Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I urge all Aussies to have a look at the site...
Australian Coalition For Truth
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Here is what it is about.

The Australian Coalition for Truth (ACT) has been established to help Australians understand and appreciate the legacy of freedom, liberty, truth and justice, secured through the determination and sacrifices of our forefathers and many brave Australians.
We believe that our value system is under threat and seek to encourage the Australian public to stand with us in an effort to protect our way of life and secure a brighter future for our children and generations to follow.

"If we don’t make a stand today,
then future generations will inherit
a significant challenge against a
background of diminishing free speech."

Our Heritage
Australia’s justice, freedom and prosperity make us attractive to immigrants of every race and creed. It took a thousand painful years to build. It could all be lost by a generation that doesn’t know why we are so privileged.

The love-based justice we enjoy began to emerge in the ninth century when King Alfred the Great based Britain’s laws on the bible. Over the next ten centuries it was developed and refined by common law judges in England who tried to apply Jesus’ golden rule: “Do for others what you would want them to do for you.”

Love-based justice stops the strong using freedom to oppress the weak. So by the seventeenth century, English justice provided a sound basis for freedom to be expressed through ‘the mother of parliaments’ at Westminster.

The Westminster system is a uniquely Christian approach to freedom. It honours the God-given authority of the king, while requiring the king to follow Christ’s example of servant-hood and it trusts parliamentary representation because the bible says “there is safety in a multitude of counsellors.”

On those two Christian pillars – justice and freedom – widespread prosperity became possible. From the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, English people increasingly read the bible. That yielded an unparalleled crop of scientific geniuses in the seventeenth century – Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Hooke, Boyle, Bacon, Newton, etc – all of whom had their passion for science sparked by the God of order they had found in the bible. From their achievements came the eighteenth century industrial revolution in England that forged today’s prosperity.

So history reveals that justice, freedom and prosperity depend on Christian legal values and the availability of the bible in the common language. If Australia forsakes those legal values, we will lose our justice, freedom and prosperity – the very things that draw people here.

Those who say we can have secular laws are wrong. All laws try to forbid some “wrong” or reinforce some “right.” So all law is enacted values! And all values depend on beliefs that are scientifically non-testable and therefore religious. Therefore, governments cannot avoid basing laws on values drawn from some religion – even if it is a non-theistic religion.

The vital question facing all Australians is this: on whose values should we base our laws? Should it be the “secular” values that have underpinned every revolution since 1793? Or should we continue to use the Christian values that built our justice, freedom and prosperity? Accepting Christian legal values does not mean – and never has meant – that every Australian must become a Christian. It simply means that all Australians agree to preserve and enhance our justice, freedom and prosperity by requiring parliaments to use Christian legal values.

Sir Alfred Denning, “The Changing Law” a classic book for laymen on British common law written by the 20th century’s leading jurist. Out of print but available through second hand bookstores and www.amazon.com
Hernando de Soto in his book “The Mystery of Capital – why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else” shows that the main cause of poverty in a nation is corruption in its legal system.

“Without courage there can be no truth and without
truth there cannot be any other virtue”

Our Philosophy
We recognise the need for wise and knowledgeable people to dialogue with the government of the day. However, we also assert our belief that the ultimate power to influence policies in a democracy lies with the weight of numbers. Therefore our primary aim is to raise community awareness

We recognise that people from many different cultures and belief systems are peace loving individuals who contribute to our nation in different fields. Our focus is not directed towards individuals, but rather ideologies, doctrines and practices that we believe are not compatible with democracy, freedom, equality and justice.

They are not about raising hate but for truth....and that is what will set us free from the coming islamisation of the West.
So please take a look at their site.


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  1. Although i'm not Australian but i support what is said above. Good nanna!Uphold your country's freedom because i believe it is a very precious legacy that has made what Australia today.Don't be like Great Britain where Islam appeasement is on the rise.Stand where you should belong.Educate West more about Islam.Don't let your country's liberty,freedom,cultural heritage, and Christian values collapsed by a single click from evil agendas of Islam.
    Anyway,i'm from Malaysia