Tuesday, August 19, 2008

David Hicks & Dick Smith

HHMm, I just went to my letterbox and retrieved this months edition of Reader's Digest. And what do I see on the front cover?? well a story about Dick Smith supporting David Hicks. I have always had a level of respect for Mr Smith, but I feel he has gone belly up with his support of this particular muslim. Mr Smith is waiting for the day when hicks will be totally exonerated...just like Lindy Chamberlain was after many years of accusations that she murdered her baby at Ayers Rock...and of course it was a dingo that took her baby. I was a bit too young at the time and my head was filled with opinions of family members and what people were saying on Tv etc. But years later I formed my own belief that Lindy was innocent of those charges. However, today, I am a mature person who does not let other peoples opinions affect my own opinion or my judgement of people, and as far as I am concerned Hicks was not over in afghanistan selling tickets to a charity ball now was he. He converted to islam and took an islamic name...dawa something. And of course hicks is free to travel where he wants and where was one of the first places he headed to from SA....yep, you got it...right to a very heavily populated muso area in sydney.
I just can't believe he did not equate Sept. 11th with his terrorist training buddies. Or that he thought he was doing no wrong...except spewing such hatred in letters written home to mum and dad about his hate for Jews, and how osama was a great guy, and how he was finally accepted into al-qaeda. Yeah, real innocent huh.
He makes me sick to the stomach, and so do the other Australian people who have converted to islam, and they are starting to number up.

Same as mad mundine,another convert to islam, with his 'resort'/ 'retreat' for musos only....with a very high fence around it. There was a big write up about it in The Age recently. I think he is going to try to convert some of his Aboriginal clan into it by reminding them of how hard done by they are by us Aussies.

Well now, not that it will be any skin off of Mr Smith's nose, but he has just lost respect from me. I have also boycotted the olympic games because of the persecution of Christians and human rights issues. If it were possible, I would not purchase anything that came from China either, but this is becoming increasingly hard to do lately. It would be interesting to know how many others have boycotted the games, it is just something that is not in mainstream media.

Anyway, have a look at the pathetic story in Readers Digest. at

I have been receiving this magazine by subscription for a long time, and I really do enjoy it, and I have no intentions of never reading it again because of this story, after all, I do value the premise of free speech, and as far as I know, we are still allowed to practice it here in Oz, and besides, it is a story that I have looked at but don't really want to read every word of it, as I find lately that I am grinding my back teeth together a lot lately. However, it is a very good magazine and I love the feature articles.

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