Saturday, October 11, 2008

RE: Obsession the Movie.

in reply to BEN who commented RE: Obsession the movie.

Thankyou Ben...I will continue on TRYING to raise awareness to my family and friends, no matter how many times they tell me they are not interest and I am paranoid over this issue, or that I am obsessed with this jihad s@*t. A couple of people have even 'blocked' me on their computers so I can't send them anything. For God's sake...When are people going to wake up to the dangers we all face? I have been called a racist, a nutcase, a female misogynist and a few other names I will not repeat here. I would like to see some people 'get together' for this very purpose of raising awareness and planning for the 'what if - when scenario'. All I can do for now is keep educating myself on this issue and read posts from groups like JW IIA and all the others. I especially enjoy reading comments from a poster named 'dumbledoresarmy' I think this lady is a very wise person and she articulates very well all the thoughts that are all jumbled in my head. I have yet much to learn, and I will keep learning from all these very wise people like Robert Spencer (JW)and Chris Logan (IIA)and Sheik yermami (WOJ), Daniel Pipes etc. And many others. I don't mean to 'drop names' here but I believe they all need some recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Can I ask that any readers here go and have a look at the site for BALI PEACEPARK....

My niece's (Sharon Kermac)partner Gary Nash was one of the survivors from Paddy's bar. So yes this is an issue close to my heart. And in true Aussie Spirit of 'YOU ARE NEVER GONNA KEEP US DOWN' they are involved in the group to do with Bali Peace Park. I would like for them to have as much support as possible. It is also for the Balinese people who also lost loved ones and their livelihood and businesses. So have a look at their website and subscribe to their free newsletters please.

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