Thursday, August 19, 2010



As one of my previous post states that I am a Sabbath keeping Seventh Day Adventist.

I have left that church awhile ago as I was realising more and more how legalistic this church can be, and it was making me feel guilty for enjoying certain aspects of my life....So I left and went to a Baptist Church....I have truly never been happier...there is no pressur, just good company and fellowship.
With my search to find a path to walk with Jesus i have learned so much...especially which doctrines are soul destroying....but I now feel so at home with the Baptist church, I think my search is over.
I know I have never really put anything on this blog about my religion, but for those who have read the previous blogs well I just thought I would rectify my situation.

Other than that, I am still reading Chris Logan and well as the other blogs and newsletters..

I have not been as active here as I would like but there are many reasons for it which I will not go into here, suffice to say, I have had a few months of household renovations happening, been away, and other times not been feeling very well, but that is all over with now, so I do plan on getting back to the swing of things and help in any small way to spread the news of what the muslims are trying to get away with especially here in Oz.

Every day I read more and more of what the muslims are up to here...demanding one thing or another, fighting in the courts to be able to wear a face veil in OUR COURT SYSTEM, coz she wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise...well I don't give a rat's Ar*e, the full face burqa, hijab or whatever they want to call it should be totally bloody-well banned here in Australia.

When are people going to wake up to what they are slowly accomplishing...???? Does the regular Aussie take no notice of what is happening in the UK, USA, , France, Germany, etc etc etc as to what is happening with the muslim population. Religion of peace my backside.

So I have one thing to say to my fellow Aussie....
COME ON AUSSIE COME ON COME ON. Wake up, stand up for our rights.... We are going to the polls on Saturda 21st August.... God help us if Labour gets back in...I usually vote Liberal, but I won't be voting for them either, neither will I give the greens any ticks...I will be voting for the Independents, they are the only chance we have in the Senate.

As there was a bit of sabotage happening with the Registration of THE AUSTRALIA PROTECTION PARTY, which resulted in them not being registered on time for this election, that is why I am voting Independents of Fred least he wants to ban the burqa and stop muslim immigration.

I have had it with the darn muslims...taking over complete suburbs, demanding prayer time, when others arent allowed a smoke break...footbaths, muslim only rooms at Uni, expecting us not to eat or drink in public during their ramadama dingdong month while they plot their next terrorist move.... if they don't want to see people eating or drinking in public, then let them saty indoors. I am so sick of them dictating to us what we can do what we should be doing etc.

So that's my 5cents worth for today.

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