Wednesday, October 22, 2008

memory restored, apology to sheikyermami.

With my lack of memory I recently wrote has been constantly on my mind not being able to remember where I saw a particular article. I searched through the last weeks newspapers and nothing.. I must have dreamt about it because this morning I think I had a couple of extra neurons firing. I searched back through some sites on my PC and came across the article.

My apologies must go to Sheikyermami as the article was in one of the recent posts on Winds Of Jihad.

The article was..... Non-Muslims snap up Islamic accounts
By Julian Knight
Personal finance reporter, BBC News

"I have a guarantee that my money will not be used to invest in arms or tobacco," Ms Dellaway says.

Well she might be assured of it not being invested in tobacco....but the arms part, well I think this is a delusion of hers.

says Ms Dellaway..."I thought that perhaps I would be looked at as a bit of a lunatic but not a bit of it."

No Not at all...they will not look at you as if you are a lunatic, they will be looking at you as a dumb dhimmi and as a spider looks at a fly....come into my web says the spider to the fly...then bang, you are trapped.

The reaction amongst Ms Dellaway's friends and family to her decision seems to bear this out.
"They have been really interested in what I have done. They ask lots of questions and can see how closely ethical finance and the Islamic financial models fit together," Ms Dellaway says.

So she is cajoling her friends into doing the same thing...sort of reminds me of how the muslims like to tell only the simple parts of their koran, and leave out all the big issues... What will happen to the everyday non-muslim people when the shit hits the fan and they start to realise what is really happening in this world???? Will they be able to take their loan to another bank, will they be able to close off any accounts???

Seems her friends need to ask some other questions and not just take her answers for the truth. We can all read pamphlets, brochures and hear the spin doctors praise their program and ideologies but they only ever tell you what they want you to know...for now...and by the time they have you hooked - in contract - it is toooo late. Mormons are really good at this, targeting most people of low income, single parent families, lonely isolated people etc....scientology is really good at this, the way they get very vulnerable young people to go and sit some psychological tests only to give them the results that they really need counselling and so get them into a program...their program.... muslims do this really well too...pretend to be a friend, sing the praises of the koran, get you to go along to a few meetings, then gradually get you away from all you knew and into their clutches.

There are certainly enough vulnerable people in today's world who are distanced from and disenchanted with their families and communities, and with so many people with mental illnesses, drug and alcohol problems, then that leaves them wide open and vulnerable to these morons who sing the praises of our enemies. One good breeding ground is the prisons...yes it happens here in Oz as well.

I can only hope that the current trend of societal greed prevails and keeps people in regular banks earning a pittance in interest. However, on the other hand, with many people scraping the bottom of the financial barrel, they just might well be drawn to sharia finance to fund their home-loan etc, leaving them extra money to buy the expensive furniture etc......

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