Friday, March 27, 2009

Crusader supporters combat a different GFC (Global Financial Crisis)

It is good to see that Australia has some bright, intelligent, young up and coming Christians to be our leaders in the years to come.
Even if you are not a Christian, then it is better to encourage people to live a good and decent lives. These young people are growing in numbers and will be the leaders of the future. Isn't it better than having the thugs and muslim radicals threatening to take our freedoms away from us and breaking the economy with their economic jihads in various areas that are weakoning the Australian purse.
Of course, when I seen the name of this group I just had to go and have a look. Yeah Crusaders....bring it on...Beauseant. CNanna

Crusaders' Vision
From the Australian Christian Channel News.

The Crusader Union is a Bible-based, interdenominational, Christian youth organisation which seeks to:
Share Jesus with a new generation
Nurture Christians and
Encourage church membership
Founded in 1930, Crusaders currently reaches over 30,000 young people with the gospel each year through the following programs:

Crusaders was founded in 1930 by the Rev. Dr Howard Guinness. Dr Howard Guinness was a visionary man who was keen to strengthen Christian work among school students. He saw voluntary groups as a key to achieving this. From small beginnings in just four schools, Crusaders has now grown to serve 100 independent schools in New South Wales. In 2005, it is anticipated that over 5,000 students will attend Crusaders Holiday and School camps and a further 25,000 will have heard Crusader staff speak at their schools.
Crusaders desires to help school students grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. We seek to equip students to be disciples of Jesus and to witness to their friends. As well as attending the CRU group at their school, we always look to encourage students to be involved in their local churches.

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