Saturday, June 13, 2009

From the horses mouth in Malaysia.

After sometime not hearing from my friend in Malaysia, I was starting to become very concerned about him.

But my fears have been allayed as I received an email from him last night.
As I have mentioned previously in earlier posts, I have his permission to post some of the content of his emails here. This is so any readers can read for themselves, the perspective of someone who hast to live in a Country predominantly muslim and he being a Christian, he has to be very careful what he does and says. Even in his web activities and his emails. He is under no illusion that he is not being monitored and he cannot send for any books or DVD's as customs will be on his doorstep and he will be in serious trouble for speaking against muslims or for buying anything of an anti-muslim nature.
Good God, I cannot imagine having to live like that. He has his friends, but still has to be a bit wary of them especially in what he says.

So here is some of the emails content.
Make of it what you will, but remember that this is real life in a muslim country.

I'm very very shocked when I heard that President Obama would be giving a long-awaited speech to the Muslim world.I could never imagined that.When I read some extractions of his speech,i said to myself "What is he talking about?".The speech is very sweet-talked and he acted as if he is pro-muslim than pro-American.I wonder what is Americans' reaction and feel towards his so-called remarkable speech..Do you have friends from US?Did you ask them their opinion about President Obama's speech?.Even Muslim leaders in Malaysia hail his speech.Our Prime Minister says that he is a true American leader and claims that Malaysia is the best example of Muslim nation in the world.How about Saudi Arabia.Isn't Arabic people practising the true Islam which advocate killing of unbelievers.The problem in Malaysia is most Muslim here are practicing 40% to 50% of Islamic teaching.Some of them don't pray 5 times daily.The most common things they do to show themselves as a Muslim are praying facing Kaabah,fasting during the month of Ramadan and paying zakat(giving alms).

I notice there's a big problem here for me.In East Malaysia(Sarawak and Sabah) where most native people(Iban,Bidayuh,Christian Melanau,Kenyah,Kayan and other Orang Ulu ethnics,KadazanDusun,Murut) are Christian,they have no idea about what Islam really is.They think that Muslim and Christian are praying to same God,yet with a different way.Surely,this is a big problem.As I can notice,the native youths when entering to tertiary level institute(i.e. uni,private college etc),they tend convert to Islam especially with the girls.It's not because they love Islam,but during their uni period,their boyfriend will be a Malay Muslim.FYI,many of Sarawakian and Sabahan ethnics are going to West Malaysia for study and at the same time,West M'sia is Muslim-populated.So,the malay guy will be seeking for non-muslim Sarawakian and Sabahan girl as their girlfriend and start to brainwash them. My emphasis.Sadly,the non-muslim are too naive and totally out of idea about what is the true face of Islam.Nowadays,this issue is on the rise and some of my non-muslim friends even notice about this.I'm thinking about how to combat or at least reduce this problem but I don't know how.If I start exposing the hidden side of Islam,I know there will be a risky consequence awaits.But I did tell and share to my close friends about Islam in such an informal way.I hope I've the guts to tell to more people..

I have had to take out some personal references from his homeplace and a few other identifying remarks.

He is a brave person but he must tread carefully as he is concerned for his family living in the East. I have no doubt that if it were not for them he would be more pro-active and vocal.
So my friend, I wish you God's speed and stay safe.

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