Saturday, February 28, 2009

Polygamous Marriage Welfare & no more offending the muslims

UK: Benefits to Polygamous Muslim Marriages Won't be cut, Ministers Decide it's "too Politically Sensitive"....
Ministers decided not to force through plans to cut benefits to hundreds of polygamous families in the UK after officials advised that the move would be too politically sensitive.

This is just getting more absurd as time goes on. Surely this must signal the end to allowing muslims to enter into the UK with multiple wives. It is not too late to put this law into place, however, I dare say that the horse has bolted on the subject of allowing muslim men to keep multiple wives - can't turn the clock back now.

Offending The Islamofascists
LA Canyon News - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
The UN has just taken under consideration a speech code which would define as "anti-Islamic" any criticism of Muslims or Muslim governments. ...

Well umm, are they also going to make a law that states the muslims are not allow to insult or critcise any Western Government or the peoples of that country, and will they also put a stop to them insulting anyone who is non-muslim.????
Come on Australia, start doing something about this within our own Government before we learn the hard lessons of the UK. It has been reported that Australian tax-payers are already footing the welfare bill for the polygamous muslims and their wives and God only knows how many of their offspring(future terrorists).

Read the full stories at The Gathering Storm.

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  1. Hi again.Thank you very much for being my first follower:)..yeah,i agree with you.Islam in Action is very informative in exposing muslim mob,how the western civilization is 'eaten slowly' by Islam infiltration and all the evil images caused by muslims which is rooted from Islam itself.But,you know,to tell you the truth here in Malaysia criticism of Islam is considered a crime and can lead to punishment.Can u imagine that?So sometimes,it's hard for me to criticize Islam.We don't have free speech like yours.And for now situation in Malaysia,the Islamic authority is pushing us Christian to stop using word Allah in our Christian publication or in Malay mass.But our church leaders won't remain silent and they bring this up to the court.As for me,it's not name that matter,but importantly,they fight for our right and the dignity for whole Christian in Malaysia.God bless you and your whole family.
    This is my