Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No headlines

Why is it that every day I take the plastic wrap off my delivered paper every morning and never read anything about the pending violence that we know will be heading our way.... this Benbrika did not even get a mention on the front page...on any day.there has only been a few lines regarding this trial. I am so sick of reading about the bullshit going on at Parliament or so called sporting heroes.... I reserve the term heros for people who give service and put their lives on the line for the ordinary everyday the emergency services.... the armed forces etc. I am so sick of not hearing what is really going on...thank God for the internet and the ability to get newsletters from JW/DW/ Islam in Action and all the other ones I get. Ya know, I occasionally email certain pieces of info out to those on my email address list, and I generally get back a message....why do you keep sending me this shit for.....I can't even talk about the subject to people because they just give me that look of....ah shit, here she goes again....and then emit a little snigger and call me obsessed with this jihad crap....Well OK...from now on I will just keep learning from my faceless friends who either write the blogs or regularly comment on these blogs and when the time comes we will see who is obsessed. I honestly wish I could find some like minded people and discuss the issues, worries, concerns and put some plans into action for our future.

While I am at it...does anyone have any real ideas as to what is happening to the financial institutions in America and UK, as well as here in OZ?....they are either merging due to losses or are folding, and the stock market is struggling. Now I must admit...the business section of my daily paper has generally been used for toilet paper for my dog over the years, but the last couple of weeks I have been trying to understand by reading this section of what on earth is happening...and I really do not understand all the takeovers etc. I have become rather cynical over the last few years, and if I didn't know better I would say there is a smell like islam in the air that has something to do with the financial sector. Someone please prove me wrong.....

This is the article I was referring to from Jihad Watch....

Verdicts issued against Australian terrorists half to serve jail time
"Prior to these convictions, only three Australians have been convicted of terrorism offences." More on this story. "Australian Muslims convicted on terrorism charge (2nd Roundup)," by DPA for Asia Pacific News, September 15:
Sydney - An Australian cleric and five of his followers Monday were found guilty of forming a terrorist cell and face possible life terms when sentence is passed.
Four of the group of 12 Melbourne Muslims were declared innocent and two have yet to receive a verdict on the terrorism-related charges against them.
Algerian-born Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 48, told his followers it was 'permissible to kill women, children and the aged' and is alleged to have plotted with them to bomb the 100,000 spectators expected at the 2005 rugby cup final in Melbourne.
[..] During the six-month trial, the jury heard 50 witnesses and listened to excerpts from 482 secretly recorded conversations among men who declared they wanted to 'do something' to honour their religion.
Police said the group watched videos of beheadings in Iraq and read books glorifying the hijackers who flew planes into the World Trade Centre in New York.
[...] Prior to these convictions, only three Australians have been convicted of terrorism offences.
Jack Roche, a British-born Muslim convert, has been released after serving 4 years of a 9-year sentence for plotting the truck-bombing of the Israeli embassy in Canberra. He was picked up in the raids that followed the bombings in Bali, Indonesia, in November 2002 in which 88 Australians were among the 202 people killed.
Pakistan-born architect Khalid Lodhi was jailed for a minimum of 15 years in 2006 for plotting a terrorist attack. Last week a Sydney court convicted former airport baggage-handler Belal Khazaal of publishing a terrorism how-to manual on the internet.
Posted by Raymond at September 15, 2008
If any Australian investigative journalist is reading this: can you possibly find out which mosques, exactly, all of these beauties (Ben Brika and his five cronies, and then, too, Roche, Lodhi and Khazaal) attended?
And when you do, publicise it, here or somewhere else?
We need to start keeping track, not just assume ASIO or the police are doing it for us.
Posted by: dumbledoresarmy at September 16, 2008 12:46 AM
And another task for inquiring Aussie jihadwatchers in Darwin and in Alice Springs, or for an investigative journalist: please, please, please investigate one Abdul Khan, who's been tooling around the NT for at least 20 years, sussing out our mineral deposits and our Aboriginal communities, and who has founded the mosque in Darwin and the mosque in Alice Springs, and has been conducting da'wa among Aboriginal people.
He's from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Judging from the puff piece I read about his da'wa project in the National Indigenous Times, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
He knows where ALL our uranium and iron ore deposits are.
Just reading about him makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.
Posted by: dumbledoresarmy
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Gee, this scumbag Khan wouldn’t be a friend of one boxer turned muslim would he…and that retreat up North really needs some serious investigation….how many other Aboriginals are being recruited and brainwashed with "the hate the whiteman mantra?"

Also the mosques in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Western Australia……all need some serious investigation and monitoring…I just hope the Intelligence services have some undercover guys in them…


  1. I am a former intelligence officer the roots of our problem lie in multiculturalism and our generous policy toward migrants. However, the fundamentalists have no respect for our culture, values and traditions. They do not accept the sovereignty of our law but will exploit it to the full, aided and abetted by the usual suspects, which include big-noting lawyers; the civil liberties lobby and those who would deny our liberties in favour of alien concepts.

    I wonder how many of those people who are willing to support the likes of Abu BenBrika and his stooges and saying they were only talking would feel if they were subject of discussion, or their families. My greatest fear is that the police and security services did not get the recognition from the public that they richly deserve.

    Just suppose this group had been successful in one of their endeavours - what would the likes of those bleeding hearts say then? Would they be so keen to defend them if they had dead relatives?

    A good start would be an amendment to the Immigration Act to strip guilty undesirables of Australian citizenship and pack them off to somewhere they might find more congenial - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Iran spring readily to mind.

    Well done Christian Nanna, I am a Christian grandpa!

  2. hi anonymous Christian refreshing to have another person that is not afraid of what we have to the sense of open dialogue with others anout what the bleeding hell is happening to our way of life. my own family saddens me as they do not understand and only through their ignorance on the matter will they come to realize that I am not as crazy as they like to believe. My fear for them is that they will be sucked into this vortex of deception and then realise the way things have been and will be from then on.

    I know there are many good people like yourself out there in oz land and other places around the world who will be prepared to stand up and fight for survival, even if it has to be done surreptiously, as I myself will do.

    God help us all.