Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aussie enemies

This is an article I came across when I was trawling thru some archives. I think it's important we read it again and start doing something about our own protection. Would anyone there be able to come up with a good template for those who want to ... fill in and send off to our Aussie pollies. If we all started voting for Liberals then that would get our lefties running for cover. If we sit back and leave it up to others then we are in for big trouble.

- - - - Australians Help Identify the Enemy and their Agents!
Sunday, December 31st, 2006
A new link has been added to this blog: Enemy Agents…
In order to raise awareness to the jihad activists and to keep the Australian public informed, it might be a good idea to collect a list and a database of subversives. Not just a list of the takiyya-masters, hate-preachers and potential terrorists, but also collected evidence that links them to subversive activities past and present. This should include a database on the notorious Sheik Hilali, the slick Melbourne lawyer Waleed Ali, Sheik Omran and his soldiers, the ex-Gitmo-Jihadi Mamduh Habib as well as ‘Jihad-Jack’ etc.
But not only:
Those who aid and abet the enemy, like lefty-looney lawyers & judges who openly demonstrate for the release of David Hicks and seek to pervert justice and freedom of speech in order to bring us the sharia, should not be spared any embarrassment in having to explain themselves for their treason and face the consequences.It is now 5 years after 9/11 and we still treat the enemy like a friend! 5 years after 9/11 Mohammedan infiltration continues and NOT ONE politician is willing to stand up in order to stop the invasion!
Lets STOP fooling around:
Islam is not a ‘race’- being against Islam does not make us or anyone else ‘racists’, xenophobic’ or bigoted: Islam is a totalitarian ideology in the guise of religion. Islam is reverse racism! Muslims did not come to Australia to become Australians: Islam has come to Australia in order to make US Islamic!
Is not every mosque a bunker, is not every madrassah a center of indoctrination? Can you prove that not every Imam is an enemy agent? Obviously not. On the contrary it might be quite easy to prove that most of the Imam’s in Australia are enemy agents and agent-provocateurs.
It is time to organize against subversion and the perversion of our legal system! Australians: Stand up for your rights! - - - - - -

And just where is dawoud hicks living now???? Well I believe he is now living in a heavily muslim area of NSW. And who is one of his friends now??? None other than a leftie Natasha Stott De -spoiler. Surely the Feds have got him under surveillence, and if not...bloody well why not??? What about the other known traitors in Australia, we have them here, in Werribee, Sth Aust. even Perth, and goodness knows where else. All living life to the fullest - mainly bludging on welfare, spreading their evil spawn amongst their brood mares... Are these people deliberately living openly muslim lives for the authorities to keep a watchful eye on while the business counterparts do their thing quietly but most assuredly? I have no doubt that there are plants inside mosques, but how long are they gonna be there undercover? Even if info is passed on it is still leaving us all wide open for them to build up their plans of destruction... it is only a matter of time before Australia has some awful tragedy like New York, or Bali. I know there have been many plots discovered and the public does not get to hear about them. I also know when we had the Commonwealth games that there were incidents that were nipped in the bud and just not reported to the wider public. I am tired of being treated like the proverbial mushroom. If these things were publicised then surely that would help take the blinkers off of so many people who think it won't happen here. Coz it will.
Where are the Templars when needed?????


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