Sunday, June 28, 2009

Islam In Action: Jihadist Urges Muslims to Cannibalize US Soldiers

Islam In Action: Jihadist Urges Muslims to Cannibalize US Soldiers

This is just one more sick thing to add to the long list of what these bastards are prepared to do. And civilised people have to bend over backward to appease them, sending them to other countries, which I believe Australia said NO or sending them to island resorts instead of gitmo, even when they get a hold of a soldier as hostage or some civilian to publicly behead them, and their vicious vitriol against anyone not of their islamic cult. The death penalty should be brought back for this scum or held as prisoner of war until the war is over, and not in mainstream prisons where they get a chance to suck in others to the jihadist cause.
As a Christian I try so hard to forgive their sins and try to understand they are humans too, and if I want my sins forgiven then I must forgive others their sin as instructed by the Bible, but I am sorry, I can't even begin to understand these people let alone forgive them...maybe God can, but I can't.

Even our (Australian) weak govt, is amending laws for ARSON etc, yet they will not mention the fact that there is a jihad by arson and jihad by economics component in all of this even tho we have had direct warnings from Sept 2008..

I don't often vent my anger or feelings in comment form, but this is just too far gone...we all need to be yelling at our respective government leaders.
I did have one small success...I sent some sharia finance in Australia with the NABank info to my sister, and I actually got a positive response for once. I have severed my accounts with the NAB and soon to sever my accounts with a credit Union who I had been with for over 25 years as they have been taken over by another mob and I don't trust I am going to ANZ.

Please people, look into whichever institution you bank with and find out who their shelf companies are....if you care about our future, you will act on it...

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