Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aussies needed.

I believe we need more Aussies to join this fight against the current muslim/sharia law/jihadist situation. I know there are many bloggers out there who are just as concerned as I am.
When Chris Logan got his FACEBOOK up and running, I thought..."excellent job" There are many people on this network and as far as I am aware, there is one other Australian besides myself in this particular network. I think the more people on the one network can be a formidable force, especially one that holds hands across the seas.

You can get there through my links.

You can access my FB by following this link. Diane johnson

To view Christopher's profile or write on his Wall, follow this link:

Come on Aussies, we can do it.



  1. I wish I could do that here.Invite all my friends to fight against the barbarism of Islam.But FYI,approximately 50% of my friends are muslim.Wow,could you imagine that?But they are all good friend of mine because they know nothing about what Islam truly is.What they do as a muslim are they go to pray(some don't even go to pray) and fast during Ramadhan.That's all.You can predict what will happen if I do as what you all do.It's very difficult for me but I hope more people especially Westerners are joining you for goodness sake.Wish you all the best.

  2. Thank you and God bless. Do you think your friends will stay your friends when the crunch comes? like if the situation escalates and a call for all muslims goes out for them to do whatever, do you believe they will remain your friends especially if their parents have a say????

    I suppose what I am asking is: how much can you really trust them, and do they know of your blogging activities, and your hatred for islamists?