Saturday, July 26, 2008

No nonsense guide to islam

The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam.
by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies.
A new Internationalist Publication.

Wow I bought this book just to further my education on islam and to try to learn more about the way the islamists think. Well at first I thought what a complete waste of my money. It is nothing but another piece of propaganda. what a wank of a book this is...I kid you not. I think I read about the first 20 pages and just could not keep on reading... it truly made the hairs on my neck stand stiff.
***The back cover reads: how can islam reconcile itself with the 21st century? this NNG explains the islamis worldview, examining the quran and islamic law (sharia), islams in history and islams relationship with the west.
The authors analyze the struggle within the faith for a more humane and holistic interpretation of their religion, and examines issues surrounding womens rights, economic development and democracy.
This balanced portrayal of 'real islam', looking beyond common perceptions and polemic debates.
It shows what islam has achieved and shows why a better understanding of muslims is needed throughout the world. But it also explains why islam needs to make itself more relevant by showing it can create a just, tolerant and peaceful society.***
if you think the back cover is a bloody joke, you ought to read the inside.... if it wasnt so darn scary in what they are trying to get the reader to believe it would be downright hilarious. I thumbed through the book and they have list of discoveries and inventions by the muslim world.... My God in Heaven I thought...I didnt know whether to laugh or throw up. In every thing I read that is so called muslim found, invented or discovered, you can back it in that there will be a corresponding much earlier account. Just take the Bible for one. Everything that is in the Bible that pervert mo reckons is false and his way is the last thing handed down by GOD. At least Jesus had accounts documented by his Apostles and Disciples, miracles and all. Jesus will come again ...down from Heaven... mo's saviour is gonna rise up from the den of iniquity....a well, or a deep dark abyss. Irans amadman pres, is right now awaiting this very same demon to come rising out of the pitts. So according to the Bible, this has to mean that we are in 'The Last Days' that Jesus spoke about. Mind you our time frame is a lot different to the time frame of Our Lord. So the end-days could be now plus another 100 or so years, but we are all to go through trials and tribulations just like the BOOK says. Are you prepared?


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  1. Mohammad was just a liar and a power hungry con man. Islam cannot reform as the Koran is in Gods words and mere man cannot change them. The two worlds cannot coexist in the same country,