Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hilali at it again.

"Hilali kicks door, blames vandals," by Natalie O'Brien and Angus Hohenboken in The Australian, March 19 (thanks to all who sent this in):

AUSTRALIA'S most controversial sheik, Taj Din al-Hilali, has been caught on videotape kicking in a door at his own mosque before calling police to report an act of vandalism.
The head imam at the Lakemba mosque, who caused outrage in 2006 by comparing scantily clad women to uncovered meat, was shown on a CCTV security tape kicking open the door just minutes before reporting the incident.

The Nine Network's A Current Affair last night broadcast the videotape from March 9, showing the incident, which Sheik Hilali initially denied.

"There is a trick in this camera. There is a trick in this film," he told ACA.

But in a letter sent by Sheik Hilali's lawyers to ACA yesterday, he admitted kicking the door, saying the damage had already been done to the door before he kicked it.

"What he did do was to kick open a door to the mosque that had already been damaged by others in order to gain entry to it," the letter said.

Lebanese Muslim Association president Shawky Kassir said they had called the police "for a little problem, but we have fixed (it) and everything is under control".

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Even though this piece of turd has been here for 20 odd years...and apparently has not learnt to speak English, which has been disputed in the past...he can when he bloodywell wants to, except when it comes to the media. Anyway, I believe even if he has become an Australian Citizen...which is a gross misdeed of justice and a total insult to the Australian people, then he should be charged over this crime on fraud charges, attempting to decieve Insurance, wasting Police time, etc. Then he should have his Australian status / citizenship revoked, then sent back to where he came from, including his family. He is a liar, a thief, and should be had up for sedition or inciting violence by deception. I am sorry for the people of NSW with this going on, but we here in Victoria are seeing our own troubles with the muslim mobs and their deception, lies, hate-mongering etc. There are more and more mosques going up all the time, and some suburbs are over taken with floating tents and osama bin laden lookalikes.

Part of a comment from.....AlaskanInfidel • 75p

I wonder if a business owner could get caught under the same conditions and have everyone just look the other way....not likely.

I have no idea what the feelings of the average Aussie are about submitting to the demands of muslims for special accommodations....that we know will never end.

Islam is a lie and truth is killing it.

Well AlaskanInfidel, I can tell you a lot of us Aussies are fed up with muslims getting away with so many things just like in the above story, yet let any other non-muslim try to pull a stunt like this and they would get hauled over the coals for it, and it would be on the news and current affairs show on some sort of shame file. We are really sick to death of the muslims getting so many concessions no matter how much they inconvenience any other person...I'm alright jack...stuff you kind of thing.

another comment from PGG • 64p
He was an illegal immigrant and the government let him stay, all in the cause of winning the Muslim vote. He has four wives. He has been here for twenty years and has not learned English. Just the kind who gives "diversity" a bad name.

islam is a lie. they worship a moon god and a pedophile self made prophet. Their koran is a book full of plagiarism from centuries of Christian writing. All they claim to have acheived are what has been stolen in their raids.
so if any authority wants to charge me with a crime of hate speech...come on do it.

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