Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When reading Chris Logans new style blog today, I was incensed to read that muslims are claiming Jesus was a muslim. I let quite a long response there and I will repeat it here. The reply was to a comment by tyga... I am not disagreeing with him, just adding some facts.

Yes tyga, Jesus was born a Jew and raised a Jew. But he also destroyed the inside of the Jewish Temple because they were selling animals for sacrifice and other goods, thus turning it into a market place. He also left that particular doctrine because the Pharisees and Sadducees make it totally ridiculous with the Sabbath laws and other laws handed down from God His Father. He started His own Church with His Apostles and Disciples, saying, "Where 2 or more are gathered in My name there I will be also". The Sabbath Laws are clear, as is the 10 Commandments written on stone by God's own finger. The explanations and directions for sacrifice and all other laws and the building of the Temple Sanctuary were recorded by Moses. I get so upset when muslims try to profess that Jesus was a muslim. The word muslim came with mohammed when he wanted to change the islamic law according to him, so islam was around then actually. But as for any claims of muslim or islam for that matter of Jesus being of them...PLEASE.... when are these muslims gonna get a life instead of stealing everyone else’s, the koran is a plagiarised book...a copy of the Torah and the New Testament. Every one of the muslim verses and stories can be found in the Bible and the stories of the Prophets and Patriarchs and Kings. I am so over this muslim crap. I have one of them come into our Christian Resource Centre, and I do not trust him at all. I once heard him say, and I quote.."I am a muslim, I was born muslim, I live as a muslim and I will always be a muslim, I will never convert to Christianity". end quote. He has been coming to the centre for around 6 months for one on one Bible study, and he occasionally comes to Sabbath service, and shows the most rude manners during service...eg, going outside for a smoke, playing around on his mobile phone and talking to the person sitting next to him. I have complained about him and I am sure he will be spoken to. I just bet he would not behave like that at his mosque. I also don't think he has been in Australia for that long either, but I am going to have a serious talk to the Pastor and Lay-Pastor about him. I have already raised his behaviour and he will be asked not to be doing that in future. He says, we are all God's children, and we are all one etc, but to me, he sort of protests too loudly if you know what I mean. I would like some verse numbers that show this is deceit to show my pastor, and yes I have a koran but had no time to read thru it, although I tried, but my stomach kept turning. Any ideas anyone??
I have posted some extra info on my blog, about how God punishes even His people, and how He forgives and gives many chances to turn oneself away from sin.
Can the muslims say the same about old mo??
I get really insulted when the muslims say that we all have the one God…we don’t. Jews and Christians have the one God, only the Jews wanted a royal and regal king with all the splendour, and what they got was Jesus…He wasn’t good enough for the Pharisees and Sadducees, as He was a humble Carpenter.

The following is an article that shows that the Bible does not cover up any of the sins by even the OT prophets, but they were rebuked by God for their sins. The same cannot be said for the koran which pains old mo as perfect in life.

Read this article then compare it to the next.
Weekly Feature David knew how to repent
Source: Michael Youssef
King David was a champion for God but he did not live a Teflon lifestyle. The problems, difficulties, and sorrows of life did not slide past him. He lived a difficult, tragic, and lonely life. His was a life of brokenness. Great men and women of God are not great because they escape their problems. They are great because they know how to go to God with their problems in brokenness.
The Bible doesn't sanitize its characters before presenting them to us. They are presented with all of their sin and uncertainty. This is why we are given the brutal truth about David and his life — his sinfulness, his blindness, and the consequences of his sin. Time and again, God forgave David, but He didn't overrule the consequences of David's sin. In many ways, the Bible's 66 chapters about David would make for a wild Hollywood soap opera. Everything is there — murder, adultery, incest. However, there is a difference between David's true-life drama in the Word of God and a Hollywood soap opera. The Bible reveals to us the wages of sin while Hollywood sanitizes, glamorizes, and sugarcoats the consequences of sin. Ignoring God's will may be accompanied by successes in the beginning but give this behavior some time, and the wages of sin will become clear. As the heart hardens, no sermon, no preacher, no friend, and no church will be able to get through to that person until the Spirit of God breaks them. David thought that he had gotten away with his sexual sin with Bathsheba. He didn't understand that God's justice may take a long time but it will always come. The law of God was clear and the punishment for adultery in the Old Testament was stoning. Both the adulterer and the adulteress were to be stoned to death. David tried to escape the law by arranging for Bathsheba's husband, Uriah, to be killed. Months passed and everyone forgot about the sin except for God. Through the prophet Nathan, God brought David under conviction and his response was, "I sinned before God." His response is an indication of the sorrow and grief he had over his sin. Every verse of Psalm 51 shows us the depth of his anguish and the reality of his repentance. David's repentance is the only true and biblical kind of repentance. It was genuine because it was accompanied by a desire to forsake his sin. The consequence of his sin was grave — the death of his son. Still, God forgave David just as He will forgive us when we come to Him in repentance. From cover-to-cover, the Bible gives examples of great men and women of God who exercised genuine repentance — in both word and in deed. Sin is deceptive and its wages are death. God honors true repentance and gives life to those who are broken before Him. Today you can ask the Lord to "Restore unto me the joy my salvation" (Psalm 51:12).
Useful link: www.leadingtheway.org

Then an article by Ron Fraser telling us of islamic activity within our own Country.

Terror Touches Australia From theTrumpet
August 5, 2009 From theTrumpet.com
In the second such incident within the past few years, a terrorist plot is unveiled in Australia. By Ron Fraser

Terrorist activity is not new to Australia’s shores. Forty years ago the Croatian Nazi-linked terror group, the Ustashi, were discovered with well-entrenched training camps in the state of Victoria. These days, Australia is more likely to be affected by terrorism having a very different ideological base to that of the Ustashi. Islamist extremists have penetrated Australia over recent years, threatening the “lucky country” with a level of violence more normally associated with the nations to its north.
This week, the terrorist spotlight was again on Victoria as hundreds of police conducted pre-dawn raids in the state capital of Melbourne, arresting a number of suspected terrorists with Somali-Islamist associations, allegedly engaged in a plot to conduct a suicide mission on one of Australia’s best-known military bases. According to Associated Press, police reported that “Some 400 officers from state and national security services took part in 19 raids on properties in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, before dawn Tuesday, arresting four men and detaining several others for questioning” (August 4).
The Melbourne raid allegedly thwarted the second of two planned attacks exposed in the past few years by Australian authorities. As AP reported, “Seven men were imprisoned in the past year for involvement in a nascent plot to target thousands of spectators in an attack on major sporting events in Australia.”
The most publicized effect of Islamist terrorism on Australian nationals was the attack on a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, in 2002, in which 88 Australians were among the over 200 people killed.
Australia became a target of al Qaeda and associated terror groups due to its support of the United States and its allies in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Under the previous administration of Prime Minister John Howard, Australia was reputed to be America’s staunchest ally. This stance has since been modified under the present Rudd government, as is publicized in Australia’s latest white paper on defense. That paper indicates that Australia will no longer feel bound to support the U.S. in campaigns for which Australians see no direct benefit to their nation.
Fulfilling a campaign promise he made prior to his election as prime minister, Kevin Rudd withdrew Australia’s support of President Bush’s alliance against terror in Iraq by bringing home Australian combat troops from that theater a year ago. The remainder, an Australian training contingent, were withdrawn on July 31 this year.
However, Mr. Rudd, in a direct show of support to the Obama administration, has increased Australia’s contribution to the campaign in Afghanistan. Thus Australia is still a target for extremist Islamist elements intent on wreaking havoc on any perceived ally of America.
In better days there was such a crime against the state known as treason. The penalty for such a crime was death. Having taken Australian citizenship, suspected terrorists such as those currently under arrest in Melbourne would be, upon the evidence being proven, guilty of such a crime. Had we a leadership that would recognize this age-old crime for what it is and exact the penalty, there would be far fewer such cowardly beings lurking in our midst.
Our Creator had a straightforward way of dealing with immigrants in the land of ancient Israel. The abiding law of God was inexorable: “One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you” (Exodus 12:49). Immigrants were to be treated as normal Israelite citizenry on condition that they submitted to the laws, the culture and the religion of the nation.
Oh, for leaders who would have the power and the strength of character to demand such conditions for entry into the lands that so many of the deprived of poorer nations long for, the lands of the Anglo-Saxons! And oh, for leaders who would enforce the invitation to leave on those who wish us evil!
That may sound like a vain hope to any genuine seeker after truth. But believe it or not, such leaders are in the making right now!
Request your own copy, gratis, of our booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like for the revelation as to how such a leadership is in the very process of preparation to engage in a government that will soon truly bring peace and prosperity to all! •

Featured Comments:
Whatever happened to President Obama’s hand of friendship to the Islamic world? The Islamists are showing their true colours. Witness bloodbaths in Xinjiang, Jakarta, Northern Nigeria and now this plot in Australia. Remember history. In the past Islamic armies swept through much of Europe and South Asia not because of their technology or strength. The superpowers of the time, the Byzantine and Persian Sassanid empires were in a state of moral decay. This contributed to their downfall. It is happening again now. The Anglo-Saxon world has lost its moral/religious compass. Self-indulgence in wickedness is the order of the day. So a twisted ideology like Islamism is moving in like a shark smelling blood!
Peter Thomas—Sarawak/Malaysia

Note this last quote...like sharks smelling the blood and moving in....and people are so blind to the real intentions of muslims, especially the ones who blatantly say they are muslim, always will be and have no intention of ever being anything else, and claim Jesus was a muslim....makes me sick to think of it...and yes, as a Christian, I should be open and tolerant of all people as Jesus taught, but Jesus also taught us to be aware of false prophets in the days to come....which include 500-600 years after His death of the founding of mo's religion...being a muslim in the name of islam.
Jesus died for our sins and with it...with Him being the ultimate sacrifice...He did away with the sacrifice for sins practice, the reason the Jews still kill innocent animals in the fashion of sacrifice is because they do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. Furthermore, Jews believe that by building a new temple in Jerusalem, and the Jews and muslims fighting over the land which is Holy, they believe God will build His new Jerusalem over in Israel. That's why Jews from around the world are flocking there and why all wars are fought over this piece of land. God's new Jerusalem will be in the area of Israel, but it will not be a built-by-men city....It will descend from Heaven after Satan is cast into the fire and the whole earth is vanquished, and repleted with new growth. Prophecy clearly tells of this if it is read all in context and really studied. There will be NO secret rapture either. We are in the last days, we can be sure of that. Everything foretold in Prophecy has all but happened, there are only a couple of events left to happen and it will all be over. Jesus will descend on the clouds with His band of Angels and take up those dead in Christ, then those alive in Christ for the thousand years in Heaven, all others will die in the calamities of weather and earthquakes.. During this time of the thousand years the judgement of the Undead will be taking place. During this time Satan and his evil angels will roam the earth with no-one to tempt or destroy. Then God will bring the new Jerusalem down out of Heaven to rest just above the earth. Then He will raise the dead not in Christ, and this is where satan will once again try to win them over by tempting them with power and glory over God, as he did in Heaven in the first place which caused him to be cast down to earth., they will be led by satan to try and overthrow the new Jerusalem, but of course will fail miserably and then according to their sins and life they will have their punishment meted out. Once this is done and the earth cleansed, the new Jerusalem will descend the rest of the way to the earth, where God will reigb, and there will be no more sin nor temptation.

This is not me making up stories, but it is all told in the Bible and Prophecy....go read it.