Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bahasa Indonesia.

Before I chose my subjects for University in 1998-99 I was at a loss as to what language to choose. As I was doing a B.A. I chose Humanities, Sociology, Cultural Studies and I was tossing up between Japanese, Spanish or Bahasa Indonesia.... A Politician friend of mine suggested that I take the Indonesian language as we were surely going to have to know how to speak it...or in his aside....we were certainly going to have to "Understand" it. He was also a Vietnam Vet, and was also in Korea and Malysia. So ok, I took his advise. As a mature aged student and one with failing hearing abilities I struggled a fair bit, but I managed. Then 3 years later, when I was no longer in Uni but in the workforce...totally nothing to do with my studies.....I found I was not using the language I had learnt and as I had no-one else to keep up the practice I found I lost a lot of it.
However now, I really think I should pick it up again so I will at least have an idea as to what they are saying when we Aussies start to get over run by them, if Mr Rudd has anything to do with it...and now we see Mrs Clinton paying them a visit.... I always say that if Australia were to be invaded by the Indonesians then they would squash us like bloody ants. After all, we are only approx. 20 million people here in OZ. I believe they number somewhere around the 200,million...now that's a bloody scary thought.
So I suppose I had best be finding some like minded person to start practicing with huh.
As I am working on my hearing problems I will be able to understand the tonal aspects a bit more clearly, as that was a big problem for me...I also found that their language was ...compared to English.... ass about, which was very confusing for me...I was constantly calling myself object names instead of my objects...it was quite funny actually. Ah well, I suppose I could always pull out all my Uni work on Bahasa and get my computer program back up and running, and put little notes up around the house with the Indonesian name on it eg label the kettle and doors etc.... gees, I can't believe how easy it is and how true the saying of....'if you don't use it you lose it' is.

At least i can pretend I don't understand what they are saying while I get an idea as to what the muzzos are up to.

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  1. If Mr. Rudd is for endless mass immigration like the USA and the UK, voting him was a big mistake. It is amazing how neither one of our countries can learn from the mistakes of the UK.