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Support an Open Fuel Standard

Posted: 03 Nov 2008 12:59 PM CST

"THIS YEAR, the United States and other countries will send OPEC countries more money than the United States taxpayers send our own Department of Defense," says Anne Korin in the video below.

This can change. It costs very little for car manufacturers to tweak their engines so they can burn several different kinds of fuels — in other words, to create a single engine that can burn ethanol and methanol and gasoline, whichever is available or cheapest. Car manufacturers already make some of their cars with this tweak. If car manufacturers were required to do this by the government (just as they are required to build in seat belts), fuel companies would have enough confidence to build fueling stations for alternative fuels, and then what would happen? The different kinds of fuels could compete.

Right now oil is a fuel monopoly. It is the only fuel most cars use. This monopoly is controlled by OPEC. They don't produce all the oil on the market, but they produce such a large amount that they can change the global price of oil when they wish. This means the global price of oil is controlled by Jihadis, and they are using their oil monopoly to do two things at once: To fund a global jihad, and to weaken the free world.

You can do something right now to push the U.S. to adopt an open fuel standard: Go to Nozzle Rage and click on the red button in the upper right hand corner to put the pressure on your representatives to get this law passed. Then encourage everyone you know to do so, and encourage them to encourage everyone they know. Let's get this done, pronto!

The idea of "drill here, drill now" will help remove money from OPEC and put it into the U.S. market, which is a good thing, but it still leaves OPEC controlling oil prices, which means Jihadis are controlling the price of transportation, which means Jihadis are controlling the global economy. "Drill here, drill now" is a good thing to do, but it is not the whole solution. Whenever more oil is added to the global market, OPEC reduces its output accordingly. Their control of their output controls the price. It is oil jihad. We need to defeat it with freedom. In this case, a free market competition between transportation fuels.

In the U.S., we only use 2% of our oil creating electricity. Building more nuclear power plants or wind turbines won't help much with the transportation issue until more cars and trucks are electric. But making more fuel options possible (by mandating the open fuel standard) will strongly impact the transportation issue quickly, giving us freedom from the monopoly, and freedom from control by OPEC, while cutting off a significant flow of money to people committed to sabotaging Western democracies.

Watch Anne Korin speak about the problem and the solution in the video below. Korin is the director of policy and strategic planning at Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and the editor of Energy Security: Click here to see the video.

That is the first video of several. You can watch the rest here: Anne Korin's solution to OPEC's monopoly and oil jihad.

The simplest, cheapest, quickest way to eliminate OPEC's control on the world economy is making it a law that cars must be made with an open fuel standard. Do you want to cut off money going to Jihadis bent on the West's destruction? Write to your representatives now, and please urge everyone you know to do so too at: Nozzle Rage.

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