Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christian group saddened by obamanator

With the Christian organisations I frequent and websites that I subscribe to on the net, I have become somewhat disillusioned by the majority of them supporting obama.

However, my heart is lightened by one group that DO NOT support obama....this is an organisation called Christian Shirts. - -

they are offering us readers a 25% discount on purchases.

At, we are greatly saddened by the election of a pro-choice President. In order to keep the Pro-life movement upbeat, we are giving all our subscribers a coupon for 25% off, which is good for one week only. Keep Pro-life hope alive!

Yes, I am Pro-Life but up to a point..... I do not believe in abortion as contraception, nor do I believe that a baby should be born with such disabilities that would render their life in a vegetative state. Not abortion just because your child may have a disability of some kind, like the kind that would still let them live a fruitful life. There are so many parents opting for abortion just because their child will be born with Down Syndrome. Now I know these children can have good lives as I have worked with them and also have a niece and a nephew with disabilities, mind you, my brother and sister in-law adopted both of them as they were tossed on the scrap heap.....tests were not available back then, and I can tell you both these kids grew into lovely adults, one of whom has a family of his own and a very good job.

This is not the only reason this group is against obama by the way, there are a few other reasons. Anyway, have a look at their site and you might even find some good t-shirts to buy for gifts for Christmas.

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