Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Persecution in China...Still

Well so much for the Chinese authorities saying that there is religious FREEDOM...What a lot of crap, when 4 visiting American Christians with 300 Bibles in English to distribute...FREE...of charge, had all but 4 Bibles confiscated and will be returned on their way out of China. Also, 'underground church leader Hua Huiqi was detained by police while on his way to the church service before escaping and going into hiding. Chinese police deny the allegations.'

Freedom of Religion - yeah right! Only the booklets etc. that were produced by the Chinese are permitted and we can be assured that they contain only what the Chinese want others to know, and not what they don't want people to know...in other words...nothing but propaganda.
My prayers go to the many people in China and all over the world who choose to live a Christian life (or even a decent life of freedom) but are persecuted because of it. Truly a disgusting situation.

Read the full story from The Christian Post.

Chinese Officials Seize Bibles from US Missionaries

Sometimes I have to wonder about communist countries...when I compare them to the islamists who want a sharia run world....I shudder to think about life under either one of them. Well this little Aussie duckie will never submit to either way of life. While there is blood running through my veins, I will continue to live my Christian way of life. With freedom to practice my religion and freedom to have free speech.


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