Friday, March 6, 2009

Banned Christian Fellowship Allowed to Meet on Ohio Campus,For Now.

By Katherine T. Phan Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Mar. 04 2009 03:44 PM EST

A Christian fellowship group that was denied registration from Wright State University in Ohio because of its faith-based policies has now been granted recognition by campus officials – for now that is.
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Well. so far so good, but they still have a fight on their hands to keep this going, until the end of the year at least. Well done for fighting for your Christians...if the muslims don't like it then they can take a flyin' leap. Now all we gotta do is get the groups in OZ to have the strength to fight for their rights against the muslim groups.

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  1. What?I can't believe this..How could possibly the Christian Fellowship be banned in such Christian majority country?As far as I concern,I've never heard any news regarding the troubles,mob,violence or any unpleasant act committed by Christian student groups at other places in U.S(correct me if wrong).This is totally ridiculous!