Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bushfires jihadi style.

Bush fires threat for summer.

One would think about this headline…”Yeah, well what’s new about that, it is always a threat in Australia during every summer period.”
Now the brave fire fighters and many volunteers who are there to help in a supporting, making tea, coffee, sandwiches, medical etc. are facing an even greater season of danger… and not just because Australia is in drought and everything is very dry.

-Before I go on let me say this…” If all the do-gooders and bleeding heart greenies out there would keep their noses out of forestry matters and didn’t interfere in safe practices of burning off and land clearing, then the danger would be lessened. -

Nevertheless, this is not what this piece is about.

In a story from The Sunday Age, September 7th 2008, page 5, we hear (read) from Federal Politics reporter Josh Gordon and the headline…

Australian ‘infidels’ targeted on website.

This is apparently some tit-for-tat revenge going on because of their forests being ravaged…chopped down.
This website called – Al-Iklas Islamic Network argues this is revenge justified under Islamic law “an eye for an eye” doctrine. This website is in Arabic and instructs jihadis to remember ‘forest jihad’ in the summer months. Going on to say this will cause great economic damage and pollution, tie up security and emergency agencies and that these fires can take months to extinguish. This is to cause ‘terror that will haunt them for an extended period of time”.

(I am recalling Ash Wednesday and The Dandenong fires and other horrific seasonal fires).

They are banking on a level of fear in the population after these fires are claimed responsibility of by these terrorists. This is also planned for not only Australia but US, Europe and Russia.

(Now I am recalling the fires of LA etc).

Australia’s security forces are considering the bushfires could be used as a weapon of terrorism as a serious concern………COULD BE….PLEASE!!! Our Attorney General Mr McClelland said the Federal Govt. ‘remained vigilant against such threats’ warning that anyone caught lighting fires as a weapon of terrorism would feel the full brunt of the anti-terror laws…..

(Ah gees, I can hear it now… Mr. Firelighter, are you a terrorist? Ok we will get you some legal aid to build a defence for you and tie up the legal system for months on end costing the tax payers a mighty sum of their hard earned dollars, only to give you a slap on the wrist.) Am I being cynical here??? You bet I am…after the fiasco of Haneef and MR Jihad Jack and David Hicks and the other traitors to Australia.

Adam Dolnik, Director at Uni. Of Wollongong’s Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, said that bush fires (unlike suicide bombing) were generally not considered a glorious type of attack by jihadis, in keeping with recent decline in sophistication of terrorist operations. “With attacks like bushfires, yes, it would be very easy and extremely damaging and we do see a decreasing sophistication as a part of terrorist attacks”. He went on to say “In recent years, there have been quite a few attacks averted and it has become more and more difficult for groups to do something effective”.

(Notice here that the operative word s being…have been…I understand that they don’t want to panic normal everyday citizens by advertising these facts, and I can only presume the sophistication, severity and frequency of attacks has been lessened due to the vigilance of the security agencies).

He goes further by saying, “ He had observed an increase in the website’s traffic calling for a simplification of terrorist attacks because the more complex operations had been failing. (Or thwarted??.) But starting bushfires was still often less effective than other operations because governments could easily deny terrorism as the cause”. (Treating the general public like a field of bloody mushrooms. This would take the glory away from the jihadis unless they …the jihadis…were to come out into the open and publically announce their deeds).

The internet posting by the little-known group claimed the idea of forest fires had been attributed to imprisoned Al Qaeda leader Abu Musad Al-Suri. It goes on to say Al-Suri had urged terrorists to use sulphuric acid and petrol to start these forest fires.
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Just think for a moment…if say 10 of these gutless wonder jihadis spread themselves around Australia in the most vulnerable spots and all started their fires on the same day…how busy would that keep the firefighters and other emergency services??? I dare say that each State would be on their own as there would be no available Interstate units to go and assist in other States of Australia. Moreover, we have plenty of forests for them to be a target. The damage that would be done would be enormous, and not just to the forests, and all the Native animals and to the people who live in these areas but economically and in other ways that is just too terrible to imagine.

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