Friday, March 27, 2009

Mourners farewell Corporal Hopkins

Why is this not news of importance??? This soldier gave his life. His family, friends and fellow troopers are in mourning, yet it doesn’t seem to rank high enough to be read. So much for Aussie Pride.

Mourners farewell Corporal Hopkins
15:46 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009
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Well of course they are gonna get the blame. White, blue-eyed people are the only people in the world who buy goods, and spend money or not. No one else could possibly be blamed. Thank goodness I have green eyes.

'White, blue-eyed people caused crisis'
16:18 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009
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What conditions could ever be agreed on as far as the taliban are concerned?. There is no compromise, no agreement and certainly no trust in them living up to any conditions to be had with these murderous bastards. Notice how many flocks this one has had. 8. The apathy of the general population of people is beginning to really piss me off. Surely the headlines are enough to get people to read them so as they might know what is happening in this crazy world.

UK may talk to Taliban 'with conditions'
16:12 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009
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And just how does Hussein Obama reckon he is gonna manage this one. Is he going to go and personally search every inch of paki land to search for bin laden and the Taliban insurgents. Or doesn’t he know they are hiding there?
‘"Seven-and-a-half years after September 11, the al-Qaeda core leadership, Osama bin Laden and others, have moved from Kandahar, Afghanistan, to a location unknown, somewhere in Pakistan," one official said.’ And this, ‘Another key goal of the strategy is to support Pakistan's besieged Democratic government, and to help Islamabad crack down on al-Qaeda and Taliban havens on its territory’.

Obama plans to 'dismantle' al-Qaeda
14:42 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009
By Stephen Collinson
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This culling of SEAL PUPS is a disgrace. The IFAW and the Animals Rights Groups should be jumping all over these hunters. Before anyone goes screaming about Kangaroos in Australia being culled…yeah it does happen however, these animals are destroying farmer’s crops and spreading disease. Just like rabbits did and still do. What harm are these seal pups doing???? What, for a bit of bloody fur. GREED.

Canadian sealers cull more than 19,000
11:01 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009

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Wow, this one had all of 7 Flocks. People must really be interested in the war on terror and knowing that terrorist scum are being released only to be let loose back among the American people, but have no fear, I am sure they will make their way back to fighting with their islamist mates, just like others who have been released from Gitmo.

Some Gitmo inmates may be released in US
13:23 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009

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Talk about black & white comedy team. These 2 are going to be the absolute downfall for both our Countries. God help us all. Is all I can say to this piece.

Rudd a partner for years to come: Obama
05:35 AEST Wed Mar 25 2009

President Barack Obama has said he hoped to partner with Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for "years to come" after forging a "meeting of the minds" in their first White House talks.
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So where are all the do-gooders when people can’t even raise a flag.

Indonesia arresting protesters: Amnesty
17:40 AEST Fri Mar 27 2009
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But this story of world-wide importance. I am sure everyone would want to know about this…and yeah 478 people Flocked this piece of trash. Who gives a shit what people do to themselves in a bloody carwash….not like teeny-tots can take their peddle cars there to be washed and so be exposed to perverts..

Man jailed for vacuum sex act
Friday, March 27, 2009
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