Thursday, March 12, 2009

Terrorist threats to Australia

Well I suppose we should expect nothing else from the ROP...Obama will be speaking to Mr Rudd, soon, and you can back it in the talks have already happened. Mr Rudd will already know how many troops he will be sending!! Why should any country send more troops to fight over in afghanistan or paki land. Bring home those who are there, to protect their own countries, and let them all fight it out for themselves. Stop ALL aid going to any country that harbors terrorists. Only a warning for the muslims.... Don't try and protest against our boys and girls returning from active duty, you won't find it as easy to do here.

From Nine MSN News

Australia is al Qaeda target says Biden
17:58 AEST Wed Mar 11 2009
By Peter Veness

US Vice-President Joe Biden has warned Australia is a target for al-Qaeda terrorists.
A foreign policy expert, Mr Biden told a meeting of NATO chiefs in Brussels that he believed the war in Afghanistan was key to blocking attacks from al-Qaeda, which has been significantly splintered and weakened since the September 11, 2001 attacks it is blamed for.
"It is from that area (Afghanistan) that al-Qaeda and its extremist allies are regenerating in conceiving new atrocities aimed at the people around the world from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to the United States, Europe and Australia," he said.
Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon did not immediately comment on Mr Biden's warning.
Australia has about 1,000 troops in Afghanistan, most of them in the volatile southern province of Oruzgan.
It has been widely anticipated Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be asked to send more troops when he meets US President Barack Obama later this month.
Michael McKinley, a terrorism expert who teaches at the Australian National University, believes the request from Mr Obama will be largely symbolic.

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