Monday, April 13, 2009

How lucky we are.

A collection of comments from a friend.

I have received a few emails from “a friend” who has the misfortune to be living in Malaysia. He is at the University in Penang but his family lives on the other side of Malaysia so he is forced to live close to the Uni while he is doing his degree.
Anyway, first I must say that I do have his permission to re-print some of his comments to me, as he wishes for the real truth to get out to the wider public, and he is in danger if he puts anything in his blogs.

I shall call my friend by another name for his safety. Let’s see, I shall refer to him as Mark or blogger in place of the name of his blog. I will not identify his type of degree, his home area or his friend’s names for the obvious reasons. (identify them and I end up identifying him.)

Please note that in these emails, are some personal messages to me that we write back and forwards to each other so I will edit these out, as they can sometimes be identifying to him, and/or boring to the readers as they would not know the connotations and they will be out of context. And the only other editing I have done is correcting punctuation and I will also edit out any identifying blog names that he uses and any links from his blog. . . I have also added in some of my questions or responses to him. I have also left the dates in and added some of my comments…

Monday, 2 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "EX-muslims against islam":

(I asked him if he ever read Faith Freedom by Ali Sina.)

Yes, I have reading FFI articles for almost 3 months. The information about Islam is so perfect and all of them are well-researched. Only the ignorant will deny the truth and then claim that FFI is false without reading it first. Truth is sometimes hurtful but it will set us free and it's something that sometimes people don't want to hear.

Monday, 2 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "I urge all Aussies to have a look at the site... A...":

Although I’m not Australian but I support what is said above. Good Nanna! Uphold your country's freedom because I believe it is a very precious legacy that has made what Australia is today. Don't be like Great Britain where Islam appeasement is on the rise. Stand where you should belong. Educate West more about Islam. Don't let your country's liberty, freedom, cultural heritage, and Christian values collapse by a single click from evil agendas of Islam.
Anyway, I’m from Malaysia

Tuesday, 3 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Polygamous Marriage Welfare & no more offending th...":

Hi again. Thank you very much for being my first follower:).. yeah, I agree with you. Islam in Action is very informative in exposing muslim mob, how the western civilization is 'eaten slowly' by Islam infiltration and all the evil images caused by muslims which is rooted from Islam itself. But, you know, to tell you the truth here in Malaysia criticism of Islam is considered a crime and can lead to punishment. Can u imagine that? So sometimes, it's hard for me to criticize Islam. We don't have free speech like yours. And for now situation in Malaysia, the Islamic authority is pushing us Christians to stop using word Allah in our Christian publication or in Malay mass. But our church leaders won't remain silent and they bring this up to the court. As for me, it's not name that matter, but importantly, they fight for our right and the dignity for whole Christian in Malaysia. God bless you and your whole family.
This is my email: xxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 March 2009 Christian Nanna has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

(This is my response to a comment left on this blog, to which is followed by a comment by “Mark”)

hey arah, why do you say Paul is the anti-christ? It is very easy and simple to be pulling out texts from books such as NIV, and would I be right in saying the koran? Yes, most Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit. But not as separate individuals but 3 Divine beings as one. It is sometimes a very hard concept to understand, and you know what, quite a few Christians still grapple with this issue. It is only by reading, listening to learned people and praying that one comes to a good understanding of the whole concept.
By the look of the web address you have posted I gather it is a site for 'converts' to islam. I wish them well in their searching for whatever it is they are searching for. As long as you all respect the individuals right to choose their own way in life then the world will be a happy place. But we don't threaten death to people if they choose not to follow Christianity. Even Jesus said that each person has the right to choose the path they walk in life.

Friday, 6 March 2009
a comment on “Mark’s” blog has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

"He forgiveth whom He pleaseth, and He punisheth whom He pleaseth"
I'm wondering what is this verse really mean. It's as if that God forgive and punish whoever He likes.. rather than to have this kind of statement, it's more likeable to have it like this 'He forgive who come to Him, and He punish who disobey Him.' By arah.

Friday, 6 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on the post "Malaysia to restore 'Allah' ban for Christians":

Yup Nanna, even Christians have some difficulties in understanding in Trinity. So, what more can I say about arah. He/she didn't even spend some minutes to read sample of example regarding the Trinity concept that I've posted.

Friday, 6 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Banned Christian Fellowship Allowed to Meet on Ohi...":

What? I can't believe this.. How could possibly the Christian Fellowship be banned in such Christian majority country? As far as I concern, I've never heard any news regarding the troubles, mob, violence or any unpleasant act committed by Christian student groups at other places in U.S (correct me if wrong).This is totally ridiculous!

(This last comment was in response to some remarks I had made about muslim groups here in OZ carrying on about Christians praying on campus and how it insulted them but that they wanted separate prayer rooms for their prayers to allah.)

( I was telling ‘Mark” how I was planning to buy a couple of books that had been recommended on sites such as JW, IIA & FFI. And about the books and DVD’s I had already purchased online, sent from USA.)
Saturday, 7 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "How Islam Plans to Change the World":

Muslim says "you will die for what I believe" Christian say "I will die for what I believe"

I wish I could buy the book that you'll be purchasing. But here in Malaysia, any books that Muslim feel offensive are strictly banned. Only 'wonderful' books of Islam are being allowed. Actually, I kind of interested in Ali Sina's book entitled Understanding Muhammad. I want to order one but I know even if it's shipped here, the customs will inspect the content that I order before I can bring it home. So sad...

Sunday, 8 March 2009
Re: freedom of speech in Australia‏
Hello my Aussie Friend
Sorry for the late reply. I kinda busy lately...

Wow, I don't expect that you will write me an email. Anyway, it's good for me because this my first time having an oversea pal and good for both of us so that we can come up with or share our opinions regarding Islam especially. But before that, let me introduce a little bit of myself. I'm “Mark” and xx years old, living in xxxxx. Currently, I live in Penang because of my study in Uni. I'm doing xxxx and I love sports, reading and xxxxx. maybe you can briefly introduce about yourself..

I become interested in Islam since last year and it's not because I want to embrace Islam. Instead, I want to know the hidden agenda of evil Islam. Here in Malaysia, the evil agenda of Islam isn't obviously seen because a lot of Muslims are moderate and secular. Only a small portion of Muslim groups where their concern is more about Islamic affairs and they don't keep the sensitivity of non-muslim. They always demand our respect and ask us to avoid any sentiments that can cause uproar but they seldom think of others and when someone is trying to speak out, the Islamic group will accuse non-muslim of threatening Islam position in Malaysia. In the West, muslims there are more aggressive compare to Malaysian muslims and I notice that Western muslims are mostly immigrated from Middle East and North Africa (correct me if wrong). I wonder why they are more aggressive and tend to create violence if something offend them. As for me, it's all start with Koran. If Koran doesn't teach hatred and incite violence on non-muslim, then they won't mob around. I did ask my moderate muslim friend whether he truly understands the Koran or not. He replied me that he didn't understand at all because it's not their mother-tongue although they recited the Koran verses during school. What the muslim students know is all the sweet-mouthed talk teached by their Islamic teacher. They won't reveal the bad side of Islam because they are brainwashed by their local imams that say Islam is superior to other religions and it's truth sent by Allah with no imperfection. Verses in Koran are mostly hate-filled and if it read by non-muslim, certainly it will offend us. Koran even command muslim not to befriend with Christians and Jews (Surah 5.51). If Koran is truly sent by True God, why would Him want to set muslim and non-muslim apart.. It's ridiculous! Back to Western muslims and Mid-Eastern muslims, their teaching of Islam is more radical because they believe that radicalism is the way to achieve their goals: conquer non-muslim land by killing infidel or make them convert, replace man-made laws with sharia laws and lastly establish a caliphate world. Fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism are all associated with Islam because of one hate-filled book, Koran.

As I follow Islam in action, Atlas Shrugs and other conservative blogs regarding Islam, it makes me sad because appeasing and catering Islam is on the rise in Western countries such in UK and other European countries. Although there are plentiful of evidences that show Islam and muslim just bring troubles, still some politicians and mainstream media close their eyes for the sake of political correctness. The most tragic is in UK. I don't know what's wrong with their government. Christian heritage, their culture and liberty are gradually 'eaten' by Islamic infiltration. I've heard that Sharia is part of legal system, ban pork meal at school, no-Bible zone in Birmingham, word Christmas changed to White festival, denied Geert Wilders access to UK and Catholic school was asked to promote Islam....just to list a few. This is incredible and unbelievable. How can one of the great countries in the world fall to Islam so fast? It's truly sad if Great Britain turns to Cracked Britain.

I hope there will be more politicians like Wilders who openly opposes Islam. Not only the West, but the rest of the world must wake up to this Islamic global war for the sake of our future generation.

(I was telling him that I plan to re-learn Bahasa Indonesia, as I have a feeling I am going to need to soon)

I'm happy for you that you have the determination to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I understand it a little bit because some of the words aren't differ much from Bahasa Melayu (our official language). Maybe by watching Indonesian dramas or movies, you can learn more and quicker. Anyway just take your time. I believe, you surely can make it.

I don't have MSN chat. I only have Yahoo Messenger..

Jaga diri dan semoga sihat selalu(take care and be healthy always)
Semoga Tuhan memberkati awak selalu (May God bless you always)

Bye. ‘Mark”

--- On Tue, 3/3/09, DeeDee Johnson wrote:
From: DeeDee Johnson
Subject: freedom of speech in Australia
To: xxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 8:10 PM
Hi, and Thankyou for letting me have your personal e-mail address. But umm, what do I call you?? I understand what it's like to have a blog and no followers. I am quite content following the blogs of the people I do...after all, they do such a great job and I can't compete with them, Nor would I wish to, nevertheless I do not have the resources or finances to compete even if I did want to. I was not aware that you, in Malaysia could be up for a 'crime & punishment' for speaking about/against islam, and NO free speech per se, well not as of yet to say the least.

I dread the day if this stupid law ever gets through the UN...who to me are as useless as #@#@#. We sometimes do not know how darn lucky we are here in Australia. There are still so very many people who do not want to be aware of the encroachment which could be imposed upon many Aussies tend to think that if they don't think about it then it won't happen, and it is just something that is happening in another country like a civil war. Take my family for example. They see me as some kind of crazy person because of my political outlook and my religion and my learning as much as I can about islam...I like to know what I am up against. I am about the only Christian in my family.... a few Catholics (non-practicing) but mostly atheists or agnostics but they believe in a form of spirituality.
How safe is it for you to even be writing in your emails about your feelings on islam? I would hate to see you get into trouble.
We Western Christians do not refer to God as allah. We have always said the name of GOD. So this silly new rule will not affect us in the same way as it will affect some others.

It really terrifies me as to what is happening in the UK, as we are still tied to Britain politically. Make no mistake about it, the muslims here are doing fairly well with their encroachments and gaining more concessions every day, and breeding like bloody rabbits I can tell you, all the while putting their hands out for as much welfare as they can greedily get.

Do I guess your name is “Mark”....??? Tell me about yourself if you like. Have you been to visit my Butterfly Haven yet? at there are lots of photos in the albums, and book reviews, and lots of links to other really good sites...most of them political like Islam In Action is, and I would be very pleased if you would join my network.
Are you able to access MSN chat?...

When I was doing Asian Studies at Uni in 1998-99 I was learning Bahasa Indonesia. After 18 months, and I was getting okay with it, but then I left Uni and had no one to practice with and so over the last 10 years I have lost a lot of it. I often think about re-learning it as I get a feeling I am going to need it as Indonesia is our closest neighbour and there are approx 200 million muslims there, there are only 21 million people in Australia. I have all my books still and I also have a computer program that would help me with it, but I am afraid I lack the motivation at the moment. I really want someone with whom to practice, especially the correct pronunciation. I suppose I could always advertise for a Christian Indonesian person...but what are the odds of me finding one....I would have better luck just advertising for someone who is at Uni and would like a practice partner.

well for now I must go, so you stay safe. your Aussie Friend...Di J...aka Christian Nanna.

(His response to the above)

Monday, 9 March 2009
Hi again...(How should I address you? Di or Nanna?)

Wow, what a long essay you have written. haha.. For me, it won't cause me a headache if you jump from one topic to another topic as long as you don't talk crap here and there. I bet if we meet face-to-face, you'll talk more than me. Anyway, I like the friendliness and talkativeness of yours. I love to listen to people talking about their experiences in life, how they overcome something whenever they are in trouble and especially when the thing inspires me most or it can make my eyes opened bigger like in Oprah's show. Actually, I was an insensitive and heartless person before because I felt that everything is all about me and no one could interrupt my life. I tended to ignore others feeling or concern and I didn't care about the things happened around me but as I grew up, this kind of ignorance seemed to make me feel isolated from the real world. I know as long as I still in this earth, my graph of life shouldn't be constant with time. My life should be either sinusoidal or exponential, which means must have ups and downs. I realized when I stick to the real life where I'm not that ignorant, a lot of things I can experience and learn. This bit by bit improves my sociality and the way I deal with different people of different characters. I'm amazed because your life is full of job experiences and I'm impressed that you're willing to do voluntary job. Some people might feel reluctant to do voluntary job because they want mutual benefit which they want to get paid for what they do. Last month, my friends and I did a charity work back here in Penang. We did this for our Christian group project and our job was to distribute some foods and drink to homeless during the night because during the day, they were nowhere to be seen (don't where they are hiding). Before we went to Penang Island at that night, me and my 12 other friends were busy buying and preparing the food. We packed them sandwiches, orange, sausage, cucur, a stick of chocolate and a bottle of mineral water. Surprisingly, upon arriving to the targeted place, I was so shocked because I never knew that they were so many, more than 100 people scattered at different places. I wondered where are their families and relatives and I kept thinking why couldn't they search for a job, earn some money to support their living. Although I was pity on them, I felt that they actually have the ability to do some job. Is it because the community who don't accept their appearances or they feel happy to continue living like that? However, they are taken care by one organization, we call it Light House under church's support and I pray so that they will live happily and be accepted by people surrounding.

And you know what, out of 12 friends I mentioned above, only one is a Muslim. He is a Muslim convert. He was a Buddhist but later he embraced Islam because after he had some researches on Christianity and Islam, he claimed that Islam makes sense to him more. Oh, before I tell you further, his name was Kwek Keng Hau aka Didi and later changed to Muhammad Danial Yusof Abdullah. Before he embraced Islam, he joined us going to the church and Christian group gathering. At first, I was happy for him coming to accept Jesus, but few months later he appeared to be in change slowly. His close friend, xxx who is a Christian tried to hold him so that he would think twice before he made the decision but xxx's effort failed. He finally converted to Islam because he did tell xxx that Christian people is involved too much in alcoholism. He assumed this after he saw some of my friends drank beers on one occasion. For me, this is unreasonable and unacceptable if it's to be assumed that Christian people are corrupted. He didn't know that Jihadists, fundamentalists and Islamic terrorists are the group of people who bring the actual corrupt to the world. For me, having some beers is just to socialize among friends. Nothing more nothing less. When he's accepted as a new muslim by other muslims, he goes to the mosque daily, read more books on Islam (Islam is surely great in doing taqqiya -holy deception), avoid alcoholic stuffs and prevent doing something that is prohibited by Pisslam. One thing that make me angry is he distance himself from not only me, but my other non-muslim friends. Maybe he has been brainwashed by imam that non-muslim is dirty infidel and full of najis (muslim word for shit). But lately, he's approaching us and I can notice that his life is slowly coming back to normal. He joins us in any activities, drink some beers and he did confess that he's got gambling with his Chinese uncles during Chinese New Year. FYI, although he's still under Islamic name, his way of life is apparently changing. He turns a little bit unIslamic although he still prays according to Islamic pagan ritual. I bet he doesn't pray 5 times a day because he still with us playing football during and after Maghrib azzan (call to prayer at about 7.30 p.m) .Usually, muslim students will stop playing and go back to their rooms when there's a call to prayer. I can feel that he just pray to please other muslim friends so that he won't be condemned. Furthermore, his roommates are all muslim and most muslims here are too sensitive about their religion being defamed. In Malaysia, there's no point of turning back when you have embraced Islam. It's a one-way street, once you're Muslim, you'll remain muslim forever. I hope that one day he has the courage to renounce Islam.

I'm glad that you came back to Jesus. Yeah, I think some people are in denial when it comes to the existence of God. They will keep wondering and thinking "why God didn't answer my prayer although I keep praying", "why He takes life of someone I love", "why am I always unlucky compared to others".. For me, rather than asking God too much, we need to ask ourselves. Emm, maybe something like this, "Do I pray and seek Him with all of my heart?" and "Do I love him that much?". Some people pray to God because they want the benefit for themselves, not because they're being faithful to God. That's the problem. About being unluckier, it's not because God unfairly treats us. He has mentioned that He knows the plan for us and He plans to prosper us, give us hope and future, not to harm us. (A few sentences of his comments were cut here because they were about health issues of mine he was commenting on) Anyway, thanks to God because you still have eyes to watch, nose to breathe, mouth to eat and so on. I pray that you'll stay safe and get well soon. About different denominations in our churches anywhere in this world, I don't see it with any difference although I'm a Roman Catholic. My core belief is in Jesus Christ. That's all.
( I was mentioning some other blog sites that we may have in common)
Wind of Jihad? Yes, I've listed it as the 'site I follow' in my blog. I visit it often. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch...Jihad Watch is a very good, informative and reliable source regarding Asslam ugliness. Robert Spencer is surely a hope for America's future and his articles about Islam and muslim is well-discussed. He's very well-rounded. I sometimes visit and and Islam In Action. These sites reveal the true ugliness of Islam make-up face. Yes, Islam is absolutely absurd, hypocrite and evil. I can watch the evilness made by muslims through Fitna film by Wilders and Obsession. Wow, I never imagine before that conquering the world and force people to submit to Allah are their true goals. Scary...

(After finding out how much danger “Mark” is in by blogging and emails etc. I decided to ask him…..the following)

"I would like to ask your permission to use a couple of your quotes from your email to me to put into a new article on my blog."
His reply….
You have my permission. You can just proceed as long as you don't spam my blog. hahaha...No, just kidding. FYI I have to be careful of my blog contents because there's government department that monitor our blogging activity. It's so sickening!.. Recently, one headline in our government-owned news reported that they have asked the polices and Internal Security Act to track down a blogger whose contents in the blog are about insulting Islam and Muhammad. But until now, the investigation is still pending. No news. So, I need to be careful.

what sort of books do you like to read, when your not studying? How much longer do you have Uni for?
Actually I don't read books much. When I'm not studying, I'll read science fiction books, reader digest, comics and magazine. And also books (in .pdf format) about real face of Islam that I printed out from the internet. So pity of me. hahaha...As you know, I can't purchase even one in this democrazy country. They just sell wonderful shit books of Islam. xxxxxx is my other interest and I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Last 2 months, I spent RM400(1 US dollar=RM3.5++) just for buying the xxxxx (part of “Marks” hobby). What a waste of money. haha..

(I was telling him why I named my dog what I did).

SEKECIL ANJING. This name makes me laugh. How on earth you came out with the idea? It's a very cute name. Your dog must be as pretty cute as his name. I like dog. I plan to have one when I already have my own family.

I think I should go for now...I want to take bath and get my sleep.

Selamat tinggal (bye) Di aka Christian Nanna. Peace be with you and God bless.

Thursday, 12 March 2009
Hi Di....Sorry for late response. just to let you know that I'm fully packed with bunch of assignments, design project and preparation for my upcoming mini tests and final examinations. Hope you will understand that...

First and foremost, thank you so much for the recommendation of subscription of Christian's newsletters. It's an up-to-date reports worldwide that will surely give me a lot of stories, facts and issues happening within the Christian community.

(I had sent him a link to some online Christian newsletters)

And also thanks for your comment on misguided Omar F*%kri. His statement is so insulting and offends me much. He should be erased out of this world, yet most Muslims support him blindly. So sickening. His henchman, Anjem Choudary is a big problem. How can British government still allow him to stay in Britain although he's evidently bringing corruption within the community? He creates more problems than solving problem. I don't get it because Geert Wilders who has the intention to defend Western civilization, expose evil Islam and not to let Islam to poison the world had been denied of his access to Britain. They called his intention as hate speech and threatening the public security. So politically correct. He's not giving any hate speech. He just makes an open criticism. The one whose 'speech' is filled with hatred is Koran.

I've read your post regarding 'I'll care when...'.Just ordinary woman who has so much concern of what's going on around the world. I hope more people will be like her. For me, it's not an obsession that we're talking much about Islamic terrorism, extremism, fundamentalism and radicalism of Islam, muslim rampage and every issue made Islam/muslim. Instead, we are in the process of waking up, alerting not only ourselves, but others as well.. How long we want to be in deep slumber before we notice that we're already under tyranny and totalitarian ideology.. As we know, Islam isn't all about religion. It's a way of life and there is a hidden political agenda where it wants to impose on the whole world. Thus, I'll care when it comes to the matter of my future generation's destiny and I don't care when Islam is in the state of downfall..

You're so great with your Vol work.. So, you have my credit for the quality you've shown. I hope you'll enjoy with your work and may you get more happiness and blessings. Who knows God use you as an instrument to outreach others so that more people will be seeking the importance of God in life. That's why you never feel burden with your job. Hehe .. God will give you rest. I wonder where you got all the strengths to do a lot of Vol work.

"Take Care....selamat tingall". Sorry to correct you but it should have been spelled like this, 'selamat tinggal'. Anyway, usaha yang baik good effort.

Bye. take care...senyum selalu (smile always) “Mark”

Thursday, 12 March 2009
Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Iran fires test rocket":

“They devise crafty schemes against your people, laying plans against your precious ones. ‘Come,’ they say, ‘let us wipe out Israel as a nation. We will destroy the very memory of its existence.’ This was their unanimous decision.” Psalm 83:3-5 (NLT)

“Yes, this was their unanimous decision. They signed a treaty as allies against you – these Edomites and Ishmaelites; Moabites and Hagrites; Gebalites, Ammonites, and Amalekites; and people from Philistia and Tyre. Assyria has joined them, too, and is allied with the descendants of Lot.” Psalm 83:5-8 (NLT)

Monday, 16 March 2009
Hi there...Sorry for not responding yours for some time.
How are you doing there? I hope you're doing well and having a great weekend.

I'm so sorry to know that Victoria's bushfire has caused unimaginable destruction. I want to extend my deepest condolence to all who have lost family members, friends and loved one in the destructive fire. Surely for those who were living nearby have lost everything and sorry to say that maybe some of them have to suffer a lot because of the unforgettable burden they shoulder. May God bless their future life and give them rest. Although I'm not an Australian, I believe since we're children of God and equal in God's eyes, I can offer my prayer especially to the victims. I'm sure they need someone to help them to rebuild their lives and their homes and I believe some non-government bodies, charity bodies and many other humanitarian organizations there have done some contributions in order to lessen their burdens.

2 days ago, my friend, xxxxxxx warned me that I should be more careful with my blog contents from now on. Then, I asked him why.. He told me that the government has already enacted the law which enable them to detain anyone who dare to criticize and insult government, Sultan's status and Malay high-ranked religion, Islam. I'm appallingly disgusted with their way which tell us as an ordinary citizen what to do and not to do. Recently, 5 have been detained under this enactment because they just gave some comments criticizing Sultan Perak in one Malaysia's website. Yeah, just a comment you can be detained. Unbelievable!.. For me, this kind of action may violate someone's privacy because they monitor what we're doing online. Our privacy and freedom are too limited but I won't bow down because they don't respect our rights of privacy and freedom. Because they think they've got the power and authority, they can do whatever they want. Ouch! It makes me sick.

Ok. that's it up to now. let me hear from you soon ..I want to continue with my unfinished assignments.
Bye! God bless you and your family.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Terrorist inmates at Gitmo are now plain detainees...":

The worst US president ever.. He's giving the chance for the terrorists to plot another terror attack. Americans should have been waking up by now. Let him be means suicidal to America.

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "Defamation of islam":

Free speech can't be stopped as I see it as a pure thought of ideas. Great countries such as US, UK and Australia shouldn't be fallen into a trap created by muslims who use and manipulate your freedom in order to satisfy their own interests. Sorry to say that freedom in such countries gives way for them too much without noticing the impacts that may happen in the future. Defamation of Islam new regulation shouldn't be taken into consideration because if it's effectively agreed, it will kill our future generations for years to come. The less people know about how evil, totalitarian, violence and absurd Islam is, the easier for them to fall into the pit of Satan's home. Open criticism of Islam is to expose more of their true colour so that it will be likely to help for those who are being so naive and ignorant. Islam deserves criticism because it appears wrong in many ways although some muslims do some makeover to cover its ugliness. Plants can't stay too long in dark place as they need sunlight to remain alive.

(the following are my remarks about Chris Logan setting up the Facebook network)
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hi “Mark”... How are things?
Isn’t it great Chris Logan has set up his facebook so now we can all communicate with each others contacts....It just means I am here on this darn computer for a lot longer. Quite a few months ago I had a FB and I had a lot of the applications. I found it was consuming most of my time and I really got sick and tired of all the useless emails and messages I was getting...So I got rid of it, closed all the applications etc.. HOWEVER, this is a very different situation...this is about us all fighting this bullshit islam. When I went to sign up again I found I was still registered and all I needed to do was re-activate it. Ho Hum.

I am yet to send you a 'proper' email, but I know you are very busy with assignments etc...I understand as I have been there, done that...I was a mature aged student in Uni 1998-99.
Also my Godson Dallas is at Uni.. Melbourne doing a degree in Music. He will later on apply for his Teaching Degree. He is also a friend on my FB.

Anyway, I am forwarding this newsletter of Gospel Of Asia to you. Hopefully you might know someone who could do with it.

Oh, I did want to ask you one thing. As you now have to be EXTRA CAREFUL WITH ANYTHING YOU WRITE ON YOUR BLOG ETC...if there is anything that you need to get out to the public, I have an idea. If you were to post it to me by regular mail. Then I can make sure it gets out and you will not get into trouble with that pack of bastards.
Customs can not open ordinary mail either coming from you or to you.

Bye for now.. Regards Di.

Say NO to Sharia Law.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009
Hi Dee ,
It's been a while since I was so busy for the past few weeks.. I have limited time in front of my laptop but I still try my best to read Islam- and muslim-related articles and blogs, give comments to them, update my blog and so on. But this week and the following week will be a tough week for me because final exam is just around the corner and at the same time me and my group members have to finish up our design project. I feel like to burst because of heavy load but I need to be very positive to face this situation.

I sometimes have problem in accessing FB because the connection line here is quite damn slow. Every time I try to access my FB, the screen just appears in white. Totally blank. So that's why I seldom log in my FB. The internet will be much faster only during the semester break because almost everybody is going back to their own hometown.. Ok, I'm the eldest out of 4 siblings. All guys, no girl.. I wish I could have a sister. haha...I'm still living with my parents but for the time being, I far apart from them. It's not because I ran way but I have to leave them due to my study. My hometown is at xxxxx xxxxx which is the Eastern part of Malaysia but currently, I'm at Penang which is the western part of M'sia. These two parts of M'sia are seperated by South China Sea. So,I have to travel here (Penang) by flight and only going back home twice a year.
I love xxxxxx because it’s rich with its cultures. In the western part here you can only see Malay, Chinese and Indian but in xxxxxx, apart from those three there are Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Kenyah, Orang Ulu and many more. I can't wait going back to xxxxxx this coming semester break. hehe..

As I rethink about the issue which I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I've decided to continue on what I'm doing right now. I don't need to be in fear just because they warn to those who dare to insult Islam.. It's no use to be in fear because I need to wake up, help all of you to expose the evil doings in the name of Islam. For me, fear means you're too coward to face the truth. Truth must prevail..

That's all from me for now.. Bye. “Mark”.

(The following is in response to my blog about more Aussies getting together to fight against islam)
Thursday, 26 March 2009
I wish I could do that here. Invite all my friends to fight against the barbarism of Islam. But FYI, approximately 50% of my friends are muslim. Wow, could you imagine that? But they are all good friend of mine because they know nothing about what Islam truly is. What they do as a muslim are they go to pray (some don't even go to pray) and fast during Ramadan. That's all. You can predict what will happen if I do as what you all do. It's very difficult for me but I hope more people especially Westerners are joining you for goodness sake. Wish you all the best.

Blogger has left a new comment on your post "The Holy Bible and its preservation & Assembly of ...": Thanks Dee. This article has enlightened me more. Now I know how 'preserved' the Koran is. By the way, where you got this? I tried to open up the link given above but couldn't.

This is in response to an article and link I sent him about Father Zakaria, describing how the Koran has had 4 abrogation’s and no matter how many times the Bible has been reprinted, it is always an EXACT copy, unlike the comical Koran…

I just really would like to say a big thankyou to my friend in Malaysia and that I hope all of the above gives some of you just an iota of a glimpse as to what it’s like to live in a predominantly Islamic society. How if we don’t start doing something now about the encroachments of islam on our society then we too will not be able to openly have our beliefs or write what we want in our blogs or advertise what we want etc. I have grandchildren and a great grandchild, and I want them to grow up with all the freedoms that I grew up with…the freedoms that my father fought for…the freedoms that my past generations of family members fought for. The freedoms that so many brave men and women fought and died for. And That is for Australia to be a free country.

How about you?????


  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Hi Nancy/Joannah and welcome to beauseant. I am so glad you did leave a comment to let me know you will continue reading. I hope you will also visit some of the blogs that I have links to as well...this is where I get my education in all that is islam from...right down to the tagiyah...

    Bye for now...CNanna