Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SBS Docos

Captive in Gaza
Tuesday 10 March 8.30pm
On June 25, 2006 a group of Palestinian militants in Gaza crawled out of a tunnel and attacked an IDF tank. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and Gilad Shalit was captured and taken to Gaza. The Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert refused to negotiate with captors for his release and pursued aggressive retaliations. Two years later, Gilad still remains in captivity. More. at http://www.sbs.com.au/blogarticle/109190/Captive-In-Gaza/blog/Documentaries-SBS

and the following doco info can be seen at http://www.sbs.com.au/blogarticle

Full Battle Rattle
Tuesday 3 March 10pm
In California's Mojave Desert, the US Army has built a 'virtual Iraq' - a billion dollar urban warfare simulation - and populated it with hundreds of Iraqi role-players. Army units spend three weeks inside the simulation before deploying to Iraq. The mock village of Medina Wasl (meaning Junction City) employs upwards of 1600 role players, 250 of whom are Iraqi speaking American citizens.


Black Nation
Tuesday 10 March 10pm

The stark reality and contrast of these headlines highlights the dichotomy of post election ’08 America. A back man has attained the highest office in the world, while according to the New York Times black men are “sleeping through the holocaust”.

“Black on black violence at all time high”

“Big three automakers face bankruptcy”

“Obama wins … gives hope to millions of African Americans … can he deliver?”

This documentary film takes a hard, uncompromising look at the state of black men in America today, through the prism of the streets of Detroit and the city's controversial Church Shrine of the Black Madonna. It documents the despair of the Church's congregation, while at the same time showing the way forward with the great hope and dignity embodied in Obama's words - 'yes we can!'

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