Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Claire says she is no racist...

I'm no racist, says Clare the bogan
Superstar bogan Clare Werbeloff has hit back at claims she is a racist, saying "wog" is no longer an offensive word in Australia.


Speaking for the first since she became an internet phenomenon, Ms Werbeloff expressed disbelief at the attention she has received after her made-up account of a Kings Cross shooting. ...."The next day I had a fan page on Facebook [and] people have been setting up Twitter accounts."

DID ANYONE READ THIS IN THE NEWS??? I am sure some people only know how to comment when they want to be derogatory....they obviously do not have a sense of humour.... Anyway, here is my 2 bob's worth...

FFS, cant you naysayers keep your anger and vitriol and take it to the real racists of this country…the ones who call us “white trash”, “maggots”, “cat-meat”, “filthy infidels”, “apes and pigs”, and oh the list goes on.

We Aussies are well known for our sense of humour, and real true Aussies don’t go in for all that PC-MC crap. We call a spade a spade and that’s all it is… So Claire was having a bit of fun. Look at some of the under handed things the Media have pulled on us...the poor unsuspecting fools of an audience… they set a story up, use false props and photos taken from some story of long ago, then try to feed it to us like it is Sunday’s roast lamb.

And you have the temerity to compare Claire to that little no-hoper Cory???? Excuse me, if that was my grandson, I’d kick his backside from here into next year.

Sheeeshh, No wonder I don’t bother to watch any of the current affair shows these days…. I do however watch Media Watch…I think that’s fantastic as it does expose some of the scam stories these current affairs shows try to foist on the unsuspecting square box viewer.

I am by no means a RACIST, but make no mistake, I do have my PREJUDICES against certain cultures and ethnicities that come here to use and abuse the Australian generosity.

I, myself am a ‘mixed-breed’ of immigrants that came here in the late 1890’s, I have WOG Italian, WELSH, and horror of horrors…IRISH. I was brought up a Roman Catholic and endured years of being called a Catholic Wog… but I just got on with my life…

Oh, and… by the by…I am one of the fans on FACEBOOK.

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