Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Phallic Cucumbers..

This is just too bloody funny.
Cucumbers broke Al-Qaeda's power in Iraq! »

They include a ban on women buying suggestively-shaped vegetables, according to one tribal leader in the western province of Anbar.
"They regarded the cucumber as male and tomato as female. Women were not allowed to buy cucumbers, only men."
Does this include veggies like carrot, parsnip, zucchini, and fruit like bananas. If only men are permitted to buy phallic shaped fruit and veg, then what’s to stop one of his wives or daughters from raiding the pantry at home when mr mo is out and about.
If this was not so funny, it would be insane. Now I think I have read, heard and seen it all.
However, the rest of the story is not at all funny, it is as sick as….a female goat killed coz of it’s tail in the air….. ice-cream banned coz it was not known of in pubahs time, more to the point that muslimas would have to stick their tongue out to lick up the ice cream…. And how would they be able to eat an ice-cream out side in the first place…. Would be an almighty mess under their tents yeah.

And this little snippet….. is this what we can all look forward to… my God, what bloody barbarians they are.
Most seriously, Sheikh al-Hayyes said: "I saw them slaughter a nine-year old boy like a sheep because his family didn't pledge allegiance to them."...

Another comment…. The herdsman were expected to "DIAPER" their goats????? Oh come Just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous....Demented, paranoid, evil idiots. Posted by: gymgal at August 11, 2008 10:05 PM
Oh and the other comments from the readers of JIHAD WATCH from where this story came just cracked me up, I have not laughed so much for a long time……

Thankyou Jihad Watch….. as usual my education into the muslim mind just keeps growing.

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