Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intolerant Islam Wants to Ban Letter 'X'

I was reading some REVIEWS on books I would like to purchase over at AMAZON. One in particular…The Truth about Mohhamad, by Ali Sina. Then I came across this FORUM on the following story.

What a bloody joke. Only I am NOT laughing. Do we tell them what to do with their little squiggles in arabic. Could you imagine if these nutcases were to be assessed by a psychologist and shown the flash cards? What would they make of an ink-blot. Oh yeah, they would want that banned too. To me it looks like a picture of mo all distorted. They would take offence and so want it not to be in the testing.

Should they also ban the letter T / t - as it could be construed as a symbol of a cross. More so than the letter X. Or the letter B for looking like a pair of boobs side on? What are these jerks really trying to accomplish? To me, I use the letter xxxx to throw kisses to whoever I might be writing to.
Have a read of the story and some of the comments, they are seriously crackers.
Intolerant Islam Wants to Ban Letter 'X'

This article from the New York Sun tells how the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice wants to ban the letter 'X' because it looks too much like a cross.

Part of one of the quotes.

'The truth is as Robert Spencer said, Islam is the world's most intolerant religion. I think even he didn't think that they were so nutty and intolerant as to discuss getting rid of a letter. Next, what will happen to the '+' sign?'

The more I hear of islam, the more I read of islam, the more bloody angry I become. When are people really going to wake up and start shouting from the rooftops about this 'cancer on humanity'. We, know the cure, but we just have to convince the authorities to fund it.

Give Me A Break.


I think it is time for us people living in Victoria, (or even in Australia), to arrange for some sort of get-together to form some type of group, whether it be just a group to organise strategies, forums, protests, or simply for support.... In my case, you are all I have in the way of support.


  1. Yeah, right on CN.

    Unfortunately, the Australian public, and western people in general, are under the spell of far left liberal ideological insanity. For example, if you even attempt to point out the obvious absurdities or inconsistencies which might in some way highlight a person or people other than white or western, we immediately get branded a racist.

    This is the self recrimination of the west by westerners, an insane reverse discrimination which is currently disintegrating our hard fought for liberties and freedoms. A liberal democracy swapped for a multicultural hell hole, which is perceived as an advantageous homogenisation of cultures and an opportunity for intellectual diversity, but in reality, is a slaughter of everything that is ethical and moral, and a raping of our western cultural heritage.

  2. Very nicely articulated Dave. And thanks.
    Sometimes, I would just love to have 70k. I would buy my friends property of 15 acres with a dam and a 3 bedroom house on it about a 3 hr drive from Melb. He wants to sell it. No chance of running into any muzzos there I can tell ya. It would also be a nice little place for a safe haven as well. Shit, before we know it, conversations in public will be banned coz it might be overheard by a muzzo and thus offend them.