Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forced Conversions

Pakistani Christians asked to choose between 'conversion' or 'death'
11 Sep 2008 - Source: ASSIST News Service

At least nine Pakistani Christians of Shantinagar, a Christian village in Punjab province, have reportedly received letters threatening them to convert to Islam on September 3, 2008, the Minorities Concern of Pakistan (MCP) has reported. The letters threatened death or eviction from the area in case the recipients did not convert to Islam.

Last year, some Christian residents of Charsadda, Mardan and Peshawar in the conservative North West Frontier Province of Pakistan received letters threatening them to convert to Islam in 10 days or face death.

Some 10 villagers of Shantinagar received an identical message twice last year, the MCP's report said. The fresh letters, it said, did not mention any deadline.

"Don't think we have forgotten you. We are after you and we will teach you a lesson..," the MCP report quoted the letters as saying.

In 1997 the Christian village of Shantinagar was burnt and destroyed by a mob of about 2000 after Christians were allegedly accused of desecrating the Quran, the Muslim holy book, it said.

It added: "In the attack, about 2000 Bibles were also burnt."

"A judicial inquiry was held but still the findings of the inquiry are not made public.

"Moreover, police arrested 97 persons in this connection but nobody was convicted," it said.

The report said that in many cases, Christian, Hindu and Sikh women have been kidnapped and forcibly married to Muslim men after conversion.

Minority rights groups' estimate that around 600 people a year are forcibly converted to Islam.

11 Sep 2008 ACC News.

Hmmm, kidnapped then forced to marry after forced conversion hey... yeah really peaceful islam is - NOT.

Amazing how many were arrested but no convictions came...gee I wonder why this could be??? Even after an inquiry.

If and when I ever have to face a decision like that... I think I will just spit in their faces and die with my pride intact. But then on the other hand I could do what they do and just pretend conversion until a very much needed underground is ready for an uprising. Mata Hari eat ya heart out. I only hope and pray that I never have to witness any atrocity happening to my family.... I don't think I could handle that. So yeah, come on big boys... come and is such a pity that we Aussies no longer are allowed to own guns without a permit for hunting etc....think I will go and find me a hunter man and cut a deal with him.....then again I do have some mighty fine carving and boning knives.....


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