Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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I am now a part of Chris Logans network, ...from Islam In Action, as well as a few other prominent networks. From here, it is easier to be a part of some great networks such as Ali Sina, Robert Spencer and some other people whose work is admired and respected. Of course there are people who seems to be hagglers and sceptics of all sorts of things, but hey, we are all allowed to have our own opinions.
There is a group I joined....Muslims against sharia. Now I am hoping these people are genuine, and not practicing tagiyah. They do want to stop the violence etc, which is great. But I am yet to hear from them on whether they are happy to let people practice whatever religion they want peace...or do they simply want peace - after everyone else has converted to islam.? Are they willing to be a part of the wider community? And share in all it does. I have been hearing from 'experts' who say there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. They are either muslim or not. If they believe in the koran then they revere old Mo. And I am afraid I can have no respect for anyone who follows this pedophile, raiding, raping, thief, madman, self-proclaimed prophet, or thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread.
I am willing to wait and find out where their true allegiances lie.

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  1. I think Islam the religion can never be moderate. It is inherently an abomination of evil and horror. Muslims however can chose to be moderate by not following and not practicing their 'religion'.

  2. I have a deep belief that you are pretty well spot on here Lucy. I know there are Christians who are not fanatical, and there are many who are...I am one such creature who is not...And there is a lot in the Old Testament and much in the RC doctrin that I do not adhere to. I was raised RC, but left it in my teen years...wandered around with no sense of self for many years, actually lost in a spiritual sense, and come back to Christ in my later years.I refuse to belong to any denomination while they all squabble between themselves as to which one is the true church....I do however, have my online Christian Ministries that I visit, and I receive magazines by subscription. I have no family or friends who are believers so I am really on my own except for one friend who is full-on Pentecostal and always trying to get me to go to her Church - to get saved - so according to her, I am not a true follower of Jesus like them, as I have not been truly saved...I can accept that, as long as she does not try to preach to me. Which is what the muslims do wherever they go...they will not be happy until they convert those they can and kill those they can't..then that is their version of peace.
    The more I learn of islam the more I fear for my grandchildren and the future generations of children, and indeed for us all.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Christian Nanna

  3. "But I am yet to hear from them on whether they are happy to let people practice whatever religion they want peace"

    All you need to do is to read our manifesto:

    Religious privacy
    Religion is the private matter of every individual. Any person should be able to freely practice any religion as long as the practice does not interfere with the local laws, and no person must be forced to practice any religion. Just as people are created equal, there is no one religion that is superior to another. Any set of beliefs that is spread by force is fundamentally immoral; it is no longer a religion, but a political ideology.

    Islam is one of the many of the world's religions. There will be no Peace and Harmony in the World if Muslims and non-Muslims do not have equal rights. Islamic supremacy doctrine is just as repulsive as Aryan supremacy doctrine. History clearly shows what happens to the society whose members consider themselves above other peoples. All moderate Muslims must repudiate the mere notion of Islamic supremacy.

  4. I thank you for this clarification.
    May I say you sure have your work cut out for you getting this message out to the wider and general public.
    The sooner you do then the sooner people will stop thinking that all muslims are tarred with the same brush.
    I would really like to see this on some sort of media outlet.
    regards CN.

  5. Hi CN

    Thanks for your reply. Sadly all, and I mean all, Muslims who I have ever met (even if they don't follow the religion) hate USA and hate Israel. This leaves them out in the cold for me. Islamic people occupy 57 states on this globe but are obsessed with 1 jewish state on this earth, and America. Ridiculous! Until they start to stop hating, they will not a friend of mine. Oh, and they should stop migrating and stay in their own countries before they accuse other countries of stealing their land (palestine). I feel they are stealing ours (the west) with occupation and I am not alone with this view.

    Take care CN.