Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Worldwide Persecution

This is my rant for today.... hhmm, I think I had better stop this ranting. But then again, why should I...this is my blog, and I do it for my benefit...sort of like keeping a journal.

Worldwide Persecution….
There are so many places around the world (more than 50) where Christians are still persecuted and imprisoned for their believe in Christ. Yet, they still meet to worship Jesus and no amount of persecution is going to keep them down. In many places it is illegal to even own a Bible or any other identifying paraphernalia to do with Jesus, or God.
Those who boldly follow Christ—in spite of government edict or radical opposition—can face harassment, arrest, torture and even death.

Reminds me of the persecution LUTHER and all the other Reformers had to face in order to bring about The Way Of Jesus and the Church Jesus wanted for the world. A church that was not governed by greedy corrupt officials of the Romanist papists and the Roman Catholic Church.

In so many places around the world it is always the way that when such people are failing in their ways to keep people under their system for gain that so many people are exiled, executed, or persecuted. They do not want individual people to have their own thoughts….WHY??? Because they will lose control of the population and so lose the wealth that comes along with it. By keeping people ignorant from the true ways contained in the Bible, they can keep the masses under control by fear.

History is repeating itself as is evident of the world-wide catastrophes, people in prison because of their belief, so many preaching their way is the true way, Rome and the heads of other beliefs up in arms and doing everything they can to put a stop to it. Many people claiming they know the way to Christ and will show it, if only people would give enough of their money then they too can find it….I get so angry when people are told by the leaders of any church or ministry that to tithe or give generously is to show true love and faith, and that by tithing first then worry about the rest of their commitments that God will provide.

I also get angry at the gullibility of people that believe this rot. I have seen people go without food just to pay their tithe, and then the pastor gives them a voucher for food shopping. While people believe that this is what Jesus wants there is no real hope for anyone. Jesus did not expect tithes, Baptism of babies, or many of the other practices that are being imposed on the people involved in these types of ministries. Furthermore, Jesus taught His lessons in the open or a few people gathered together in a place of residence. He deplored the pomp and greed but believed to help anyone who needed it with no expectations of a reward or recompense.

These are some of the reasons why I will never again belong to any denomination. Yet I can talk about Jesus with my friends and that constitutes worshipping Jesus. I can lend a hand to people in need with no expectations of being paid. That constitutes worshipping Jesus and doing good works in His name. I can say a prayer of thanks for the food I eat and all that I have, without wanting bigger, better, more expensive, to try and be better than someone else, which is greed. I can give thanks for the health of my grandchildren and other family members, even though I am somewhat of a novelty in my family of unbelievers. I do not believe in that place called purgatory that the RCC tried to get me to believe for so many years. I believe that Jesus will come again – when I do not know – nor do I profess to have any inside information like some other people do.

These people in prisons the world over are there because their oppressors fears that other people will move away from what they want and see the light so to speak. Keep ‘em ignorant and therefore under control seems to be their maxim. There are also too many to count who are in underground home churches who secretly worship Jesus but keep it quiet. This just does not happen here in OZ…people are free to worship how and where they want. I have no real problem with this as I am in a country where I am free to choose my beliefs. And that is how I would like it to stay. But with the prevailing winds that are blowing the foul smell of islam this way, I can only hope and pray that we will remain a free country. However, if the islamists ever get their way, then I don’t know which way people will go. I do not think I am going to see it in my lifetime, given that I might only have 30 odd years left. But I do have grandchildren and soon great-grandchildren on the way, and they will most definitely be facing the islamists if this government does not halt muslim immigration and start deporting those who are here illegally. It is too easy for them to practice taggiya, yeah sure, some say they are persecuted by the sunnis, if they are Shiites, or vice versa, yet they are still muslim…and they still hate others who are not. They come here to a better life, yet try to destroy those who held out a helping hand.

I would like to know why our government does not let more Christian or even non-Christian people in from countries that share our ideologies. Stop this madness that is political correctness. Although I do believe that Australia is the least PC country as we can be. We have far too many muslims here now as it is and bit by bit their demands are increasing, and to everyone else’s detriment I might add. I hate the thought that we might one day be the minority in a land we love.

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