Saturday, March 7, 2009

Christian Encyclopedia too anti-muslim

Secular Censorship?
A new Christian encyclopedia might be "too Christian" and “anti-muslim”

The scholarly press Wiley-Blackstone has decided to delay sales of its new four-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization—perhaps indefinitely. According to the project's editor, production and distribution has been stalled because critics consider the work "too Christian, too orthodox, too anti-secular, and too anti-Muslim, and not politically correct enough for being used in universities." However, critics claim the books are just shoddy work. Bernard McGinn of the University of Chicago Divinity School thinks the delays are justified. "They are only trying to be sure that their imprint is on a high-quality publication," he said.

Excuse me!!!! Out of context…How?
"too Christian, too orthodox, too anti-secular, and too anti-Muslim, and not politically correct enough for being used in Universities."

How can a book from the Scholarly Press, an Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization be anti-muslim, let alone “TOO anti-muslim”??

This is just another outrage that has come before me.

And of course it is coming out of Chicago, which seems to be more muslim than any other culture these days. The Native American people must be doing some serious Pow-wows over this. And yes, I do know some of them, and they are seething at the muslims taking over everything from shops and schools, to banks, to the prisons.
Of course the critics are gonna claim “shoddy work”, and I will just bet that these so called critics are from the PC brigade or are muslim or muslim sympathizers.
But, oh! Of course, they can have all their books eg Koran etc printed and distributed, and expect not one word said against them.

I am just so sick of these muslims complaining about anything Christian, Jewish or non-muslim offending them and yet they have no regard whatsoever, in thumbing their nose at their host country’s laws, here in Australia included.

Maybe I should start complaining louder and sue them because I am constantly grinding my back teeth in anger and frustration over being told that everything about us offends them.

Bring back the Crusades…BEAUSEANT.

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  1. Nicely put.
    All this constant Muslim agitation and constructed 'victimhood' is part of a plan called "The Project." This paper came to light in the raid of the house of the Al Taqwa Bank boss in Switzerland. This will give you the basics: