Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well we knew it was coming, but when I saw this my stomach did a few turns. I am a Bible Sabbath keeper, and so are a lot of others, not only my Religious Doctrine (SDA) but a few others like the United Church and the Church of Philadelphia. This is the first step to control everything you do. This will in fact turn into THE MARK OF THE BEAST in Biblical Prophecy. I say this as many people think it's going to be a barcode of sorts, well in a way they are right. I believe it will have to do with an ID card, and this will enable you to buy and sell, and will be attached to a census of types. If you do not tow the line in obeying their laws then you won't be able to buy and sell and you will not be issued any money (the new currency which is already made incidentally) This Sunday law looks all nice and warm and fuzzy feeling, yeah???? Wrong. This will be sold to the people so as they will think the government wants families to spend time together and bring the unruly kids back into line sort of thing, but in reality, it is to control what you do. Make no mistake about it...America has had this law on the books for quite some time, it only needs to be enacted and that will come with the signing of treaties. Australia....now I wonder if we are the same?...have we the law already on the books just not enacted?. If Germany is going to control the world and be the next superpower, and the Pope and his Vatican are the rulers and who pull the strings of the UN then we will have no choice but to enact the laws or there will be sanctions put against us.
The next step will be made law that you will HAVE to go to church on Sunday, then following that, it will come down on the True Sabbath keepers that we will be fined for not going to church on Sunday as proscribed by the law. Next we will be persecuted for keeping the Sabbath.
If you don't already know, it was the RCC who changed the day of Worship to Sunday...it is well documented and they freely admit it.
Have a read of this and note the date. Go to Ron Fraser and it will take you to his many articles and some of them are truly frightening to read. We are not told about these things in the media, and like me reading Chris Logans blog, I wouldn't know half of what's happening in the world. Thanks again Chris....

Germany Reaffirms Sunday Law
December 1, 2009 From theTrumpet.comDec. 1, 2009, marks a historic day in Germany in more ways than one! By Ron Fraser

Coincident with the enacting of the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution on December 1, Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the nation’s capital must, akin to the rest of the country, abide by the law instituting Sunday as a day “of rest from work and of spiritual improvement” (Deutsche Welle, December 1).
Since the war, Berlin had enacted its own legislation allowing 10 shopping Sundays per year. That local ruling is now quashed. Effective from Jan. 1, 2010, Berlin must fall into line with the law institutionalizing Sunday as a day of rest and religious contemplation as contained in Germany’s Basic Law.
The actual law establishing Sunday as Germany’s weekly day of worship is enshrined in an appendix to the Basic Law under the heading, “Extracts From the German Constitution of Aug. 11, 1919 [Weimar Constitution].” There we find, under the subhead “Religion and Religious Societies,” Article 139, which reads: “Sunday and holidays recognized by the state shall remain protected by law as days of rest from work and of spiritual improvement.”
Though, under that same section, Article 137 (1) states “There shall be no state church,” the effect of the Sunday law is to institutionalize Roman Catholicism and its daughter churches as Germany’s state religion.
Those aware of the history of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation will see this move by Germany’s highest court as one step further toward enforcing Rome’s religion, not only as the state religion on Germany, but on the whole European empire enacted by treaty on this infamous day, Dec. 1, 2009.
The prophecies of Revelation 13 leap into current-day perspective with this latest ruling of Germany’s Constitutional Court. For a clearer understanding of just where this is all leading, read our booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=6782.5295.0.0

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