbed through the book and they have list of discoveries and inventions by the muslim world.... My God in Heaven I thought...I didnt know whether to laugh or throw up. In every thing I read that is so called muslim found, invented or discovered, you can back it in that there will be a corresponding much earlier account. Just take the Bible for one. Everything that is in the Bible that pervert mo reckons is false and his way is the last thing handed down by GOD. At least Jesus had accounts documented by his Apostles and Disciples, miracles and all. Jesus will come again ...down from Heaven... mo's saviour is gonna rise up from the den of iniquity....a well, or a deep dark abyss. Irans amadman pres, is right now awaiting this very same demon to come rising out of the pitts. So according to the Bible, this has to mean that we are in 'The Last Days' that Jesus spoke about. Mind you our time frame is a lot different to the time frame of Our Lord. So the end-days could be now plus another 100 or so years, but we are all to go through trials and tribulations just like the BOOK says. Are you prepared?