Saturday, November 1, 2008

Intentions of islam

THANKS to Gathering Storm for this excellent article. If I never knew one single thing about islamist actions, then after reading this I would certainly have a good grasp of the intentions of islamists and how they are going about it. I urge you to have a look at the 'Weekly Think Piece' and sign up for regular newsletters.


Weekly Think Piece

Connecting the Dots

The politicians, main stream media, liberal pundits, and academicia still don't get it. They can't seem to connect the dots. The gods of political correctness and the religion of multiculturalism have blinded them to the Islamist battle tactics being used today on the free world. They try all they can to interpret the Muslim world's displeasure with the free democracies as something we did. Rioting, demanding and whining are caused by us and not signs of a well thought-out softening-up process carefully planned and executed.

• Rioting over a few benign cartoons is the tactic of intimidation.
• Demanding the right under multiculturalism not to assimilate is the tactic of infiltration.
• Whining about being persecuted is the tactic of disinformation.
• Apologist defense of the 'religion of peace' and 'tolerance' while at the same time condemning western civilization are the acts of appeasement.

Every belligerent through out history depends on the elements of waging war - and the war of Islamo-fascism against the free world is no exception.

A belligerent must have at its disposal:

• Financial resources
• Weapons or Raw Material to Manufacturer Them
• Propaganda Machine
• Recruiting Apparatus
• Command and Control
• Safe Havens to Plan

The global Islamist strategy fills all six of these requirements.

They have the financial resources and support of the oil rich rogue states like Iran and the individual support of sheiks and rich Arab businessmen in the Middle East.

With these resources they can give their jihadist agents an endless supply of weapons and war materials for them to execute their insurgency of the West.

The Islamist propaganda machine uses the latest information technology and their mosques to get the word out and generate support and encouragement for their cause.

And their mosques strategically placed within the free nations of the world serve another purpose - recruiting of believers, and command and control of their troops.
Finally, safe haven for planning and communication are provided by countries like Syria, Iran, and Pakistan where the free world military can not reach.

Connecting all the dots and we see that the Islamist have a well co-coordinated, effective order of battle our politicians, main stream media and even our military to a large extent have little understanding of.

We better wake up and smell the Islamic battle plan or our attempts at appeasement will play right into the hands of the Islamist strategy for world domination.

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