Monday, July 28, 2008

Bravo Italy.

Just the sort of news I like to read about. The following article was posted in : Islam In Action...

Islam In Action Italy Declares State of Emergency over Illegal Immigration Invasion
Posted: 27 Jul 2008 01:21 PM CDT

One part of the story is: Britain is not the only country which is being subjected to a Third World immigration invasion - almost every other Western European country is struggling under the same burden. Italy is however, unusual in one respect - it now actually has a government with enough guts to tackle the issue head-on.
Bravo Italy!!! I wish we had the same sort of courageous pollies here in OZ. Now that Mr Howard is no longer at the helm and we have Mr Rudd with his kowtowing and mirror image of himself, I can only see us going down a road of a dead end. Our Labor camp is one to tread softly-softly in case they step on the toes of the PC tribe. Oh gee, can't upset them or the minorities they represent. I am really disgusted with the so called leaders we have now. The only hope we have is the 2 senators of the Independent type that actually hold the balance of power against Labour and the greens. I am so sick of being treated like a 2nd class citizen because of people who come here and want everything their own way and bugga everyone else. And these gutless pollies give into them so as not to upset them. Now here in Victoria, we have laws that say I cannot say certain things or call people certain matter how much truth is there, but those very same people can offend me in the way they look at me or what they call me. I can see an influx of migrants claiming persecution and so will be given whatever they desire...instead of going to Nauru where the detention camps are. The refugees that were housed there complained.... EXCUSE ME!!! they were better off there than where they came from. At least they had roofs over their heads, beds to sleep on, food to eat, medical treatment, free legal counsel, mobile phones given to them and other free goodies. And what were the conditions from whence they came???? Me thinks nothing more than a tent if they were lucky. But now, all the do-gooders have them living amongst the general population spreading their diseases they came with...diseases I might add that Australia got rid of many years ago. And then some that scare the living crap outta me.We also have migrants here with no real status running around having sex with whatever moves knowing full well they have HIV or some form of STD or STI. The courts are backed up with all the appeals of migrants fighting to stay here. We have had and still do have gangs causing mayhem in certain areas and setting traps for the police to fall into and then setting themselves upon these officers. A lot of the crimes are being kept quiet so as not to start any mass hysteria or panic. When crimes are being reported there is no mention of the perps' race so as not to be called a racist.

I am so over all this politically correct bullshit let me tell ya. But ya know what else - I am also sick and tired of not being able to voice my opinion without being called a racist and a xenophobe and a few other choice names. I have always brought my children and grandchildren up with showing respect and they will receive respect - to treat people as they themselves want to be treated - to never call people unkind names or cast aspersions - to give people the benefit of the doubt. Now they are having a hard time reconciling themselves to my new mindset in trying to educate them about the looming dangers of islamists. My 12 year old grandson thinks I am obsessed with Jihad Watch, Dhimmi Watch, Islam In Action and a few other sites along the same lines. The books I have bought and read, the DVDs I have purchased and watched, my new self-education about Islam. Mind you I have some very good teachers in people like Mr Robert Spencer and people like him. I believe that man deserves all the accolades we can all heap upon him. Kudos must go to all the people who comment on the sites as well. I particularly enjoy reading comments from ... Dumbledoors Army, Sheik Yer'mami etc.
I often have little fantasising moments of certain people getting together to start some sort of group to prepare for the future...... Much like the Christians in many places have to have secret meetings for prayer. Gees, I think I have been watching too much of Jericho. I read a book ages ago called ...UNDERGROUND... I must dig it out and write about it. Sometimes I think all these types of books and shows come my way for me to start preparations for the future we are headed for. I just never thought it would happen in my lifetime. But is.

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