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Bali Peace Park

I am posting all info so far to do with THE BALI PEACE PARK.
I ask for you to have a look at the site and think about a small donation to help with it. Enclosed are emails between myself and my niece Sharon Kermac (Treasurer) & partner of Gary Nash (bombing survivor and committee member).
I apologise for the pictures not showing, but so far I do not know how to get them on this blog, but if you go to the links to access the site then you can see for yourself what the site is now and what the vision for the park is.
Please support them.

The Bali Peace Park…"Where the world will meet..."

From: Rebecca Hazebroek []
Sent: Monday, 25 August 2008 3:47 PM
Subject: FW: The Bali Peace Park - Please forward on...
Good Afternoon Friends, Colleagues and Associates!

I hope this email finds you well! In the past few weeks since I have left Niche Bar, I have been working full time on The Bali Peace Park Association. A quick overview of our project is in our mission statement -

'To create a spiritual garden on the Sari Club site for persons to reflect and acknowledge the past irrespective of nationality, culture, religious belief or race. The park is not only to commemorate the 2002 terrorist attack on October 12th but all acts of terror worldwide and to help build a future without fear by promoting tolerance, understanding and freedom for generations to come.'

I have attached our monthly newsletter for your reference and if you would like to be added to our database for future emails, please reply to this email with the subject line 'Add me to the BPP' (if no reply is received, then you will receive no further emails from our database).

It is through public awareness that we will achieve The Bali Peace Park Association's vision and so I ask that you forward this onto as many contacts as you have to help this fantastic cause and ask that they do the same.

**Please note that we will only send out a monthly newsletter and if necessary an occasional important update.**

Thank you for your time and for being a part of this worldwide stance against terrorism moving towards a more positive future.

Warmest regards

Rebecca Hazebroek
0406 662 007
1) August...pdf (298.7 KB)

From Sharon Kermac (
Wednesday, 27 August 2008 1:22:15 PM

Hello Family, Friends and work Associates
I just thought I would let you know about a project Gary and I are now involved in.
anyone who is interested in getting newsletters or supporting our cause please send an e-mail to Rebecca HazeBroek at or who is working on this full time.
you will not receive any further e-mails unless requested.
I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you feel it is for a good cause as we do
best wishes to all
Sharon Kermac and Gary Nash

Based in Perth, Western Australia
Tel: + 61406 662 007

Bali Peace Park - September 2008 Monthly Newsletter‏
From: Bali Peace Park (
Sent: Saturday, 27 September 2008 12:35:37 AM
To: Bali Peace Park (
Security scan upon download

September...pdf (149.0 KB)

With warm regards

Rebecca Hazebroek
Bali Peace Park Association Inc.
Australian Coordinator

"Where the world will meet..."

+61406 662 007

PO Box 4016
Alexander Heights WA 6064

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From: Bali Peace Park
To: Bali Peace Park
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 9:40 PM
Subject: Bali Peace Park - September 2008 Monthly Newsletter

Dear Bali Peace Park Members & Supporters

Please find attached this month's Newsletter for September 2008 filled with updates on our progress. Have a lovely weekend and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information on any of the articles.

With warm regards

Rebecca Hazebroek
Bali Peace Park Association Inc.
Australian Coordinator

"Where the world will meet..."

+61406 662 007

PO Box 4016
Alexander Heights WA 6064


We have a web site all newsletters can be down loaded from there.
I am still in the process of sorting out bank and donation/tax status so we are not quite ready to start collecting monies as I would like to have all donations to be tax deductable.

Yep, I have seen the I said in my last email I have put details on my blog and asked others/friends to spread the word about it.... even my friends in UK and USA.
The BPP is one cause I will be GLADLY donating least I know where the money is going this time and I know I can trust the treasurer and members of the committee. I can send a cheque...there are details on the website.... but apparently there are only pledges for that right? Or can I just send the cheque?

PS... Some of my friends in USA wrote back to me and thought it was some sort of peace offering in the hope it would sway the bastard jihadis…They dislike them as much as I do and they know only too well what they are up to with their wanting world domination... I assured them it was not like that at all, as there is no way to make peace with them. The Islamists will not rest until they have achieved their goal of taking over the world with their sharia understanding of the Peace Park is that it is a way to bring some sort of peace to the people involved in Bali and an Aussie way of saying ‘Up Yours’....Also I think my some of my friends were unaware of how peaceful a people the Balinese are and reminded them that not just Aussies were killed/injured in those bombings, but people from other places around the globe who go there for holidays. They wrote back with a different understanding and an appreciation of what you are all trying to do and achieve.

Hi Di
I have attached a picture of the Sari Site as it is a the moment and you are correct in your understanding of what the BPP is all about, which is quite depressing for the people involved in the bombings, as you can see from the website we have had an architect draw a plan of a park which will supply public toilets, seats, shaded areas etc. A gold coin type donation will help with the maintenance that the people of KUTA not INDONESIA will own and maintain.
We have a model of the park done and we feel that the families and friends that visit the Sari site would like to see a peace park rather than the way it is at the moment. The owner has agreed
to sell the site to us and the Bali Governor Pastika is the man who locked the bombers up. And he is all for the project and has told the owner he cannot develop it, THUS THE SALE OF IT TO US.
We are currently setting up a payment system from PayPal or direct transfer via internet banking to our ANZ Bank account which this info with be on the web soon.
If you want to send a cheque send it to home made payable to Bali Peace Park Ass inc. then I can bank it when we are set.

When we are ready to go full speed I will email to all in my address book for people to put their details in if they want to and I hope that everyone will forward to all in their address book
as this way we will reach more people. We have had hits from China, England, UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark, South Africa & Netherlands, so we are getting the word around…
thanks to everyone.

Love Shaz & Gary



WHAT’S NEW? September 2008
Firstly, thank you to everyone who passed on the August 2008 Newsletter and joined our
database - our supporters are still signing up on a daily basis and we look forward to
continually reaching out further to people.
Triumphant Grand Final Wins for Kingsley & Coogee
Kingsley Amateur Football Club and The Coogee Dolphins both had reason for celebrating in
September as each team won their individual Grand Final Games for 2008. On Saturday 13th
September, Kingsley Football Club, based in WA, Australia and who lost 7 members in the
2002 bombings outshone their rivals Swan View winning by 28 points. Their Colts side
defeated Ocean Ridge by 44 points that same day.
The Coogee Dolphins based in NSW, Australia and who sadly lost 6 members in the 2002
bombings also won their Grand Final on Sunday 14th September triumphing over Moore Park -
amazingly the very same weekend as Kingsley! Both Clubs share a bond over the 2002
tragedy and were delighted to hear of the joint win on the same weekend.
The Bali Peace Park Association congratulates both teams on their fantastic achievement and
wishes them well for the 2009 season!
Bali Peace.
Through the helpful networking that is being done by all our members and supporters, we were
delighted to hear that the Bali Peace Park was to be mentioned at a special United Nations
Supporting Victims of Terrorism Symposium in New York this month. The Bali Peace Park
Project was to be used as a positive example of community action for peace.
Opportunities such as this will truly put the Bali Peace Park on the world stage and our efforts
together will make this possible. Thanks to everyone for being a part of the ‘forwarding on’
process - we are all truly making a huge difference worldwide.
Our website has recently been revamped and relaunched—head to
to see this great new site courtesy of Aussiecom for it’s design and hosting. Their loyal
sponsorship and dedication to the Bali Peace Park has been an enormous contribution! Thanks
We also have a group on Facebook called “The Bali Peace Park” Please lend your support by
joining up this group and recommending it on to your friends!!
Our financial goal to purchase and set up the Bali Peace Park is approximately AUS$2,000,000.
This seems like a huge number to achieve but in reality it is 1 million people donating just $2
each. This really shows how small efforts together make huge differences.
We are finalising our set up details over the next few weeks to make donations tax deductible
and are looking to have the following options in place for donations to be accepted.
• Direct Debit into the Bali Peace Park Trust Account.
• Telephone donations. The amount you choose to donate is simply charged to your
phone account.
• Paypal donations.
• Corporate Sponsorship - for major donations.
Details for donations should be in our next newsletter and we are all looking forward to kicking
off the fundraising campaign!
In the meantime, joining our database or donation pledges can be emailed to

“One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that
it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through
peaceful means.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Bali Peace Park Trustees…
The Bali Peace Park would like to welcome aboard their three Trustees who are a valuable
additional to our team.

Jason McCartney - A survivor from the 2002 bombings and in 2003, providing AFL Football in
Australia with one of it’s most courageous and memorable moments. Only 8 months after the
bombing, he returned to play for his team North Melbourne and following their triumphant win
that night, he announced his retirement from AFL. He has released a book about his
experience and is a prominent Motivational Speaker.

Jean Burling - Surf Lifesaving WA Board Director and previous West Australian Citizen of the
Year (sports category), Jean has been internationally recognised for her work in Bali, Indonesia
and was awarded a Certificate of Merit honouring her 20 years of service to the Badung SLSC.

Graham Edwards - Former Federal Government (ALP) Politician and Vietnam War Veteran,
Graham provided an enormous amount of support amongst the local community in Western
Australia after the 2002 Bali Bombings. He is now the Ambassador at Large for the WA
disability charity “Workability”.

We are delighted that they have so generously offered their support and look forward to
working with them to achieve the Bali Peace Park’s success.


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