Tuesday, August 19, 2008

interfaith rubbish.

While I was reading through one of my many newsletters...this one from Christian Post says a lot about this so called multi-faith stuff that will, in my humble opinion, just never will work.

Ministry Finds Fault with Yale Christian-Muslim Declaration

A ministry that works with the persecuted church found parts of a declaration recently adopted by Christian and Muslim leaders troubling because it did not emphasize the differences between the two religions enough and gave too much credit to Islam.

Influential Theologian Troubled by Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Influential Evangelicals Withdraw from Christian-Muslim Statement
Christian-Muslim Statement Among First Fruits of 'Common Word' Gathering

When are people going to wake up and smell the roses... NO-ONE, NO RELIGION can ever survive alongside the muslim political/ideology mindset. Isn't it about time governments call it for what it really is, a political group...or are they too gutless to put a ban on them?


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