Saturday, April 11, 2009

Israel Today

With my quest to learn about Israel, and some helpful suggestions from the crowd at FaceBook, and my trawling around different sites I came across one that I know is going to furnish me with a lot of information. So now I do not think I am going to have to spend so much time at the Library...instead I can see me sitting here infront of my PC for as long as my back will allow me.
Israel Today allows re-posting of articles with credit given to them, so that is no hardship.

About Israel today

I have also added a link to my blogroll, and I have signed up for newsletters. I would have liked to subscribe to the magazine but funds are against me at the moment. Nevertheless, they have many, many articles I can read and the ones I have read present a fair and balanced view.

So as I gradually read the articles, and questions on a subject come to me, I will write them down and ask in the forums on FB, I know I will get answers.

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