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Islam in Society

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Islam in Society: Where it Starts, and Where it Ends

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 04:44 PM PDT

Are you concerned about the Islamicization of our nation? This video lays out, nation by nation and stage by stage, exactly what the effects are of creeping Islam. Put this in context with the Islamophilia so openly displayed by the professed Christian Obama, and you have a fascinating and thought-provoking video. To watch this video turn down the volume on the blue player to your right. Hint - if you lower the volume and don't hit pause, it will remember the lower setting when you refresh/return. If it doesn't start, hit REPLAY. Enjoy Don't miss EC GETS THE LAST WORD...

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Monday, April 13, 2009

How lucky we are.

A collection of comments from a friend.

I have received a few emails from “a friend” who has the misfortune to be living in Malaysia. He is at the University in Penang but his family lives on the other side of Malaysia so he is forced to live close to the Uni while he is doing his degree.
Anyway, first I must say that I do have his permission to re-print some of his comments to me, as he wishes for the real truth to get out to the wider public, and he is in danger if he puts anything in his blogs.

I shall call my friend by another name for his safety. Let’s see, I shall refer to him as Mark or blogger in place of the name of his blog. I will not identify his type of degree, his home area or his friend’s names for the obvious reasons. (identify them and I end up identifying him.)

Please note that in these emails, are some personal messages to me that we write back and forwards to each other so I will edit these out, as they can sometimes be identifying to him, and/or boring to the readers as they would not know the connotations and they will be out of context. And the only other editing I have done is correcting punctuation and I will also edit out any identifying blog names that he uses and any links from his blog. . . I have also added in some of my questions or responses to him. I have also left the dates in and added some of my comments…

Monday, 2 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "EX-muslims against islam":

(I asked him if he ever read Faith Freedom by Ali Sina.)

Yes, I have reading FFI articles for almost 3 months. The information about Islam is so perfect and all of them are well-researched. Only the ignorant will deny the truth and then claim that FFI is false without reading it first. Truth is sometimes hurtful but it will set us free and it's something that sometimes people don't want to hear.

Monday, 2 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "I urge all Aussies to have a look at the site... A...":

Although I’m not Australian but I support what is said above. Good Nanna! Uphold your country's freedom because I believe it is a very precious legacy that has made what Australia is today. Don't be like Great Britain where Islam appeasement is on the rise. Stand where you should belong. Educate West more about Islam. Don't let your country's liberty, freedom, cultural heritage, and Christian values collapse by a single click from evil agendas of Islam.
Anyway, I’m from Malaysia

Tuesday, 3 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Polygamous Marriage Welfare & no more offending th...":

Hi again. Thank you very much for being my first follower:).. yeah, I agree with you. Islam in Action is very informative in exposing muslim mob, how the western civilization is 'eaten slowly' by Islam infiltration and all the evil images caused by muslims which is rooted from Islam itself. But, you know, to tell you the truth here in Malaysia criticism of Islam is considered a crime and can lead to punishment. Can u imagine that? So sometimes, it's hard for me to criticize Islam. We don't have free speech like yours. And for now situation in Malaysia, the Islamic authority is pushing us Christians to stop using word Allah in our Christian publication or in Malay mass. But our church leaders won't remain silent and they bring this up to the court. As for me, it's not name that matter, but importantly, they fight for our right and the dignity for whole Christian in Malaysia. God bless you and your whole family.
This is my email: xxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009 Christian Nanna has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

(This is my response to a comment left on this blog, to which is followed by a comment by “Mark”)

hey arah, why do you say Paul is the anti-christ? It is very easy and simple to be pulling out texts from books such as NIV, and would I be right in saying the koran? Yes, most Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit. But not as separate individuals but 3 Divine beings as one. It is sometimes a very hard concept to understand, and you know what, quite a few Christians still grapple with this issue. It is only by reading, listening to learned people and praying that one comes to a good understanding of the whole concept.
By the look of the web address you have posted I gather it is a site for 'converts' to islam. I wish them well in their searching for whatever it is they are searching for. As long as you all respect the individuals right to choose their own way in life then the world will be a happy place. But we don't threaten death to people if they choose not to follow Christianity. Even Jesus said that each person has the right to choose the path they walk in life.

Friday, 6 March 2009
a comment on “Mark’s” blog has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

"He forgiveth whom He pleaseth, and He punisheth whom He pleaseth"
I'm wondering what is this verse really mean. It's as if that God forgive and punish whoever He likes.. rather than to have this kind of statement, it's more likeable to have it like this 'He forgive who come to Him, and He punish who disobey Him.' By arah.

Friday, 6 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

Yup Nanna, even Christians have some difficulties in understanding in Trinity. So, what more can I say about arah. He/she didn't even spend some minutes to read sample of example regarding the Trinity concept that I've posted.

Friday, 6 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Banned Christian Fellowship Allowed to Meet on Ohi...":

What? I can't believe this.. How could possibly the Christian Fellowship be banned in such Christian majority country? As far as I concern, I've never heard any news regarding the troubles, mob, violence or any unpleasant act committed by Christian student groups at other places in U.S (correct me if wrong).This is totally ridiculous!

(This last comment was in response to some remarks I had made about muslim groups here in OZ carrying on about Christians praying on campus and how it insulted them but that they wanted separate prayer rooms for their prayers to allah.)

( I was telling ‘Mark” how I was planning to buy a couple of books that had been recommended on sites such as JW, IIA & FFI. And about the books and DVD’s I had already purchased online, sent from USA.)
Saturday, 7 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "How Islam Plans to Change the World":

Muslim says "you will die for what I believe" Christian say "I will die for what I believe"

I wish I could buy the book that you'll be purchasing. But here in Malaysia, any books that Muslim feel offensive are strictly banned. Only 'wonderful' books of Islam are being allowed. Actually, I kind of interested in Ali Sina's book entitled Understanding Muhammad. I want to order one but I know even if it's shipped here, the customs will inspect the content that I order before I can bring it home. So sad...

Sunday, 8 March 2009
Re: freedom of speech in Australia‏
Hello my Aussie Friend
Sorry for the late reply. I kinda busy lately...

Wow, I don't expect that you will write me an email. Anyway, it's good for me because this my first time having an oversea pal and good for both of us so that we can come up with or share our opinions regarding Islam especially. But before that, let me introduce a little bit of myself. I'm “Mark” and xx years old, living in xxxxx. Currently, I live in Penang because of my study in Uni. I'm doing xxxx and I love sports, reading and xxxxx. maybe you can briefly introduce about yourself..

I become interested in Islam since last year and it's not because I want to embrace Islam. Instead, I want to know the hidden agenda of evil Islam. Here in Malaysia, the evil agenda of Islam isn't obviously seen because a lot of Muslims are moderate and secular. Only a small portion of Muslim groups where their concern is more about Islamic affairs and they don't keep the sensitivity of non-muslim. They always demand our respect and ask us to avoid any sentiments that can cause uproar but they seldom think of others and when someone is trying to speak out, the Islamic group will accuse non-muslim of threatening Islam position in Malaysia. In the West, muslims there are more aggressive compare to Malaysian muslims and I notice that Western muslims are mostly immigrated from Middle East and North Africa (correct me if wrong). I wonder why they are more aggressive and tend to create violence if something offend them. As for me, it's all start with Koran. If Koran doesn't teach hatred and incite violence on non-muslim, then they won't mob around. I did ask my moderate muslim friend whether he truly understands the Koran or not. He replied me that he didn't understand at all because it's not their mother-tongue although they recited the Koran verses during school. What the muslim students know is all the sweet-mouthed talk teached by their Islamic teacher. They won't reveal the bad side of Islam because they are brainwashed by their local imams that say Islam is superior to other religions and it's truth sent by Allah with no imperfection. Verses in Koran are mostly hate-filled and if it read by non-muslim, certainly it will offend us. Koran even command muslim not to befriend with Christians and Jews (Surah 5.51). If Koran is truly sent by True God, why would Him want to set muslim and non-muslim apart.. It's ridiculous! Back to Western muslims and Mid-Eastern muslims, their teaching of Islam is more radical because they believe that radicalism is the way to achieve their goals: conquer non-muslim land by killing infidel or make them convert, replace man-made laws with sharia laws and lastly establish a caliphate world. Fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism are all associated with Islam because of one hate-filled book, Koran.

As I follow Islam in action, Atlas Shrugs and other conservative blogs regarding Islam, it makes me sad because appeasing and catering Islam is on the rise in Western countries such in UK and other European countries. Although there are plentiful of evidences that show Islam and muslim just bring troubles, still some politicians and mainstream media close their eyes for the sake of political correctness. The most tragic is in UK. I don't know what's wrong with their government. Christian heritage, their culture and liberty are gradually 'eaten' by Islamic infiltration. I've heard that Sharia is part of legal system, ban pork meal at school, no-Bible zone in Birmingham, word Christmas changed to White festival, denied Geert Wilders access to UK and Catholic school was asked to promote Islam....just to list a few. This is incredible and unbelievable. How can one of the great countries in the world fall to Islam so fast? It's truly sad if Great Britain turns to Cracked Britain.

I hope there will be more politicians like Wilders who openly opposes Islam. Not only the West, but the rest of the world must wake up to this Islamic global war for the sake of our future generation.

(I was telling him that I plan to re-learn Bahasa Indonesia, as I have a feeling I am going to need to soon)

I'm happy for you that you have the determination to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I understand it a little bit because some of the words aren't differ much from Bahasa Melayu (our official language). Maybe by watching Indonesian dramas or movies, you can learn more and quicker. Anyway just take your time. I believe, you surely can make it.

I don't have MSN chat. I only have Yahoo Messenger..

Jaga diri dan semoga sihat selalu(take care and be healthy always)
Semoga Tuhan memberkati awak selalu (May God bless you always)

Bye. ‘Mark”

--- On Tue, 3/3/09, DeeDee Johnson wrote:
From: DeeDee Johnson
Subject: freedom of speech in Australia
To: xxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 8:10 PM
Hi, and Thankyou for letting me have your personal e-mail address. But umm, what do I call you?? I understand what it's like to have a blog and no followers. I am quite content following the blogs of the people I do...after all, they do such a great job and I can't compete with them, Nor would I wish to, nevertheless I do not have the resources or finances to compete even if I did want to. I was not aware that you, in Malaysia could be up for a 'crime & punishment' for speaking about/against islam, and NO free speech per se, well not as of yet to say the least.

I dread the day if this stupid law ever gets through the UN...who to me are as useless as #@#@#. We sometimes do not know how darn lucky we are here in Australia. There are still so very many people who do not want to be aware of the encroachment which could be imposed upon many Aussies tend to think that if they don't think about it then it won't happen, and it is just something that is happening in another country like a civil war. Take my family for example. They see me as some kind of crazy person because of my political outlook and my religion and my learning as much as I can about islam...I like to know what I am up against. I am about the only Christian in my family.... a few Catholics (non-practicing) but mostly atheists or agnostics but they believe in a form of spirituality.
How safe is it for you to even be writing in your emails about your feelings on islam? I would hate to see you get into trouble.
We Western Christians do not refer to God as allah. We have always said the name of GOD. So this silly new rule will not affect us in the same way as it will affect some others.

It really terrifies me as to what is happening in the UK, as we are still tied to Britain politically. Make no mistake about it, the muslims here are doing fairly well with their encroachments and gaining more concessions every day, and breeding like bloody rabbits I can tell you, all the while putting their hands out for as much welfare as they can greedily get.

Do I guess your name is “Mark”....??? Tell me about yourself if you like. Have you been to visit my Butterfly Haven yet? at there are lots of photos in the albums, and book reviews, and lots of links to other really good sites...most of them political like Islam In Action is, and I would be very pleased if you would join my network.
Are you able to access MSN chat?...

When I was doing Asian Studies at Uni in 1998-99 I was learning Bahasa Indonesia. After 18 months, and I was getting okay with it, but then I left Uni and had no one to practice with and so over the last 10 years I have lost a lot of it. I often think about re-learning it as I get a feeling I am going to need it as Indonesia is our closest neighbour and there are approx 200 million muslims there, there are only 21 million people in Australia. I have all my books still and I also have a computer program that would help me with it, but I am afraid I lack the motivation at the moment. I really want someone with whom to practice, especially the correct pronunciation. I suppose I could always advertise for a Christian Indonesian person...but what are the odds of me finding one....I would have better luck just advertising for someone who is at Uni and would like a practice partner.

well for now I must go, so you stay safe. your Aussie Friend...Di J...aka Christian Nanna.

(His response to the above)

Monday, 9 March 2009
Hi again...(How should I address you? Di or Nanna?)

Wow, what a long essay you have written. haha.. For me, it won't cause me a headache if you jump from one topic to another topic as long as you don't talk crap here and there. I bet if we meet face-to-face, you'll talk more than me. Anyway, I like the friendliness and talkativeness of yours. I love to listen to people talking about their experiences in life, how they overcome something whenever they are in trouble and especially when the thing inspires me most or it can make my eyes opened bigger like in Oprah's show. Actually, I was an insensitive and heartless person before because I felt that everything is all about me and no one could interrupt my life. I tended to ignore others feeling or concern and I didn't care about the things happened around me but as I grew up, this kind of ignorance seemed to make me feel isolated from the real world. I know as long as I still in this earth, my graph of life shouldn't be constant with time. My life should be either sinusoidal or exponential, which means must have ups and downs. I realized when I stick to the real life where I'm not that ignorant, a lot of things I can experience and learn. This bit by bit improves my sociality and the way I deal with different people of different characters. I'm amazed because your life is full of job experiences and I'm impressed that you're willing to do voluntary job. Some people might feel reluctant to do voluntary job because they want mutual benefit which they want to get paid for what they do. Last month, my friends and I did a charity work back here in Penang. We did this for our Christian group project and our job was to distribute some foods and drink to homeless during the night because during the day, they were nowhere to be seen (don't where they are hiding). Before we went to Penang Island at that night, me and my 12 other friends were busy buying and preparing the food. We packed them sandwiches, orange, sausage, cucur, a stick of chocolate and a bottle of mineral water. Surprisingly, upon arriving to the targeted place, I was so shocked because I never knew that they were so many, more than 100 people scattered at different places. I wondered where are their families and relatives and I kept thinking why couldn't they search for a job, earn some money to support their living. Although I was pity on them, I felt that they actually have the ability to do some job. Is it because the community who don't accept their appearances or they feel happy to continue living like that? However, they are taken care by one organization, we call it Light House under church's support and I pray so that they will live happily and be accepted by people surrounding.

And you know what, out of 12 friends I mentioned above, only one is a Muslim. He is a Muslim convert. He was a Buddhist but later he embraced Islam because after he had some researches on Christianity and Islam, he claimed that Islam makes sense to him more. Oh, before I tell you further, his name was Kwek Keng Hau aka Didi and later changed to Muhammad Danial Yusof Abdullah. Before he embraced Islam, he joined us going to the church and Christian group gathering. At first, I was happy for him coming to accept Jesus, but few months later he appeared to be in change slowly. His close friend, xxx who is a Christian tried to hold him so that he would think twice before he made the decision but xxx's effort failed. He finally converted to Islam because he did tell xxx that Christian people is involved too much in alcoholism. He assumed this after he saw some of my friends drank beers on one occasion. For me, this is unreasonable and unacceptable if it's to be assumed that Christian people are corrupted. He didn't know that Jihadists, fundamentalists and Islamic terrorists are the group of people who bring the actual corrupt to the world. For me, having some beers is just to socialize among friends. Nothing more nothing less. When he's accepted as a new muslim by other muslims, he goes to the mosque daily, read more books on Islam (Islam is surely great in doing taqqiya -holy deception), avoid alcoholic stuffs and prevent doing something that is prohibited by Pisslam. One thing that make me angry is he distance himself from not only me, but my other non-muslim friends. Maybe he has been brainwashed by imam that non-muslim is dirty infidel and full of najis (muslim word for shit). But lately, he's approaching us and I can notice that his life is slowly coming back to normal. He joins us in any activities, drink some beers and he did confess that he's got gambling with his Chinese uncles during Chinese New Year. FYI, although he's still under Islamic name, his way of life is apparently changing. He turns a little bit unIslamic although he still prays according to Islamic pagan ritual. I bet he doesn't pray 5 times a day because he still with us playing football during and after Maghrib azzan (call to prayer at about 7.30 p.m) .Usually, muslim students will stop playing and go back to their rooms when there's a call to prayer. I can feel that he just pray to please other muslim friends so that he won't be condemned. Furthermore, his roommates are all muslim and most muslims here are too sensitive about their religion being defamed. In Malaysia, there's no point of turning back when you have embraced Islam. It's a one-way street, once you're Muslim, you'll remain muslim forever. I hope that one day he has the courage to renounce Islam.

I'm glad that you came back to Jesus. Yeah, I think some people are in denial when it comes to the existence of God. They will keep wondering and thinking "why God didn't answer my prayer although I keep praying", "why He takes life of someone I love", "why am I always unlucky compared to others".. For me, rather than asking God too much, we need to ask ourselves. Emm, maybe something like this, "Do I pray and seek Him with all of my heart?" and "Do I love him that much?". Some people pray to God because they want the benefit for themselves, not because they're being faithful to God. That's the problem. About being unluckier, it's not because God unfairly treats us. He has mentioned that He knows the plan for us and He plans to prosper us, give us hope and future, not to harm us. (A few sentences of his comments were cut here because they were about health issues of mine he was commenting on) Anyway, thanks to God because you still have eyes to watch, nose to breathe, mouth to eat and so on. I pray that you'll stay safe and get well soon. About different denominations in our churches anywhere in this world, I don't see it with any difference although I'm a Roman Catholic. My core belief is in Jesus Christ. That's all.
( I was mentioning some other blog sites that we may have in common)
Wind of Jihad? Yes, I've listed it as the 'site I follow' in my blog. I visit it often. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch...Jihad Watch is a very good, informative and reliable source regarding Asslam ugliness. Robert Spencer is surely a hope for America's future and his articles about Islam and muslim is well-discussed. He's very well-rounded. I sometimes visit and and Islam In Action. These sites reveal the true ugliness of Islam make-up face. Yes, Islam is absolutely absurd, hypocrite and evil. I can watch the evilness made by muslims through Fitna film by Wilders and Obsession. Wow, I never imagine before that conquering the world and force people to submit to Allah are their true goals. Scary...

(After finding out how much danger “Mark” is in by blogging and emails etc. I decided to ask him…..the following)

"I would like to ask your permission to use a couple of your quotes from your email to me to put into a new article on my blog."
His reply….
You have my permission. You can just proceed as long as you don't spam my blog. hahaha...No, just kidding. FYI I have to be careful of my blog contents because there's government department that monitor our blogging activity. It's so sickening!.. Recently, one headline in our government-owned news reported that they have asked the polices and Internal Security Act to track down a blogger whose contents in the blog are about insulting Islam and Muhammad. But until now, the investigation is still pending. No news. So, I need to be careful.

what sort of books do you like to read, when your not studying? How much longer do you have Uni for?
Actually I don't read books much. When I'm not studying, I'll read science fiction books, reader digest, comics and magazine. And also books (in .pdf format) about real face of Islam that I printed out from the internet. So pity of me. hahaha...As you know, I can't purchase even one in this democrazy country. They just sell wonderful shit books of Islam. xxxxxx is my other interest and I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Last 2 months, I spent RM400(1 US dollar=RM3.5++) just for buying the xxxxx (part of “Marks” hobby). What a waste of money. haha..

(I was telling him why I named my dog what I did).

SEKECIL ANJING. This name makes me laugh. How on earth you came out with the idea? It's a very cute name. Your dog must be as pretty cute as his name. I like dog. I plan to have one when I already have my own family.

I think I should go for now...I want to take bath and get my sleep.

Selamat tinggal (bye) Di aka Christian Nanna. Peace be with you and God bless.

Thursday, 12 March 2009
Hi Di....Sorry for late response. just to let you know that I'm fully packed with bunch of assignments, design project and preparation for my upcoming mini tests and final examinations. Hope you will understand that...

First and foremost, thank you so much for the recommendation of subscription of Christian's newsletters. It's an up-to-date reports worldwide that will surely give me a lot of stories, facts and issues happening within the Christian community.

(I had sent him a link to some online Christian newsletters)

And also thanks for your comment on misguided Omar F*%kri. His statement is so insulting and offends me much. He should be erased out of this world, yet most Muslims support him blindly. So sickening. His henchman, Anjem Choudary is a big problem. How can British government still allow him to stay in Britain although he's evidently bringing corruption within the community? He creates more problems than solving problem. I don't get it because Geert Wilders who has the intention to defend Western civilization, expose evil Islam and not to let Islam to poison the world had been denied of his access to Britain. They called his intention as hate speech and threatening the public security. So politically correct. He's not giving any hate speech. He just makes an open criticism. The one whose 'speech' is filled with hatred is Koran.

I've read your post regarding 'I'll care when...'.Just ordinary woman who has so much concern of what's going on around the world. I hope more people will be like her. For me, it's not an obsession that we're talking much about Islamic terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism and radicalism of Islam, muslim rampage and every issue made Islam/muslim. Instead, we are in the process of waking up, alerting not only ourselves, but others as well.. How long we want to be in deep slumber before we notice that we're already under tyranny and totalitarian ideology.. As we know, Islam isn't all about religion. It's a way of life and there is a hidden political agenda where it wants to impose on the whole world. Thus, I'll care when it comes to the matter of my future generation's destiny and I don't care when Islam is in the state of downfall..

You're so great with your Vol work.. So, you have my credit for the quality you've shown. I hope you'll enjoy with your work and may you get more happiness and blessings. Who knows God use you as an instrument to outreach others so that more people will be seeking the importance of God in life. That's why you never feel burden with your job. Hehe .. God will give you rest. I wonder where you got all the strengths to do a lot of Vol work.

"Take Care....selamat tingall". Sorry to correct you but it should have been spelled like this, 'selamat tinggal'. Anyway, usaha yang baik good effort.

Bye. take care...senyum selalu (smile always) “Mark”

Thursday, 12 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Iran fires test rocket":

“They devise crafty schemes against your people, laying plans against your precious ones. ‘Come,’ they say, ‘let us wipe out Israel as a nation. We will destroy the very memory of its existence.’ This was their unanimous decision.” Psalm 83:3-5 (NLT)

“Yes, this was their unanimous decision. They signed a treaty as allies against you – these Edomites and Ishmaelites; Moabites and Hagrites; Gebalites, Ammonites, and Amalekites; and people from Philistia and Tyre. Assyria has joined them, too, and is allied with the descendants of Lot.” Psalm 83:5-8 (NLT)

Monday, 16 March 2009
Hi there...Sorry for not responding yours for some time.
How are you doing there? I hope you're doing well and having a great weekend.

I'm so sorry to know that Victoria's bushfire has caused unimaginable destruction. I want to extend my deepest condolence to all who have lost family members, friends and loved one in the destructive fire. Surely for those who were living nearby have lost everything and sorry to say that maybe some of them have to suffer a lot because of the unforgettable burden they shoulder. May God bless their future life and give them rest. Although I'm not an Australian, I believe since we're children of God and equal in God's eyes, I can offer my prayer especially to the victims. I'm sure they need someone to help them to rebuild their lives and their homes and I believe some non-government bodies, charity bodies and many other humanitarian organizations there have done some contributions in order to lessen their burdens.

2 days ago, my friend, xxxxxxx warned me that I should be more careful with my blog contents from now on. Then, I asked him why.. He told me that the government has already enacted the law which enable them to detain anyone who dare to criticize and insult government, Sultan's status and Malay high-ranked religion, Islam. I'm appallingly disgusted with their way which tell us as an ordinary citizen what to do and not to do. Recently, 5 have been detained under this enactment because they just gave some comments criticizing Sultan Perak in one Malaysia's website. Yeah, just a comment you can be detained. Unbelievable!.. For me, this kind of action may violate someone's privacy because they monitor what we're doing online. Our privacy and freedom are too limited but I won't bow down because they don't respect our rights of privacy and freedom. Because they think they've got the power and authority, they can do whatever they want. Ouch! It makes me sick.

Ok. that's it up to now. let me hear from you soon ..I want to continue with my unfinished assignments.
Bye! God bless you and your family.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Terrorist inmates at Gitmo are now plain detainees...":

The worst US president ever.. He's giving the chance for the terrorists to plot another terror attack. Americans should have been waking up by now. Let him be means suicidal to America.

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Defamation of islam":

Free speech can't be stopped as I see it as a pure thought of ideas. Great countries such as US, UK and Australia shouldn't be fallen into a trap created by muslims who use and manipulate your freedom in order to satisfy their own interests. Sorry to say that freedom in such countries gives way for them too much without noticing the impacts that may happen in the future. Defamation of Islam new regulation shouldn't be taken into consideration because if it's effectively agreed, it will kill our future generations for years to come. The less people know about how evil, totalitarian, violence and absurd Islam is, the easier for them to fall into the pit of Satan's home. Open criticism of Islam is to expose more of their true colour so that it will be likely to help for those who are being so naive and ignorant. Islam deserves criticism because it appears wrong in many ways although some muslims do some makeover to cover its ugliness. Plants can't stay too long in dark place as they need sunlight to remain alive.

(the following are my remarks about Chris Logan setting up the Facebook network)
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hi “Mark”... How are things?
Isn’t it great Chris Logan has set up his facebook so now we can all communicate with each others contacts....It just means I am here on this darn computer for a lot longer. Quite a few months ago I had a FB and I had a lot of the applications. I found it was consuming most of my time and I really got sick and tired of all the useless emails and messages I was getting...So I got rid of it, closed all the applications etc.. HOWEVER, this is a very different situation...this is about us all fighting this bullshit islam. When I went to sign up again I found I was still registered and all I needed to do was re-activate it. Ho Hum.

I am yet to send you a 'proper' email, but I know you are very busy with assignments etc...I understand as I have been there, done that...I was a mature aged student in Uni 1998-99.
Also my Godson Dallas is at Uni.. Melbourne doing a degree in Music. He will later on apply for his Teaching Degree. He is also a friend on my FB.

Anyway, I am forwarding this newsletter of Gospel Of Asia to you. Hopefully you might know someone who could do with it.

Oh, I did want to ask you one thing. As you now have to be EXTRA CAREFUL WITH ANYTHING YOU WRITE ON YOUR BLOG ETC...if there is anything that you need to get out to the public, I have an idea. If you were to post it to me by regular mail. Then I can make sure it gets out and you will not get into trouble with that pack of bastards.
Customs can not open ordinary mail either coming from you or to you.

Bye for now.. Regards Di.

Say NO to Sharia Law.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Hi Dee ,
It's been a while since I was so busy for the past few weeks.. I have limited time in front of my laptop but I still try my best to read Islam- and muslim-related articles and blogs, give comments to them, update my blog and so on. But this week and the following week will be a tough week for me because final exam is just around the corner and at the same time me and my group members have to finish up our design project. I feel like to burst because of heavy load but I need to be very positive to face this situation.

I sometimes have problem in accessing FB because the connection line here is quite damn slow. Every time I try to access my FB, the screen just appears in white. Totally blank. So that's why I seldom log in my FB. The internet will be much faster only during the semester break because almost everybody is going back to their own hometown.. Ok, I'm the eldest out of 4 siblings. All guys, no girl.. I wish I could have a sister. haha...I'm still living with my parents but for the time being, I far apart from them. It's not because I ran way but I have to leave them due to my study. My hometown is at xxxxx xxxxx which is the Eastern part of Malaysia but currently, I'm at Penang which is the western part of M'sia. These two parts of M'sia are seperated by South China Sea. So,I have to travel here (Penang) by flight and only going back home twice a year.
I love xxxxxx because it’s rich with its cultures. In the western part here you can only see Malay, Chinese and Indian but in xxxxxx, apart from those three there are Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kenyah, Orang Ulu and many more. I can't wait going back to xxxxxx this coming semester break. hehe..

As I rethink about the issue which I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I've decided to continue on what I'm doing right now. I don't need to be in fear just because they warn to those who dare to insult Islam.. It's no use to be in fear because I need to wake up, help all of you to expose the evil doings in the name of Islam. For me, fear means you're too coward to face the truth. Truth must prevail..

That's all from me for now.. Bye. “Mark”.

(The following is in response to my blog about more Aussies getting together to fight against islam)
Thursday, 26 March 2009
I wish I could do that here. Invite all my friends to fight against the barbarism of Islam. But FYI, approximately 50% of my friends are muslim. Wow, could you imagine that? But they are all good friend of mine because they know nothing about what Islam truly is. What they do as a muslim are they go to pray (some don't even go to pray) and fast during Ramadan. That's all. You can predict what will happen if I do as what you all do. It's very difficult for me but I hope more people especially Westerners are joining you for goodness sake. Wish you all the best.

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "The Holy Bible and its preservation & Assembly of ...": Thanks Dee. This article has enlightened me more. Now I know how 'preserved' the Koran is. By the way, where you got this? I tried to open up the link given above but couldn't.

This is in response to an article and link I sent him about Father Zakaria, describing how the Koran has had 4 abrogation’s and no matter how many times the Bible has been reprinted, it is always an EXACT copy, unlike the comical Koran…

I just really would like to say a big thankyou to my friend in Malaysia and that I hope all of the above gives some of you just an iota of a glimpse as to what it’s like to live in a predominantly Islamic society. How if we don’t start doing something now about the encroachments of islam on our society then we too will not be able to openly have our beliefs or write what we want in our blogs or advertise what we want etc. I have grandchildren and a great grandchild, and I want them to grow up with all the freedoms that I grew up with…the freedoms that my father fought for…the freedoms that my past generations of family members fought for. The freedoms that so many brave men and women fought and died for. And That is for Australia to be a free country.

How about you?????

Freedom of speech...where?

So much for free speech.....While we here in Australia can still say more or less what we want without going too far and risk being arrested for insulting know...the religion of peace...
I have had to take away any identifying remarks from him, but this latest email is in response to a few things I had asked him....

Here is part of an email I received from a Christian friend who lives in Malaysia, and studies at a Uni in Penang. His family live on the other side of Malaysia so he is away from them for most of the year.
I had asked him how his Easter went and explained how we get a long weekend here and how I was too ill to attend Church Thursday night for Easter. And I asked him if they had a long weekend/holidays there for Easter…this is his reply…I have had to take out any identifying names etc to protect him. And yes, I have permission to re-post some of his comments as he can’t do it there.

“Supposedly, we celebrate Easter happily and merrily among our friends and family but I don't have the chance to do so. FYI, tomorrow is my first paper for my final exam and I could do nothing but to attend the mass. After the mass, I directly went back to campus to continue my study for better preparation. FYI, living in predominantly Muslim country, we have no specific holiday for Good Friday and Easter except for Christmas. Here is different, whenever their festivals (Awal Muharram,Eid-ul Fitr,Eid-ul Adha and any Muslim holidays) fall on weekend ( Saturday and Sunday) they will have the holiday replacement on weekdays. For example, if Eid-ul Fitr is on Saturday and Sunday, they will replace those holidays on Monday and Tuesday. So, Monday and Tuesday will be the day off. For Christian holiday, they won't do something like that except for Christmas. If they want to talk about equality in everyone, we suppose to have extra holiday for tomorrow”

I had asked him to please join my network at my other blog that I keep for family and friends as I have a few photo albums in there…, I had also forwarded him a newsletter from Faith Freedom, and asked him if he had ever read it before….this is part of the reply…

I've accessed to your Butterfly Haven and sadly to say that when i entered to your photo albums, it's blocked by Fortiguard. I couldn't access it because it under personal storage restriction. Here in my uni, the internet policies are very strict. Only certain web sites are made accessible. This is what I'm against at. I can call this breaching of student's freedom. Same goes with Faithfreedom, it's also blocked by those who think they are doing the "best" for student. Hey, come on.. We're not underage or a stupid people. The problem here is there's still a control on student's mindset. From the age of 6,the students are asked to absorb what the teacher teaches without allowing us to think independently. This phenomenon continues until our tertiary level. That what makes us different from Western students. I can only have my internet-access freedom when I'm out of this uni. I'm not against my own uni, I just couldn't agree with some of its policy. Back to Sina, I know his blog quite well. I have been accessing the site from my 2nd year of study until it's suddenly blocked out of nothing. Maybe they know I'm accessing it, so they decide to block the page, hahaha ...

This next comment of his saddened me…He does have a blog site, and he has told me on different occasions that he has to be extremely careful as a couple of his friends have been bashed and hauled over the coals type of thing and charged for saying negative things about islam. He was going to start another blog and stay completely anonymous, but he knows that he can be tracked through his computer and he feels as if he is already being watched. This is what he now must do....

FYI, I have to stop blogging for a while. This is because of the reason I mentioned to you. Gov't is busy tracking down for those who dare to insult their so-called religion of peace. When I rethink about it, I've decided to put it on hold. It's not that I put aside completely for what I've done. I'm still visiting your blog, Islam in action, Jihad watch and so on, relating to Islam and Muslim issues. In Malaysia, we have one body called Internal Security Act (ISA) where it has the authority to detain anyone who has the tendency of threatening nation's harmony. "Advocating truth" about Islam is a crime here and I don't want to put my families, friends and my girlfriend on risk. I will continue my blog someday later when the time comes. So, keep up your good job exposing Islam evil, lies and the hate-filled Muslim issues, knowing that one of your friends here has to put the blogging on hold due to unavoidable reason.

I will be putting some more of his comments on my blog on Christian Nanna at just so people understand what some people have to actually live their lives. And I mean ordinary, everyday people, and if they are Christian they are watched very closely especially in places like Malaysia and Indonesia etc. that are predominantly muslim.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Israel Today

With my quest to learn about Israel, and some helpful suggestions from the crowd at FaceBook, and my trawling around different sites I came across one that I know is going to furnish me with a lot of information. So now I do not think I am going to have to spend so much time at the Library...instead I can see me sitting here infront of my PC for as long as my back will allow me.
Israel Today allows re-posting of articles with credit given to them, so that is no hardship.

About Israel today

I have also added a link to my blogroll, and I have signed up for newsletters. I would have liked to subscribe to the magazine but funds are against me at the moment. Nevertheless, they have many, many articles I can read and the ones I have read present a fair and balanced view.

So as I gradually read the articles, and questions on a subject come to me, I will write them down and ask in the forums on FB, I know I will get answers.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Unemployment Shocker in Australia.

One of the reasons I like The Daily Reckoning is that it actually features Australian issues as well as other places. It does not focus on terrorism or islamisn etc...for that in Australia I have Sheik yermami and a few other good Aussie bloggers. It does however, focus on the economy and in this issue, unemployment amongst other topics.

The following is a few paragraphs from the latest newsletter. You can get the full stories by going to the link in the righthand side bar in this blog.

Unemployment Shocker
The Daily Reckoning Australia.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Melbourne, Australia
Friday, 10 April 2009

From Dan Denning in Melbourne:

--The stock market is closed today in Australia for Good Friday. That will give us all weekend to digest Friday's rather large rally on Wall Street. Stocks on the ASX were down for the week but finished strong on Thursday. Yet on Wall Street, it was all guns blazing with the Dow up 246 points and back up over 8,000 again.

--So are good times here again? It depends on who you ask. For example, if you ask one of the newly unemployed in Australia, they will probably say that good times are definitely not here again. The ABS reported yesterday that the unemployment rate jumped from 5.2% to 5.7% in March.

--That puts the jobless rate at the highest level since the 1991 recession. That's not the scary thing, though. The scary thing is that it was also the largest monthly jump since 1991. Like a virus that jumps from one species to another, the financial crisis has jumped from Wall Street to Main Street. And if it's as severe on Main Street now as it was on Wall Street late last year...ugh.

--Australia is one such exporter of raw materials to China. And thus, if the World Banks' predictions are to be believed, Australian stocks might be begin diverge from tracking the U.S. indexes as the East Asia affect gets priced into resource shares. But maybe that's already happening!

--Today, everyone admits that there will be trillions more in losses for banks. What no one knows is whether the huge declines on global stock markets in the last year reflect this reality, or whether there is still a considerable amount of self-deception among investors about stocks.

--Bill Bonner in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
The state of the economy can be summed up this way, according to our friend Barry Ritholtz, author of The Big Picture blog and the forthcoming book Bailout Nation.

--Though in Los Angeles, where we just came from, the economy seems to still be floating along, unfazed. It turns out that the worst financial crisis since the '30s wasn't affecting the City of Angels...or so it seems.

The restaurants were full. In the streets, people ambled around, apparently buying things. The freeways were clogged with expensive autos.

What has changed?

Nothing we could see.

--People who have no jobs, or fear losing their jobs, are poor consumers. They hesitate. They procrastinate. They make do.

That's why retail shop vacancies are at a 10-year high. If people aren't buying, you don't need space to store merchandise that you won't sell them.

--Addison in Baltimore, with surprising news about home prices in The City that Never Sleeps:

"Looks like the Manhattan housing bubble is finally cracking under the strain of the credit crisis," says Addison today, taking a break from our marathon editorial meetings.

"Preliminary first quarter data released today show a 60% annual crash in sales of Manhattan co-op ands condos. Average co-op prices fell as much as 24% in the same timeframe, but condo and apartment prices are still relatively firm...for now.

-- "Home prices in Manhattan are still outrageous - there are currently 350 apartments for sale there with asking prices over $10 million.

--back to Bill in Argentina:

In our book, Financial Reckoning Day, which we wrote with Addison Wiggin, we argued that the United States was following Japan into a long, on-again, off-again slump. We wrote the book in the early 2000s and were proven wrong almost immediately. Instead of a long, Japan- like slump, the U.S. economy took off and soon turned itself into the biggest bubble the world had ever seen.

Now, that bubble has burst. Everything is beginning to turn Japanese. The financial crisis is straightening our hair. It's taking inches off our height. And it's causing us to like raw fish!

Japan never got out of its slump. Instead, asset prices in Japan are lower than ever. And the Japanese economy is contracting faster than any economy did during the Great Depression. And to make matters worse, deflation is back. Consumer prices are now falling...again.

--The difference between this bout of deflation, and other periods of deflation in Japanese economic history over the last 18 years, is that now they no longer alone. Switzerland is already in deflation too. And so is China. China has lost 20 million jobs since the beginning of the crisis. Asset prices have collapsed. And now, consumer prices are going down too.

Like Japan, China and Switzerland are exporters. When Americans don't buy, China, Switzerland and Japan don't sell. And soon, their factories go quiet...and their workforce is idled.

--Will the United States soon have falling consumer prices too? Will it finally follow Japan into a long slump?

Yes...and maybe no.

There is a big difference between the United States on one side and Japan and China on the other. The United States is not an exporter; it's an importer. Nor is it a creditor; it's a debtor.

When the Japanese economy fell off the truck in the early '90s, its people had savings. They could wait out the correction. They didn't have to cut spending and increase savings; they were saving enough already. In fact, when consumer prices fell, Japan's savers got richer; they could buy more things with less money.

But the United States can't wait out a correction in comfort. Its people have debts, not savings. Deflation doesn't make them richer; it makes them poorer. And in order to pay their bills, they have to cut spending and increase saving. This puts further downward pressure on the economy and creates a very uncomfortable situation for Americans. The more they save to pay their debts, the more the economy contracts. The more it contracts, the less revenue they have available to save.

--But wait. Isn't there a way out? Isn't there some magic the Fed can perform...some abracadabra, perhaps, from Tim Geithner? What if we get a lot of smart people together in a room, as Thomas Friedman suggests? Won't they be able to figure something out?

We don't know...but we wouldn't bet on it. Tomorrow...what we can learn from Argentina...

----How to Survive in This Economy
by Michael Covel

The vast majority of Wall Street uses fundamental analysis alone. They are the academics, brokers, and analysts who spoke highly of the new economy during the dot-com craze. These same Wall Street players brought millions of players into the real estate and credit bubbles of 2008. Millions bought into their rosy fundamental projections and rode bubbles straight up with no clue how to exit when those bubbles finally burst. Consider an exchange between a questioner and President Bush at a December 17, 2007 press conference:
Questioner: "I wanted to ask you [Mr. President] - I'm a financial advisor here in Fredericksburg [Virginia], and I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the market going forward for '08, and if any of your policies would make any difference?"

The President: "No (laughter), I'm not going to answer your question. If I were an investor, I would be looking at the basic fundamentals of the economy. Early on in my presidency, somebody asked me about the stock market, and I thought I was a financial genius, and it was a mistake (laughter). The fundamentals of this nation are strong. One of the interesting developments has been the role of exports in overall GDP growth. When you open up markets for goods and services, and we're treated fairly, we can compete just about with anybody, anywhere. And exports have been an integral part, at least of the 3rd quarter growth. But far be it for me - I apologize - for not being in the position to answer your question. But I don't think you want your President opining on whether the Dow Jones is going to (laughter) be going up or down."
The President's view is a typical fundamental view shared by the vast majority of market participants. Consider further an excerpt found in Yahoo! Finance's commentary; it outlines a single market day:
"It started off decent, but ended up the fourth straight down day for stocks early on, the indices were in the green, mostly as a continuation from the bounce Monday afternoon, but as the day wore on and the markets failed to show any upward momentum, the breakdown finally occurred. The impetus this time was attributed to the weakness in the dollar, even though the dollar was down early in the day while stocks were up also, oil prices popped higher on wishful thinking statements from a Venezuelan official about OPEC cutting production whether or not these factors were simply excuses for selling, or truly perceived as fundamental factors hardly matters."
Millions of readers read this type of drivel every day. Worse, thousands watch Jim Cramer of Mad Money fame promote similar nonsensical beliefs every day. Predictions based off of fundamental analysis don't work for the vast majority of market participants. Great example? Not many predicted the October/November 2008 market crash! On top of not being able to predict, fundamental analysis leaves many with trying to pick bottoms or trust that conditions will always improve. One of the great traders of the twentieth century, Ed Seykota, nailed the problem with fundamental analysis:
"One evening, while having dinner with a fundamentalist, I accidentally knocked a sharp knife off the edge of the table. He watched the knife twirl through the air, as it came to rest with the pointed end sticking into his shoe. 'Why didn't you move your foot?' I exclaimed. 'I was waiting for it to come back up,' he replied."
Don't we all know an investor who is waiting for "his" market to come back? The financial website marketer Motley Fool has a back-story, a narrative behind how it started, that reflects the folly of literally banking on fundamental analysis as a solution for making money:
"It all started with chocolate pudding. When they were young, brothers David and Tom Gardner learned about stocks and the business world from their father at the supermarket. Dad, a lawyer and economist, would tell them, 'See that pudding? We own the company that makes it! Every time someone buys that pudding, it's good for our company. So go get some more!' The lesson stuck."
The Motley Fools' David and Tom Gardner's pudding story might be cute, but it is Forrest Gump-like simplistic (and wrong). Their plan gets you in, but it doesn't tell you when to get out or how much of the pudding stock you must buy. Unfortunately, many people believe that simple story is a good strategy for making money. That is a sad state of affairs.

--Editor's Note: The above was excerpted with permission from Trend Following (Updated Edition): Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets by Michael Covel (FT Press; 2009).

Michael Covel is an author, director, and founder of Covel's books include the best selling Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets, which has sold over 100,000 copies, and The Complete TurtleTrader: The Legend, the Lessons, the Results. Covel also wrote, directed, and produced the documentary film, Broke: The New American Dream. Covel has been interviewed by Bloomberg Radio, Technical Analysis Magazine, Barron's, and others.

mutilated bodies of three missing political dissidents in Pakistan

April 9, 2009
I also have a link to this on the right hand side of this blog.

This list does not record the countries with the worst security situations, rather those most volatile countries where there is the greatest likelihood of escalated violence in the immediate future. While some countries are likely to remain in this condition, newer entries are marked out.

A cleric who negotiated a peace accord that ending fighting between the Taliban and security forces in Pakistan's Swat valley says he is leaving the region to protest the government's failure to impose Islamic law. Sufi Muhammad's announcement today casts doubt on the durability of a controversial peace effort in the valley. US officials have expressed concern that the deal will create a sanctuary for allies of al-Qaida. President Asif Ali Zardari has said he will only sign an order introducing Islamic law in the region once peace has been restored there. Imposing Islamic law was the key plank of the peace accord.

Violence erupted in southwestern Pakistan today after the discovery of the mutilated bodies of three missing political dissidents, with one police officer killed and three others injured. Activists immediately blamed Pakistan's spy agencies for the dissidents' grisly deaths. The unrest in Baluchistan province — where a kidnapped American was recently freed after two months — raises another threat to the stability of nuclear-armed Pakistan. The country already faces spreading Islamist militancy in its northwest and mounting US pressure to hunt down al-Qaida leaders on its soil.

The list goes on to describe countries around the world who have islamist terrorising the population, Journalists, clerics, missionaries etc. and the politics of these places. Makes for rather interesting reading. Also lets us keep up with what is happening around the world.

NY Times is like a Whirling Dervish

Some interesting articles from -
I have included each individual link.
There is also a petition to sign protesting the new york post.

In Covering Obama, NY Times is a Whirling Dervish
By Don Feder | Wednesday April 8, 2009
In reporting on Obama's speech to the Turkish parliament, The New York Times was like a groupie screeching over a rock star.

Times Applauds Obama’s Self-defeating Response to North Korea
By Don Feder | Monday April 6, 2009
When The New York Times reports on President Obama's foreign policy pronouncements, it treats rhetoric as reality.

Add Anti-Semitism To The Biases Of ‘The New York Times’
By Herb Denenberg | Friday April 3, 2009
The New York Times has a long record of being anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, so its association with this cartoon should surprise no one. I checked a group of anti-Semitic cartoons circulated by the Nazis and Arabs, and Mr. Oliphant’s fits that mold perfectly. He has captured the vicious, pernicious Jew-hatred perfectly. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, and Yasser Arafat would be proud of him.

Would Someone Who Blew Up The Times Building Be a “Terrorist” or a “Militant?”
By Don Feder | Wednesday April 1, 2009
What do you call someone who uses bombs to turn civilians into body parts? If you're not afflicted by moral relativism, you call them "terrorists." If you're The New York Times, you call them "militants," "extremists," or "insurgents."

Times Columnist Gloats over America’s Economic Decline
By Don Feder | Monday March 30, 2009
Paul Krugman, who sings socialist serenades on the op-ed page of The New York Times, loves to rail at what he calls unbridled capitalism. As delighted as he is by President Obama's statist policies, Krugman is equally outraged that some refuse to shut up and do as they're told.

The Sociology of Jihad‏

This is an excellent artical...well worth reading. It is nice to know there are some professors out there who do know the real deal. Unlike the islam loving lecturers I had to put up with in Sociology and Asian Studies when I was at Uni 1998-99. They did not want any essays from us that were not within their way of thinking, so I played the game and got good marks, I only wish I could have had someone like John Andrews teaching me, then I could have joined this struggle a lot sooner and learnt the truth. I used to cringe when Lecturers and professors would spout off about how beautiful islam is, and they would even go so far as to denigrate Christianity in favour of islam. aarrgghhh!!!!!

The Sociology of Jihad‏
Bill Warner (

Friday, 10 April 2009
A reader responded to my charge that university professors are dhimmis. He maintains that not all professors are apologists and sent me this well-done article using a sociological basis of analysis. This is the type of work reflects both knowledge of doctrine and critical reasoning.

The Sociology of Jihad, How Rational People Commit Atrocities
John Andrews

The Salafists believe that only Jihad can reestablish a true Muslim state that will abolish all injustice from the earth and bring people out of the servitude to others and into the servitude of God. It is the duty of Islam to destroy all political systems which prevent people from freely choosing it and experiencing universal freedom (56). The sword (Jihad) must clear the way for the preaching and destroy those elements which limit mankind to living in a world of evil and chaos (62). This sword would be carried by a restored Caliphate based on the traditions of the Prophet. The Caliphate would be a leader the masses could trust, understand and follow. He would provide a simple message well suited to Muslims, not well schooled in traditional Muslim teachings. This message is liberating the Umma from its external enemies, the infidels and Jews (al-Zawahiri, 2001: part 11).
It is difficult to generalize about the characteristics of the Salafist. Most of these individuals, approximately 80 percent, went to secular schools as children. Over 60 percent had some form of college, many attending in the West, and most were trained in the sciences, not philosophy or religion. However, a majority considered themselves religious as children; 73 percent were married and most had children. The majority were from overprotected families with doting parents and stable households. They did not suffer from any major mental disorders. If they had antisocial personalities, they would have been weeded out because of their inability to work well in an organization and their lack of dedication, perseverance and ability to sacrifice for the cause. The 9/11 hijackers are perfect examples. They were not hostile, violent or macho throughout their yearlong stay in the U.S. However, when the moment came they killed enthusiastically. They were able to do so because of their social networking and group morality, which was developed over years. These individuals were not predisposed to do harm individually, but did not hesitate to perform monstrous acts collectively (Sageman 2004: 74-82).
This original group joined the Jihad in their mid-twenties in a country where they had not grown up. Although they were, for the most part, religious as children, they became considerably more devout immediately before joining the Jihad (92). The subsequent group of Salafists were second- or third-generation Muslims living in the West. Many of these individuals felt excluded from the society they grew up in, had no discipline in their lives, and pursued petty crimes, drank and took part in drug use. They grew up with little or no religious training (100-101). We will go into greater detail later on this second group, but for now it is important to note a similarity between both groups prior to joining the Jihad. They felt alienated in their current society. This was true for the first group who had immigrated to another country and the second group who felt alienated in the country of their birth. They both sought a cause that would give them emotional relief, social community and spiritual comfort (97). They eventually drifted towards like-minded local individuals.
The original group sought out the mosque in the foreign country where people from their homeland were. These prospective converts may initially have had strong reservations about the group's doctrines, but began developing strong ties of friendship with members of the group. There they began to form networks of friendships that solidified over a period of time. Sub groups were formed within the mosque where the intensity of their beliefs spiraled upward in an apparent game of one-upmanship. They found rules and structure that went beyond religion and became psychological and personal (108-109). They became embedded in a socially disembedded network, which, because of its lack of anchor to any society, is free to follow abstract and apocalyptic notions of a global war between good and evil (151). Instead of a top-down process of recruitment, it became a bottom-up process of young people volunteering to join the organization. They joined as a group, not as individuals. The East African embassy bombings and the Lackawanna Six involved individuals were close friends prior to joining the Jihad. Most of these relationships go back to childhood or are familial in nature, including in-laws and spouses. The crucial element is that social bonds predated formal recruitment into the Jihad. (110-113)
This process is rarely a fully conscious one. These sub-groups do not start out as terrorist groups. They evolve in that direction as their mutual relationships deepen, in a spiral of greater loyalty, mutual devotion, self-sacrifice and intimacy. They begin to believe that their actions are taken on behalf of God. Although outsiders focus on their willingness to kill, the insiders focus on their willingness to die. Their awareness of their own readiness to transcend their own self- interest fosters a special view of themselves and others like them that increases the value of friendship within the group and diminishes outside relationships. These feelings may compete with, and even be stronger than, those of love.
Ziad Jarrah's fiancé testified about her progressive loss of her fiance's love to the Hamburg terrorist cell which planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks. The loss of love to this type of friendship demonstrates its powerful bond. Positive emotions motivate people to carry out horrific acts more easily than negative emotions. Killing in defense of family, friends or country is acceptable and encouraged. Perhaps the 9/11 perpetrators carried out their horrendous actions out of in-group love rather than out-of-group hate (155-157). As was previously stated, the Jihad strives in the cause of God to abolish all injustice from the earth in order to bring people to the worship of God alone and to bring them out of servitude to others-to abolish those oppressive political systems, which prevented people from freely choosing Islam.
Islam is one of the most communal of all religions, with many orchestrated, shared rituals. Salafi Islam is very strict in its code of conduct and prescribes dress, diet and conduct. The elegance and simplicity of its interpretations attract many who seek a single solution devoid of ambiguity. Salafi Islam uses tactics developed by other totalitarian ideologies, such as fascism and communism. It promotes a visual apartheid to distinguish its adherents from the rest of society. The specific uniform consists of beards, shirts falling down to the knees, and baggy pants with a cloth cap. They also carry worry beads. Women cover their hair, avoid bright colors, and, in some instances, wear the burqa, which is head-to-toe covering. They have simple answers to complicated problems, and they divide the world into good Islam and bad non-Islam (116).
There is another subtle factor that makes Islam attractive. Traditional masculine roles are well preserved in Islam. Western men find it difficult to express their "manhood" in increasingly neutered societies. Islam possesses what are seen as masculine virtues from the seventh century when men walked the earth, sword in hand, accepting no insult, and conquering infidel neighbors. In comparison to Christianity, which states "turn the other cheek and pray for those who persecute you," Islam comports more closely with man's primordial lusts for war, booty and women (Ibrahim, 2006).
People will often seek a new religious or social affiliation after some significant change disrupts their old social networks, e.g., a new country, imprisonment, and alienation from friends and family. There is a period of social isolation in which the existing social and emotional ties are called into question and loosened until finally there is a total negation of everything that existed before (Sageman 2004:116). The religious revivalist organization possesses superior attractiveness over a secular political group. The Salafist emphasizes brotherhood, mutual sharing and spiritual support, which becomes the functional equivalent of an extended family.
New adherents progressively accept the new faith because it makes sense in their new interpretation of the world and their role in it. This learning process involves intense social interaction and introspection. The adherents distance themselves from their original network of friends and family or are rejected by them because of their new, highly visible behavior. The mastering of their friends' beliefs comes after a long period of intense day-to-day interaction with them. In many cases they begin living an isolated lifestyle, which intensifies the social bonds of the members. This leads to a spiral of further isolation from the outside world, the development of a collective identity, and total commitment to the group. Muslims may engage in the Jihad because they share certain norms, values and worldviews which are shaped under the guidance of a Salafi imam preaching the benefits of the global Jihad. Social interactions at these mosques build and reinforce ideological commitments to the Jihad, which these new friends further encourage (117-121).
This social jihadism has worked with second- or third-generation Muslims and new immigrants as well. This development is a paradox to many sociologists, who figured that radical Islam was confined to newcomers who brought it with them. With time, the theory went, immigrants and their children would moderate their views. Instead, it is Europe's second- and third-generation Muslims who are the most radical. Many of these individuals believe their European society is against them. They are growing up in a world of high unemployment and lack of integration in their homeland. Some begin drinking, doing drugs, becoming members of youth gangs and engaging in crimes with no moral compass or goal in life. They then become introduced to an individual who talks to them about the world, their place in it, and the religion of their ancestors. They are provided with audio and videotapes of preachers who advocate a stripped-down form of Islam that emphasizes the culture's past glories and a handful of simple religious regulations.
Soon they are meeting with like-minded contemporaries, getting rid of jeans, t-shirts, drugs and alcohol and wearing the white gowns, skullcaps and beards. They become indoctrinated into political Islam, which preaches a Utopian view of society where all citizens are part of a just and fair Umma. There is no separation of church and politics. Life centers on the mosque not just for religious instruction, but for everything. Society should be founded on Islam, and all those who are different are held in contempt. Inside the mosque talk isn't of integration, but rather how to protect oneself from harmful European society. Those members of the mosque who do not agree with this political Islam are shunned or forced out. The group dynamics change alienated young men into terrorists.
Basically, these individuals, with the help of their friends, recruit themselves. They do not necessarily attend terrorist camps or have experience on the battlefields (Johnson and Carreyrou: 2005). Their source of knowledge and indoctrination comes from the Internet. The Internet both appeals to and fosters disembeddedness. On the one hand, it appeals to isolated individuals by easing their loneliness through connections to people sharing some commonality. On the other hand, it leads them to spend more time with this virtual community at the expense of interaction with the immediate social environment. The chat rooms are egalitarian and appeal to those with limited theological background. It is a perfect compliment to the elegant simplicity and clarity of Salafism. The virtual community is not tied to any nation but to the abstract concept of the mythical umma of Salafism. This community is just, egalitarian, full of opportunity, unified in Islam, purged of national peculiarities, and devoid of corruption. It is the ideal world that Jihad strives for (Sageman, 2004: 161-163).
"He is a great guy, one of the nicest people I've ever met. He is a loving husband and he has a wife and parents in town. They are a great family. He is a very kind person. You would meet him on the street and he would want to hug you. He was a normal guy always laughing. We went partridge hunting together. He was into partying. We hit some pretty wild clubs in Hollywood." These are all quotes from people who knew individuals convicted of killing hundreds of people in suicide attacks or conspiring to provide money, recruits and equipment to the international Jihad.
Were they really decent fellows? They would never commit a murder or crime of any kind for personal gain or self-interest. Their ideology convinced them that the murders were committed for a good purpose. They were committed for the sake of a societal vision of building a good and just world. They are not unlike the SS during the Third Reich. Heinrich Himmler told a group of SS leaders:
"Most of you know what it means to see a hundred corpses lying together, five hundred or a thousand. To have gone through this and yet-apart from a few exceptions which are examples of human weakness-to have remained decent fellows, this is what has made us hard. This is a glorious page in our history that has never been written and shall never be written ... "
These people are not raving maniacs. We must go beyond calling them terrorists and examine their ideology. They do not perform these acts in a vacuum. They are building a society and will use any means to achieve it. They do so not because they are sociopaths who hate people, but because they are true believers who want to save people. And so we are continually surprised when they turn out to be nice guys after all. Decent fellows. Like the SS (Spenser, 2007).
Al-Zawahiri, Ayman. (2001) "Knights Under the Prophet's Banner." Serialized in eleven parts in Al-Sharqal-Awsat (London) December 2.
Ibrahim, Raymond. (2006) "Islam's Appeal or Boys Will Be Boys." www. September 19.
Johnson, Ian and Carreyrou, John. (2005) "In France, Political Islam Preaches Intolerance, Challenge to Secularism." Wall Street Journal, July 11.
Qutb, Sayyid. "Milestones." N.D.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mother Mosque Foundation.
Sageman, Mark. (2004) "Understanding Terror Networks." University of Pennsylvania Press, Philedelphia.
Spenser, Robert. (2007) "Why's a Nice Guy Like You Doing a Terrorist Act Like This?". April 18. 8
Mr. Andrews served as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for twenty-three years. He conducted international terrorist investigations for nine years, serving as a national case agent and coordinating with the United States Foreign Intelligence Court in order to initiate extraordinary investigative techniques in complicated terrorist investigations. He operated numerous Middle-Eastern assets. Mr. Andrews currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Florida State University and Troy University conducting seminars on Islamic Fundamentalism and International Terrorism and Conducts police training throughout the United States for Benchmark Professional Seminars and Unitech on Homeland Security and Terrorism.
Reprinted from: The Counter Terrorist-July/August 2008

Bill Warner
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Fethullah Gulen Infiltrating the US Through Charter Schools

Here is something a bit new to most people. And especially with the tuks living in the US and mocking the pres Hussein.

By the way, does anyone know why he is called by those that revere him the Ruler of the world...I thought he is just the CEO of the United States.

Fethullah Gulen Infiltrating the US Through Our Charter Schools?

An ACT! for America Exclusive
by Guy Rodgers

For some time we have been researching a Turkish-based Islamist movement that has a significant network here in the United States. Given Turkey’s history of secular, democratic government, and some of the remarks made by President Obama in his recent speech there, many of our members and other readers will likely be surprised by what we have found.

I suspect that even many who are well-read on the issue of Islamism are unfamiliar with the Fethullah Gulen Community (FGC), a movement a February 2009 article in the respected Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst labeled “Turkey’s third power.” Indeed, the article noted in its Key Points: “Turkey’s Islamist Gulen movement, while a powerful political force, is largely an unfamiliar entity to the West.”

The FGC is named after Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish imam who now lives in the United States. He fled Turkey in 1998 to avoid prosecution on charges that he was attempting to undermine Turkey’s secular government with the objective of establish an Islamic government. Since Gulen’s arrival here the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, but he successfully fought the effort in federal court because it was ruled he was an individual with “extraordinary ability in the field of education” – although he has no formal education training.

The FGC emerged in Turkey in the 1970’s. According to the Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst piece, Gulen stated that “in order to reach the ideal Muslim society 'every method and path is acceptable, [including] lying to people.’” This public acknowledgement of taqiyya (employing deception to advance Islam) is highly pertinent to Gulen’s activities here in the United States.

A recent article in the Middle East Quarterly by Rachel Sharon-Kreskin titled “Fethullah Gulen’s Grand Ambition” sheds light on Gulen’s background:
Gülen was a student and follower of Sheikh Sa'id-i Kurdi (1878-1960), also known as Sa'id-i Nursi, the founder of the Islamist Nur (light) movement. After Turkey's war of independence, Kurdi demanded, in an address to the new parliament, that the new republic be based on Islamic principles. He turned against Atatürk and his reforms and against the new modern, secular, Western republic.
Sharon-Kreskin documents how the FGC, in league with Turkey’s ruling party, Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP), has been successful in gradually moving Turkey away from its secular democratic governance, towards an Islamist state governed by Shariah law, and reorienting itself toward Iran. What’s more, other evidence suggests that Gulen’s ultimate goal may well be the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire so as to reinstate the Islamic Caliph. Clearly this has immensely serious ramifications for geo-political affairs in the Middle East as well as for the continued rise of radical Islam throughout the world.

What makes Gulen particularly dangerous is his strategic and tactical means to achieving this goal. He oversees a worldwide network of businesses, schools, foundations and media outlets, with an estimated budget of 25 billion dollars. Here’s what Gulen had to say in a sermon in 1999 aired on Turkish television:
You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers … until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria … like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it … You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey … Until that time, any step taken would be too early—like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside. The work to be done is [in] confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all—in confidence … trusting your loyalty and secrecy. I know that when you leave here—[just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and the feelings that I expressed here.
Simply put, he is brilliantly and patiently employing taqiyya on a global scale, because this strategic approach is not confined to Turkey.

Here in the U.S. the FGC runs over 90 charter public schools in at least 20 states. This was brought to our attention by ACT! for America members who actually have relatives who teach in one of these schools, an illustration of the growing reach of ACT! for America’s “eyes and ears” across our country. For obvious reasons we cannot reveal the identity of our sources.

Our readers may be familiar with the numerous emails we have released regarding the operation of the Tarek ibn Zayed Academy (TiZA), a publicly funded charter school in Minnesota that is so blatantly Islamic in nature that the Minnesota Department of Education issued two citations against it and the ACLU is suing it. FGC schools appear to be very different, and reflect the Gulen’s exhortation to “move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers…”

Indeed, the fact that so little has been written about the FGC schools here in the U.S., as well as the accolades that have been accorded the FGC as a model of “moderation” by some in our government, would appear to confirm that the FGC and its schools are doing an excellent job of heeding Gulen’s exhortation and masking their true intent.

During several discussions and emails with our sources inside FGC schools, I asked specifically if the schools promote Islam in the way that the TiZA school in Minnesota does. I was told that this was not the case in the schools these sources were familiar with. However, one particular school (and likely numerous others) appears to be in violation of state law because the school’s affidavit for its charter does not acknowledge that it is connected with a religious institution or group. In other words, those who chartered this school practiced taqiyya by hiding this fact. (Enterprising readers may want to research this with respect to FGC schools around the country. For a list of the FGC network in America and its schools, click here).

What’s more, the schools appear to be a source of recruitment for outside school activities sponsored by the FGC, such as summer camps, which would be in keeping with the pattern of recruitment of members and followers that FGC employs worldwide, according to both the Jane’s and Middle East Quarterly articles.

As a further example of the use of taqiyya, the Jane’s article gives examples of how FGC’s Turkish language media outlet Zaman runs stories with information and headlines that are missing from the English language media outlet Today’s Zaman. This practice of two different messages, one to the indigenous Islamic population and one to the West, is common in the Islamic world, and has led many in the West, including political leaders and academics, to be misled as to the true intentions of Islamists.

In building a sophisticated and well-funded worldwide network, including a substantial presence here in the U.S., Fethullah Gulen is following in the footsteps and exhortations of Mohammed, who counseled patience and deception as a means of overcoming the infidel when the power of the infidel was greater than the power of the umma, the Muslim community. In a very real sense this is as or more sinister than the frontal assault strategy of Islamist organizations such as al Qaeda and Hamas, because, like the proverbial “frog in the kettle,” we are incrementally “boiled alive” without realizing it.

For years American Congress for Truth, and now its “sister” organization ACT! for America, have been ringing the alarm bells about what is variously known as “cultural jihad,” “creeping jihad,” “stealth jihad,” and “creeping shariah.” Much of Europe and Great Britain has been Islamized through this process, a process that invariably does not lead to peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims, but leads to Islamic self-segregation, increased Islamist militancy and aggression, and the eventual forced imposition of Islamic shariah law within the society.

The FGC charter schools in America may outwardly appear innocuous, but they are serving a greater and long-range objective of Fethullah Gulen. We in the West need to be less gullible and more discerning when it comes to the elements of “stealth jihad” within our midst.

Guy Rodgers is Executive Director of ACT! for America.


ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591

ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New York Immigration Attorney Wife Convicted of Asylum Fraud

About time we see some of this happening.

New York Immigration Attorney Wife Convicted of Asylum Fraud.

New York immigration attorney James Christo and his wife, Remila Christo, were found guilty of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud for assisting a 'client' --who was actually an undercover FBI agent posing as an Albanian immigrant -- to create and document a fake story of persecution in support of an application for political asylum.

LEV L. DASSIN, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that New York immigration attorney JAMES CHRISTO and his wife, REMILA CHRISTO, were found guilty today of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud following a one-week trial before United States District Judge DAVID HITTNER, sitting by designation in the Southern District of New York.
As established by the evidence presented at trial:
JAMES CHRISTO, with the assistance of his wife, operated a law firm in Manhattan that, among other things, assisted aliens of Albanian nationality with applications for political asylum. In April and May 2004, the CHRISTOs worked together to help a "client" -- who was actually an undercover FBI agent posing as an Albanian immigrant -- to create and document a fake story of persecution in support of an application for political asylum.
JAMES CHRISTO, 44, and REMILA CHRISTO, 35, of Jersey City, New Jersey, were both found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud and face a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison. CHRISTO was found not guilty on a second count of conspiracy to commit immigration fraud. Sentencing of the CHRISTOs is scheduled for July 17, 2009, at 2:00 p.m.
Mr. DASSIN praised Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their work on the case.
Assistant United States Attorneys RUA M. KELLY and BRENT S. WIBLE are in charge of the prosecution. This case is being prosecuted by the Public Corruption Unit of the United States Attorney's Office.

Turkish TV Mocks Obama in Blackface

Turkish TV Mocks Obama in Blackface
Posted: 07 Apr 2009 07:48 PM PDT
This comes pretty close to maxing out the weird scale... a Turkish broadcaster in blackface reporting on Obama's butt-kissing speech today in Turkey. Obama's speech was long on praise for Islam and apologies for America. I wonder what the response would be if Rush Limbaugh did a show in blackface? provides a rough translation of the original jibberish: "Welcome, Mr. Obama. You took our hearts with your hospitality. We appreciate your kindness. We will do whatever America asks of us, as friends. Now, we ask the same of you." To watch this video turn down the volume on the blue...

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Gawd, talk about the old Black and White Minstrel Show. Yeah Hussein should be good at kissing arse by now, especially when he prays at the mosques...I just wonder what row he'd be in.
I am only sorry I am having audio problems at the moment...... what a joke.

Watch Barack Obama vs. The Law Here!
Posted: 07 Apr 2009 04:56 PM PDT
Watch NMA TV's daring new film, “Barack Obama vs. The Law" - Available now! In the film, Attorneys Dr. Orly Taitz, Mario Apuzzo, and New York City’s WOR talk show host Steve Malzberg make the case questioning Barack Obama and his constitutional eligibility for the presidency of the United States. To start watching the movie now, Just click the "Play" button in the viewer to the left. Following the preview you will be prompted to pay just $1.99 to watch the complete film....Thank you and enjoy the movie! To watch this video turn down the volume on the blue player to your right. Hint - if you...

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So when are the American citizens gonna rise up and demand proof that the obamasia was born in the USA. If the proof can be found, will he then get kicked out of the White House??

12,000,000 New Democrats
Posted: 07 Apr 2009 03:28 PM PDT
Contributed by Joan Sharon The acting director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Thomas Mesenbourg, told that the bureau intends to work with community organizations to make sure every illegal alien in the United States is counted in the 2010 Census. The Census is used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. There are 435 House seats that are divided among the states in proportion to their population, which is determined by the decennial census. States with more people get more seats in the U.S. House. This means that a state harboring more illegal aliens can...

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So does this mean that illegals put their details in the census form....??? who would be so stupid??? Surely they would be getting knocks on their doors from the relevant agencies....What a bloody joke. Fancy having more bums on seats because they have more illegals in their areas... Ah, can't wait to read the rest of it.

So excellent articles over at Evil Conservative....go read 'em.

Will Untapped Ottoman Archives Reshape the Armenian Debate?

Will Untapped Ottoman Archives Reshape the Armenian Debate?
Turkey, Present and Past.
by Yücel Güçlü
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2009, pp. 35-42

The debate over what happened to Armenians in World War I-era Ottoman Anatolia continues to polarize historians and politicians. Armenian historians argue that Ottoman forces killed more than one million Armenians in a deliberate act of genocide.[1] Other historians—most famously Bernard Lewis and Guenter Lewy—acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of Armenians died but question whether this was a deliberate act of genocide or rather an outgrowth of fighting and famine.[2] In recent decades, the debate has shifted from academic to legislative grounds. In 2001, the French parliament voted to recognize an Armenian genocide.[3] In 2007, U.S. political leaders narrowly averted an Armenian genocide resolution in the House of Representatives. While Armenian activists lobby politicians to recognize an Armenian genocide formally, which is likely to be a first step toward a demand for collective reparations, and genocide studies scholars seek to close the book on the Armenian narrative, it is ironic that many of the archives that contain documentation from the period remain untapped.
The Richness of Ottoman Archives

Ottoman soldiers march through a town. During World War I, Ottoman soldiers fought Russian troops in areas populated largely by Armenians.

In 1989, the Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivleri (the Ottoman Archives division of the Prime Minister's Office) in Istanbul fully opened its doors to scholars regardless of their nationality or subject of research. The Ottoman Empire's central state archives originally consisted of two groups of documents: the records of the Imperial Council and of the Grand Vizier's office. From time to time, the state added other collections, for example, the records of the finance departments and the Cadastral Survey Office. The government registers include copies of the texts of imperial orders and decrees sent to provincial officials and judges and replies to reports from across the empire. They relate to questions of law and order, state revenues, military arrangements, foreign relations, administrative assignments, and other matters submitted for the sultan's consideration. Survey registers of rural and urban populations and their production convey figures and other information collected for administrative purposes. Likewise, there are specific registers dealing with the non-Muslim peoples of the Ottoman Empire, such as church registers and registers concerning other non-Muslim communities (millets). These run through World War I and contain valuable information on the question of Turkish-Armenian relations.[4]
There are approximately 150 million documents that span every period and region of the Ottoman realm in the stacks and vaults of the Ottoman Archives. Each day, new collections in these Ottoman archives are opened to researchers. All these extensive records are well preserved and organized.
The first published catalog of Ottoman archival holdings appeared in 1955 and consisted of ninety pages of archival inventory and commentary.[5] Archivist Attila Çetin followed in 1979 with a more extensive catalog, which is also available in Italian.[6] As the classifying and organizing of the archives continued, the catalog grew. The 1992 edition is 634 pages long. The expanded 1995 compilation provides access to even more documents. Revised editions are to be forthcoming from time to time, as more detailed descriptions become available for the various fonds or individual record groups.[7]
Ottoman archival documentation constitutes an unequaled trove of information about how people lived from the fifteenth through the early twentieth centuries in a territory now comprised of twenty-two nations. İlber Ortaylı, director of the Topkapı Palace Museum at Istanbul, argues that the history of the Ottoman Empire should not be written without Ottoman sources.[8] He is not alone in this. His position is buttressed by a number of specialists in the study of the Ottoman state and society. Albert Hourani, for example, the late British scholar of Middle Eastern affairs, argued that his best advice to history students considering Middle East specialization would be to "learn Ottoman Turkish well and learn also how to use Ottoman documents, since the exploitation of Ottoman archives, located in Istanbul and in smaller cities and towns, is perhaps the most important task of the next generation."[9]
The Archives and the Armenians
There are few comprehensive sources about Armenian life in Anatolia outside of Ottoman archival sources. Diplomatic records, such as those cited by Armenian historian Vahakn Dadrian, as the basis for discussions among genocide scholars are spotty and intertwined with wartime politics.[10] The Ottoman Ministry of the Interior (Dahiliye Nezareti) was the government department directing and supervising the relocation and resettlement of the Armenian population. The collection of the ministry documents covers the period from 1866 to 1922 and consists of 4,598 registers or notebooks. It is classified according to twenty-one subcollections, according to office of origin. Among the available documents in the Ottoman archives are several dozen registers containing the records of the deliberations and actions of the Council of Ministers, which set policies, received reports, and discussed problems that arose regarding the relocations and other wartime events. The minutes of its meetings, deliberations, resolutions, and decisions are bound in 224 volumes covering the years 1885 through 1922. These registers include each and every decree pertaining to the decision to relocate the Ottoman Armenians away from the war zones during World War I. The Records Office of the Sublime Porte (Babıali Evrak Odası) also contains substantial documentation, including the correspondence between the grand vizier and the ministries, as well as the central government and the provinces that can illuminate the events of 1915.[11]
It is ironic, therefore, as politicians seek to deliberate on questions of history, that few historians investigating Armenian issues have actually consulted the Ottoman archives. As Australian historian Jeremy Salt has explained,
The Ottoman archives remain largely unconsulted. When so much is missing from the fundamental source material, no historical narrative can be called complete and no conclusions can be balanced. If the Ottoman sources are properly utilized, the way in which the Armenian question is understood is bound to change.[12]
There is little explanation as to why more historians do not consult the Ottoman archives. They are open to all scholars. Bernard Lewis, Cleveland Dodge Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, who has worked extensively in the Ottoman archives since 1949, has argued that "the Ottoman archives are in the care of a competent and devoted staff who are always willing to place their time and knowledge at the disposal of the visiting scholar, with a personal helpfulness and courtesy that will surprise those with purely Western experience. [These records] are open to all who can read them."[13] The late Stanford Shaw, Professor Emeritus of Turkish and Judeo-Turkish History at the University of California, Los Angeles, also spoke highly of the helpfulness of the archivists.[14] He argued that the sheer amount of new material available removed any excuse for any scholar investigating various nationalist revolts not to spend time examining the new sources.[15]
Even Taner Akçam of University of Minnesota, one of the most vocal proponents of Armenian genocide claims, noted the improvement in the working conditions of the archives. In a recent article, he thanked the staff and especially the deputy director-general of state archives for their help and openness during his last visit.[16] The archivists are now helpful to all researchers, not only those pursuing research which supports the Turkish government's line.
Turkish Military Archives
The archives of the Turkish General Staff Military History and Strategic Studies Directorate in Ankara (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Genelkurmay Askeri Tarih ve Stratejik Etüt Başkanlığı Arşivleri) provide a military perspective. Indeed, more than the Ottoman Archives in the Prime Minister's Office, this repository provides a rich trove of information about internal conditions in the empire, operations of the Ottoman army, and the Special Organization (Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa), somewhat equivalent to the Ottoman special forces, for the period 1914-22.[17]
The World War I and War of Independence archives alone number over five and a half million documents spread among Turkish General Staff Division reports and War Ministry files. Division 1 (Operations) contains military operations plans and orders, operations and situation reports, maps and overlays, general staff orders, mobilization instructions and orders, organizational orders, training and exercise instructions, spot combat reports. Division 2 (Intelligence) contains intelligence estimates and reports and orders of battle. Divisions 3 and 4 (Logistics) contain files concerning procurement, animals, munitions, transportation, rations, and accounting. The Ministry of War files contain the General Command's ciphered cables to military units as well as the papers of the infantry, fortress artillery, and other divisions. Vehip Pasha's Third Army (Erzurum), Jemal Pasha's Fourth Army (Damascus), and Ali İhsan Pasha's Sixth Army (Baghdad) are included among the staff files. These also include the Lightning Armies and Caucasian Armies groups.[18]
The cataloging and microfilming of the military archives repository up to the end of 1922 is complete. Once-secret documents should provide new information on the Armenian issue.[19] In addition to the microfilmed documents, the Turkish General Staff Military History and Strategic Studies Directorate publishes volumes of documents from its collection, including Latin alphabet transliteration of all documents.[20]
Justin McCarthy, professor of Middle Eastern history and demographer at the University of Louisville/Kentucky, one of the few Western scholars to have done systematic research in the Ottoman archives, has written that the "reports of Ottoman soldiers and officials were not political documents or public relations exercises. They were secret internal reports in which responsible men relayed to their governments what they believed to be true."[21] Indeed, the military records have already called into question conventional wisdom about the Special Organization, namely, the organization's involvement in the Armenian relocations. [22]
Other Ankara Resources
The Turkish Historical Society (Türk Tarih Kurumu) at Ankara is also open to the public. The society houses private collections relating to strategy and political matters in the twentieth century, which include the papers of World War I-era war minister Enver Pasha together with those of his chief aide-de-camp and brother-in-law, Kazım Orbay. The Enver Pasha collection, donated in 1972 by his daughter Mahpeyker Enver, consists of 789 single, disparate items of handwritten notes, memoranda, reports, military records, cards and invitations, dispatches, letters of appreciation of colleagues and opponents, photographic albums, topographic maps, charts, private correspondence, diaries, and miscellany for the period 1914-22. There are no restrictions on access to these.[23] Because in the early decades of the twentieth century it was customary for officials to keep their papers upon their departure, these remain a relatively rare resource. Orbay's papers add additional insight because they enable historians to gauge which issues most occupied the Ottoman Empire's highest ranking military official of the time. Few scholars have used this last collection perhaps because they remain unaware of it.[24]
The National Library (Milli Kütüphane) at Ankara houses thousands of Muslim court records, most of which were transferred from local museums and offices scattered around Turkey. These records contain a vast array of information concerning imperial administration, city government, the affairs of townspeople and villagers and deal with almost every aspect of the lives of the subjects be it personal status, taxes, loans, sales, price regulations, complaints, flight, or theft. Any matter requiring official resolution, registration, verification, or adjudication was potentially the domain of the Muslim judge (kadı) even when the matters applied to non-Muslims, such as Armenian Christians.[25] Many Turkish historians have employed Muslim court records extensively for Anatolian regional studies, but they remain relatively untapped by Armenian historians.[26]
Armenian Archives
Sole reference to Ottoman archives will not and should not satisfy historians; a full study of the Armenians during World War I should consider material from all sides in a conflict. The Armenian community maintains a number of archives. The archives in Watertown, Massachusetts, contain repositories from the Dashnak Party (Dashnaksutiun, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation) and the First Republic of Armenia. Both of the above together with the archives of the Armenian patriarchate in Jerusalem and the Catholicosate, the seat of the supreme religious leader of the Armenian people, in Echmiadzin, Armenia, remain closed to non-Armenian researchers. Tatul Sonentz-Papazian, Dashnakist archivist, for example, denied İnönü University scholar Göknur Akçadağ access to the Watertown archives in a June 20, 2008 letter. Dashnaksutiun archives are also not available to those Armenians who do not tow the party line. Historian Ara Sarafian, director of the Gomidas Institute in London, complained that "some Armenian archives in the diaspora are not open to researchers for a variety of reasons. The most important ones are the Jerusalem Patriarchate archives. I have tried to access them twice and [been] turned away. The other archives are the Zoryan Institute archives, composed of the private papers of Armenian survivors, whose families deposited their records with the Zoryan Institute in the 1980s. As far as I know, these materials are still not cataloged and accessible to scholars."[27] Beyond the closure of Armenian archives to non-Armenian and even to some Armenian scholars, few of these allow the public to access catalogs detailing their holdings.
Many scholars writing on the Armenian question utilize Britain's National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) in Kew Gardens. While the British government has made available many of their diplomats' reports for study, much material from the British occupation of Istanbul (1919-22) and elsewhere in Anatolia following World War I remains closed to researchers under the Official Secrets Act and are only partially available in the archives of the government of India in Delhi. British authorities say they remain sealed for national security reasons. Their release should be important to historians as they will include evidence regarding returning Armenian refugees and other related matters. Files of the British Eastern Mediterranean Special Intelligence Bureau also remain closed, perhaps because the British government does not wish to expose those who may have committed espionage on behalf of Britain. These are important because they should enable historians to research British espionage and sabotage, demoralizing propaganda, and attempts to provoke treason and desertion from Ottoman ranks during and immediately after 1914-18. The documents of the Secret Office of War Propaganda, which under the direction of Lord James Bryce and Arnold Toynbee developed propaganda used against the Central Powers during World War I, also remain sealed. Their opening will allow historians to assess whether British officials in the heat of war created or exaggerated accounts of deliberate atrocities.
An International Historians' Commission
History cannot be decided by politicians weighing either constituent concerns or emotions more than evidence. Nor should the debate on history be closed while the existing narrative utilizes only a small portion of the source material. The same holds true not only for Armenian historians but also for their Turkish counterparts and others.
Rather, historians should work together to consider all source material, both in Armenian and Turkish archives. Each should be open fully. Cherry-picking documents to "prove" preconceived ideas and to ignore documents that undercut theses is poor history and, in a politicized atmosphere, can do far more harm than good.
On April 10, 2005, Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan extended an invitation to Armenian president Robert Kocharian to establish a joint commission consisting of historians and other experts to study the developments and events of 1915, not only in the archives of Turkey and Armenia but also in those of relevant third countries such as Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the United States, and to share their findings with the public.[28] Ninety-seven members of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly at Strasbourg signed a declaration calling on Armenia to accept the Turkish proposal.[29] In his annual commemoration message to the Armenian-American community in 2005, President George W. Bush expressed support for Turkey's proposal, declaring, "We look to a future of freedom, peace, and prosperity in Armenia and Turkey and hope that Prime Minister Erdoğan's recent proposal for a joint Turkish-Armenian commission can help advance these processes."[30] Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated the point two years later, telling Congress,
I think that these historical circumstances require a very detailed and sober look from historians. And what we've encouraged the Turks and the Armenians to do is to have joint historical commissions that can look at this, to have efforts to examine their past, and in examining their past to get over their past.[31]
It is unfortunate that the Armenian government has failed to accept the joint commission, for without joint consideration of all evidence, the wounds of the past will not heal and, indeed, when an incomplete narrative enters the political realm, the consequences can be grave.
Yücel Güçlü is first counselor at the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

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