Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pledges to protect Christians.

The following headlines from ACC News. Just goes to show that it is happening, and this is just 2 of the headlines. How can we trust that any Prime Minister "will protect Christians" in any part of the world, when it is clear that they are not being protected, otherwise they would be free to practice their faith in peace and quiet and would not have to flee the city to seek refuge in outlying villages or seek refuge in other countries, either legally or as refugees, asylum seekers, or any other category. Go to the website for further info.

...Iraqi Prime Minister pledges to protect Christians...

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has vowed to protect Christians in Mosul after 1,000 police were deployed in the wake of sectarian attacks in the northern city. BBC News reported that Mosul's provincial governor said hundreds of Christian families had fled the city in the past week to seek refuge in outlying villages. more

...Vietnam preacher killed in central highlands...

Degar Montagnard Christians in Vietnam's Central Highlands faced another tense day Monday, October 6, after investigators confirmed that a preacher was killed, apparently by Vietnamese security forces, as part of a crackdown on Christianity and 'house churches' in the area. more

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