Monday, February 2, 2009

Rotary and Lions Clubs.

As I was reading through Jihad Watch, I came across this post.....and I have never laughed so darn much......Talk about the paranoia of the muzzies.....As a past President, Secretary, and Board member of a Lions International Club, I can assure you they are far from a front to Freemasons or anyone else.
Yes, Part of the membership fees go over to International Headquarters, BUT not to any sort of funding for anyone except the LIONS community and for awards and to fund the headquarters. I was not all that happy about part of my money leaving Australia, but I figured that if we ...Australia...had found the organisation and it spread world-wide, then yes, I too would expect that a small amount of members fees come back to fund the headquarters here in OZ.
Anyway, have a read of the article and you will see just how far this stupidity of the islamists has really gone......Gees, talk about mental illness...but I suppose that is what happens after generations of in-breeding.

Rotary and Lions Clubs part of "Zionist conspiracy"!

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