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How Abu Ghuraib Photos were Made Public

Iranian TV Drama ‘Guantanamo'. How Abu Ghuraib Photos were Made Public
On November 4, 2006, the Iranian channel Al-Kawthar TV (formerly Sahar 1 TV) aired a drama called "'Remember Your Dreams' or 'Guantanamo.'" The film purports to show how the Abu Ghuraib photos were made public,and how the evil of the fictional U.S. Army Major Rosenthal was exposed, through the efforts of fictional characters: former Guantanamo detainee Dr. Mustafa Nasser, U.S. Army Corporal Jennifer Smith, Lawyers Without Borders activist Andre Mahfuz, Mahfuz's former fiancée, journalist Christine Lemoine, and a helpful Beirut hotel receptionist. The story is set in Guantanamo and in Beirut. The film's credits state that the film was shot in Lebanon and thank IRIB offices in Beirut, Al-Manar TV in Beirut, Lebanese Ministry of Defense, Lebanese Ministry of General Security, Lebanese Interior Ministry, Beirut International Airport and Customs, Beirut Municipality, UNESCO Beirut, and others.


The following are excerpts from the drama.
Prisoner Interrogation at Guantanamo

[Film opens with dream sequence of crashing waves, a man sitting on a chair under a concrete structure by the sea, and a woman sleeping. The woman wakes with a start].
Major Rosenthal, interrogator: "Listen, you asshole, if you are familiar with the map of the world, then you should know that Guantanamo is at the end of the world, and the last place you'd wanna be. Your food strike won't do you any good. Another dead dog in the world won't hurt a thing."
[Footage of prisoners. Camp gate clangs shut; camera shows sign on fence: "CampDelta, JFT Guantanamo, "Honor Bound to Defend Freedom"]
Mustafa Nasser [in Arabic]: "I have the right to an attorney, or at least treat me according to the Geneva Convention."
Major Rosenthal: "The Geneva Convention is implemented on prisoners of war, and not on dirty terrorists like yourself, who are responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers."
Corporal Jennifer Smith [translating Rosenthal's words]: "The Geneva Convention is implemented on prisoners of war, and not on dirty terrorists like yourself, who are responsible for the destruction of the New York Towers."
Jennifer Smith [translating Mustafa's words]: "I'm a doctor, and a member of the organization of Doctors Without Borders. Before Afghanistan, I traveled to different countries, like Africa and Latin America. After I came to Kabul, I treated many wounded who opposed the Al-Qaeda. Then I had to escape."
Major Rosenthal: "You are one dirty pig. We have witnesses who say that you used to cooperate with the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. And you don't want to confess, but I know exactly how to make you do that." [Extinguishes cigarette on Mustafa's back; Mustafa screams.]
[Footage of camp. In corridors, prisoners in chains, including Mustafa, are being moved by soldiers.]
[In the cell]
Mustafa Nasser: "There is no way I could have cooperated with the Taliban, because I don't like them to begin with."
Jennifer Smith [translating]: "I will never cooperate with Taliban, I don't even like them. I was only doing my duty, helping the wounded, whether they were in the military or not."
Major Rosenthal: "What about the charity institution you have founded in Beirut?"
Mustafa Nasser: "That institution... I founded it before I left for Kabul, with the help of some charitable people."
Jennifer Smith [translating]: "I founded that institution before I left to Kabul, with the help of some charitable people, in order to help Palestinian children who have lost their families."
Major Rosenthal: "That's a great cover-up for money laundering, and drug money transferred to assets controlled by the Al-Qaeda leaders."

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Egypt Copts decry attempt to "Islamize" Cairo
Egypt's leading Christians have accused the governor of Cairo of trying to Islamize the streets by changing the names of some of the country's oldest areas from Christian ones to Islamic ones.

The advisor of the Coptic Pope Shenouda III, Dr. Naguib Gebrael, filed a lawsuit against Governor Abdul-Azim Wazir for changing street names without any legal or historical reason.

Gebrael cited the example of Victoria Square in Cairo's densely populated Coptic area called Shubra whose name was changed to Nasr al-Islam or the victory of Islam, the name of a fundamentalist association that offers charity services in the area.
Source: (Dubai-based, Saudi-owned), February 15, 2009

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