Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bali Bombers to Die...finally

Not before time do we see that the Bali bombers are finally scheduled for their execution. From an article in todays Age newspaper.

This long overdue execution will be within the next fortnight, although the legal team for this scum has argued that the method of execution by firing squad is inhumane and "constitutes torture". Yeah, what about all the people who suffered loss of limbs, were burnt terribly and have to continuously undergo surgeries for skin grafts and a host of other illnesses due to being blown up whilst out just having fun. Furthermore, if one of the bullets from the initial volley of 14 members of the firing squad misses one of these murdering bastards then a gun will be placed at the side of the head of the one who was missed and fired. So my hope is that some of these bullets do miss, as there will be live rounds as well as blank...then watch as these vermin squirm in their own shit-filled pants and sweat it out until the bullet enters directly in the side of his head. Why do they keep appealing their sentences? I mean, they are brave jihad fighters are they not? Willing to die for their pedolphile self-proclaimed prophet. I still reckon bullets are too good for them. Isn't rope cheaper? How about throwing their awake and alive bodies on a raging fire so they can then get a feel of what their victims felt.

Gees, do I sound bitter???? Well you can bet your sweet pattooties I am. I am sure this bitterness will disipate after the death of these filthy excuses for human refuse. I was once upon a time against the death penalty until this happened and affected people who I love very much...my niece and her partner. ^ years on, and the mental anguish has not gone away, the pain and suffering for Gary has not gone away, he still has to wear body suits on parts of his body. He still can't stand hot temperatures, and he lives in Perth, where it can get pretty darn hot. He can't sit out in the sunshine and enjoy it like he used to do. And my niece Sharon, she still has to watch him to make sure he doesn't knock himself on anything...or it simply tears the skin off him. There is a whole range of other consequences to all of this that happened to them and all the others. But so much of it is simply too private for them to discuss or for me to write about here. He had to say NO to more operations, eg, on his hands where his fingers were fusing together due to skin grafts, and because he just got so tired of forever being treated for one thing or another.

Last Sunday marked the 6th Anniversary of the bombings at Kuta Beach, and there does not seem to have been much in the way of commemorating this from around Australia. I am sure however, that survivors and their families would have dealt with this in their own way, but let us not forget the Balinese survivors of all this...they really have been forgotten by their government, but not by the Australian people.

I urge you to take a look at the website of the Bali Peace Park, and help support them.

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