Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Royals under threat from terrorists

Well well well... why am I not surprised by this next story. I wonder what has taken so long. I also wonder why they are even targeting the royal family, seeing as the royals are bending over backwards to appease the muslims. And as for the bit in the story about the boy being the grandson of the head of the sharia court in Dewsbury in Yorkshire... well I hope our Australian gov. is taking all this down. They just might stop to think that to have sharia courts here in Oz is only gonna invite more trouble than what we already have.

U.K.: Jihadist cell may have been plotting to attack Queen, other royals »


Jihadist cell may have been plotting to attack Queen, other royals Aabid Khan Update. "Islamic terror cell 'may have been plotting to attack Queen'," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, August 18: A terror cell caught with details of bomb-making and suicide vests may have been plotting to attack the Queen... Full article:

I must say regarding Dumbledores Army comments.... I luv them.. I think she is from Australia and She quite often takes the words right out of my mouth, then puts them in a form that makes perfect sense. I would like to meet the lady. One day we all might have to meet up together if things get too bad, after all, we are going to have to get as many people together as possible to put plans in motion if we are to survive.

We will NEVER submit.

Come on Aussies, wake up before it is too darn late and things get to the point of no return.

No More MUSLIM immigration, and start closing down those mosques...aka training grounds.


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