Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Refugee Camp in Your City

Refugee Camp In Your City
Starting on August 27 2008, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Australia is launching the first Australian tour of Refugee Camp In Your City, an outdoor, interactive event that re-creates a refugee camp and its facilities on your doorstep. It is open to the public - entrance is free - and fully interpreted by Australian returned field workers. It sounds like a great weekend excursion for the family or for a school class. Tour dates are listed here.
Pitched in the heart of Australian and New Zealand cities (see schedule), REFUGEE CAMP IN YOUR CITY brings humanitarian assistance within reach of the everyday lives of all Australians, young and old.
MSF’s most successful public awareness event around the world (read more about this global event), the CAMP aims to create a better understanding of the vulnerability of life for displaced people and refugees who have fled their homes, and the ways MSF responds to provide healthcare and other vital assistance.

From The New Internationalist.

I would hate to ever be needing to live in a refugee camp...for years. I really feel so sorry for genuine refugees and the conditions they endure. So can someone explain to me why...when illegal refugees and sometimes legal enter Australia that they complain about the living conditions. Housing, food, welfare, medical, legal, at least $50 per week, mobile phones etc.

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