Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Muslim Cleric warns followers of cancer in meat

Oh my God, this has to be one of the funniest things I have read in a while. It is a serious issue but come on...these musso clerics spreading this absolute rubbish to their all sucked in dummie muslim followers.
I can only imagine that Memri has reported this just to show how really pathetic these muslims are, so thanks to the team at MEMRI for giving me such a laugh.
On a serious note, I would not wish cancer on my worst enemy...but since muslims are more than my worst enemyand don't count... I wish for them all to develop the worst kind of terminal cancer and hope they have a slow and painful death from it. Cancer cannot be given to anyone and if the muslim followers of the pedophile self made prophet PBUH...(pigs blood be upon him)mo-HAM-id believe it can, then that just goes to show how really uneducated they are kept by these hate filled clerics..

to read the story go to the Memri site. Special Dispatch | No. 2259 | February 24, 2009. Egypt/Antisemitism Documentation Project.

Headline is....Egypt Cleric: Jews Infect Food with Cancer and Ship it to Muslim Countries'‏.

The Jews "Invest Their Utmost Efforts... in Conspiring How to Corrupt the Islamic Nation... This Is Why We Hate Them"

Ahmad Abd Al-Salam: "The Jews 'will not fail to corrupt' the believers. What does this mean? The Jews are never remiss – they invest their utmost efforts, day and night, in conspiring how to corrupt the Islamic nation, the nation led by the Prophet Muhammad.

"I want you, Muslim viewers, to imagine the Jews sitting around a table, conspiring how to corrupt the Muslims, and how to destroy their worldly and religious affairs. The Jews 'will not fail to corrupt you,' and this is why we hate them."

The Jews "Infect Food with Cancer and Ship It to Muslim Countries"

"The Jews conspire day and night to destroy the Muslims' worldly and religious affairs. The Jews conspire to destroy the economy of the Muslims. The Jews conspire to infect the food of the Muslims with cancer. It is the Jews who infect food with cancer and ship it to Muslim countries."

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